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Akuma, monsters born from dead souls mistakenly recalled by their loved ones to the living world, are the weapons of the Millenium Earl, who is intent on the destruction of the world. Allen Walker has been cursed with an anti-Akuma weapon as his left arm and an eye that sees the former soul of the Akuma since his youth. He is also one of the few who contain `Innocence`, a substance that allows him to kill Akuma and fight the Earl. With these powers, he joins the Black Priest Organization as an Exorcist and sets out with other Exorcists to stop the Earl`s attempts to annihilate the human race.

By Katsura Hoshino (d.Gray-Man)

Main Characters
Main article: List of D.Gray-man Characters

Many of the series characters are Exorcists, but others are from the Clan of Noah, the opposition to these Exorcists, like Road Kamelot, Tyki Mikk, Lulubell and Jasdevi. But a variety belong to neither group, like Komui Lee and Malcom C. Leverrier. However, both sides carry out what they believe is the will of God and claim the other follows a false god or the devil.

Allen Walker (Aren Woka)
Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi
Allen is 15 and an Exorcist of British origin and the main protagonist of the series. Allen was abandoned by his biological parents because of the supposed "deformity" of his left arm and later adopted by Mana Walker. Later, Mana died and Allen turned him into an Akuma, hoping him to be fully resurrected but instead, he cursed Allen and sliced through his left eye. It was at this same moment that Allen's left arm first awoke as an anti-Akuma weapon and instinctively destroyed the Akuma. He now fights for the souls of the Akuma and for his friends.
His abilities in between these phases of Innocence:
- Cross Grave (Kurosu Gureibu)
- Clown Belt (Kuraun Beruto)
- Crown Edge (Claw of King-rings)
- Edge End (Ejji Endo)
- Sword of Exorcism. (Taima no Ken)

Yu Kanda (Kanda Yu)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai
Kanda is an 18-year-old Exorcist from Japan. Kanda is the first Exorcist that Allen meets at the black order HQ. He can recover much faster than ordinary humans due to a mysterious tattoo above his heart. He and Allen have an ongoing hate for each other.
He has shown three illusions so far:
- Kaichu: Ichigen (First Illusion: Hell's Insects)
- Nigentou (Double Illusion Blades)
- Hakka Tourou (Eight Flowers Praying Mantis)
- Shouka (Sublimate)
- Sangenshiki (Taboo Three Illusions)

Lenalee Lee (Rinari Ri)
Voiced by Shizuka Ito
Lenalee is a 16-year-old Exorcist from China. Her parents were killed by an Akuma when she was very young. Due to her ability to use the Innocence, Linalee was forced to become an Exorcist by the Black Order bosses to use her strength. However, her brother Komui decided to stay with her to not leave her alone. Therefore, she fights for her brother as well as her friends. Her perception of the "world" consists of her friends and family; whenever one of her friends dies, it seems to her as if a part of her world has been destroyed.
She has displayed several techniques so far:
- Onkyou no Tougi: Otokase (Stepping Skill of Sound: Sound Shackles)
- Suijou no Tougi: Mizukase (Stepping Skill of Water: "Water Shackles)
- Enbu Kirikaze (Waltz: "Mist-Wind)
- Shittsui no Tougi: Tetsukase (Falling Footwork: "Iron Shackles)

Lavi (Rabi)
Voiced by Kenichi Suzumura
Lavi is a cheerful 18 year old, red-haired Exorcist of mixed race, who aims to become a Bookman and is working along the Black Order just to be close to the events that must be seen. However, he is slowly becoming more attached to his Black Order friends, and his original Bookman self is constantly being clouded by his growing care for his friends.
His techniques, as shown so far, are as follows:
- Hi Ban: Gouka Kaijin (Fire Seal: Conflagration of Ash)
- Ten Ban: Raitei Kaiten (Heaven Seal: Thundering Lightning Whirling in the Skies)
- Moku Ban: Tenchi Bankai (Wood Seal: Roots Entwining Heaven and Earth)
- Konbo Ban: Gouraiten (Combo Seal: Strong Thunder of the Heavens)

Bookman (Bukkuman) Seiyu: Aono Takeshi
An old man who records the hidden history of the world. He comes from the Bookman clan and doesn't have a name, but simply introducing himself as "Bookman" during his first meeting with Allen. He and Lavi appeared at the same time. He refers to Allen as "The Destroyer of Time" according to Hevlaska's prophecy, as he believes that Allen is the only one who can defeat the Earl of Millennium. Bookman also mentions that a "Bookman" does not put himself in the frontline and he allies himself with the Black Order merely to be close to events that must be witnessed and recorded.
His anti-Akuma weapon is called Heavenly Compass (Heavenly Compass), which is a set of acupuncture needles. In addition to Bookman's own skill in healing people through acupuncture.
They also allow him to use the following techniques are Compass Needles:
- North Crime
- Accursed Needles: East Crime

Miranda Lotto (Miranda Rotto) Seiyu: Toyoguchi Megumi
A woman whose clock caused time to rewind in her town, which started when she was able to connect to the Innocence within the clock. She is German, and twenty-five years old. She often feels inferior and useless, which caused her to be fired from all one hundred jobs she tried to work in. This contributes to her chronic depression. With the help of Allen and Lenalee, she became determined to be a useful Exorcist.
Her weapon is a disk called "Time Record" (Time Record), located on her right arm. When activated, it appears from her right arm and "slides" to her wrist. The disk has two green, glowing circles, with circles orbiting the center.
With it, she can use the following techniques:
- Time Recovery
- Time Out
She replaced Allen during their search for General Cross in Japan after he lost his Innocence in meeting Tyki Mikk. Miranda is the only Exorcist that controls a non-offensive anti-Akuma weapon, and often uses it even after she reaches her limit, but she still insists on keeping it active, implying that she can't let people suffer or die. Later, during the invasion of the Headquarters, she managed to temporarily prevent Lulubell from reclaiming the akuma egg, and bought her comrades enough time to destroy it. She was nearly killed by Lulubell for getting in the way, but she was saved by Allen.
Once the Level 4 akuma was killed by Cross, Lenalee and Allen, Miranda can be seen using her innocence to shield the survivors of the Fifth Lab, including Reever.
She was, until recently (chapter 164), infected with the Komuinvitamin D Virus.

Arystar Krory The Third (Areisuta Kurori Sansei) Seiyu: Iwata Mitsuo
Instead of using the name of the infamous Aleister Crowley, Katsura Hoshino used a similar name and used the actor / singer Yusuke Santamaria as a model, thus creating the character Arystar Krory III. He is a Romanian with split personalities: a soft, kind, and overly-emotional "normal" side, and an aggressive, cocky, "battle-mode" side. The dominant personality is easily distinguished by his facial appearance. When 'normal', his long strand of white hair hangs down in his face. In addition, his appearance is kind and somewhat down-cast, and his voice is soft and low. When he enters his "battle-mode", the white strand of hair on stands up. Additionally, the whites of his eyes turn black and veins protrude from his face, making him look like a monster. He also talks loudly and aggressively when battling.
Krory received his Innocence from a plant Cross Marian gave to him. The plant bit Krory afterwards. After agonizing pain, his teeth fell out and were replaced by his parasitic form of Innocence. The strength of his Innocence lies in his blood, allowing him to manipulate the blood in his body and, to an extent, others' bodies. When invoked, it grants him feral-type abilities and enhanced overall strength, such as increased strength, speed, and agility. And because the Innocence allows him to break down Akuma poison, Krory can drink the Akuma's blood, which he comments tastes like tomato juice. The blood allows him to quickly regenerate and temporarily increase his strength. But he is not immune to the poison, as seen in his fight with Jasdevi on the Ark, when his body is too weak to break down the poison. Krory is also able to remove the poison from another person by drinking their blood. On the other hand, he can also inject his blood, laced with Innocence, into the Akuma by biting them. Although this kills them in seconds, it also weakens him. Krory has dubbed this ability "Crimson", because the Akuma disintegrates into tiny red particles, which Miranda likened to "crimson snow". He is also capable of wrapping blood around his hands to fortify the flesh beneath. In addition, Krory can drain the blood from his body and wield his maximum strength remotely as an almost invulnerable, winged blood mannequin called "Bloody Krory", which is also seen during the height of his battle with Jasdevi. The limits and full power of this ability is yet to be revealed. But, by using "Bloody Krory," Krory was able to defeat Jasdevi, a powerful Noah, with no apparent problems. However, after using this technique he becomes so exhausted he cannot stand or move. But this may have occurred due to his imprisonment in an Iron Maiden.

Chakar Rabon (Chaka Rabon)
One of the Exorcists in General Winters Zokalo's team who was killed by Tyki Mikk. In volume 5, Suman had a nightmare about seeing Kazana and his corpses. His anti-Akuma weapon was a cross-bow. In the anime though it is shown his weapon was capable of shooting out bolts of lightning towards the enemy.

Daisya Barry (Deisha Bari) Seiyu: Yanaka Hiroshi
A cheerful Exorcist from Bodrum, and (in the anime) a fan of futbol (soccer), who ran away from his family's souvenir shop in search of adventure. He was a disciple of Tiedoll and was on his rescue team along with Yu Kanda and Noise Marie; despite his love of playing pranks on the other members of the Order (for example, using his Innocence to crack Tiedoll's glasses), he was described by Tiedoll as "a good kid." His Exorcist outfit features a pointed cowl with a bell on the end, similar to the coxcomb of a medieval jester; the bell (originally the one he adored from the door of his shop) becomes his anti-Akuma weapon, a projectile called the "Charity Bell". This weapon, wielded much like a soccer ball, can break through multiple Akuma and causes any it hits to resonate (like larger bells) until they explode. It seems that the noise caused by his anti-Akuma weapon can destroy any level 1 in the area, but it has not been confirmed.
While on his mission to find General Tiedoll, he encountered Tyki Mikk and was found the next morning hung in an upside-down cross fashion from a streetlamp, missing his heart and Charity Bell. In the anime, he said he had not wasted his life, just before Tyki killed him. After learning about Daisya's death, Tiedoll mourns him, and he wishes Daisya to rest in peace. Daisya's birthday is March 3 according to the profile book, Gray Arc.

Gwen Frere (Guen Fureru)
One of the Exorcists in General Cloud Nyne's team, now deceased. Not much is known about her as she was never seen.

Hevlaska (Heburasuka) Seiyu: Kaida Yuko
Hevlaska, also called Guardian of the Innocence, is an Exorcist who has a major role in Black Order, being a part of the Organization since its very beginning. Hevlaska has its body completely enveloped by its Innocence that seems to be indefinitely active. Its abilities consist of merging some tentacles of its body into other Exorcists' bodies and Innocences. This way, it can know their nature even if an Innocence is the Heart abilities, synchronization percentage and hidden potential. Its personality is calm and gentle, almost maternal (which can suggest Hevlaska is actually a woman, which is later revealed as true when Komui states Hevlaska's gender to Allen. In episode 6 of the anime, Lenalee says that Hevlaska is female). The name "Hebraska" is used in VIZ media's English translations for volumes one and two. Allusions are made that the Innocence it carries is actually the Innocence Cube. When Allen's Innocence achieved 'critical point', Hevlaska could feel his power, as all the Innocence cubes inside her body were resonating (painfully at that). It was Hevlaska that stated that a new 'General' was being born. In the latest manga, Hevlaska is seen telling Komui to take the Innocence to the Asian Branch as she wishes to sacrifice herself to protect everyone else from the immensely powerful Level 4 Akuma. However, Malcolm C.Rouvelier had other ideas. As she is about to synchronize the Dark Boots with Lenalee, she is attacked by the Level 4.
When Hevlaska protested to Rouvelier's insistence on synching Lenalee with her Innocence, Rouvelier intimidated her with references to a time in the past. It seems that Rouvelier even loomed over Hevlaska as a child, calling her a blood murderer. It is possible that Hevlaska was involved in murder of her family, or that her family offered her up as God's sacrifice.

Kazana Reed
A member of Winters Zokalo's team. He, along with Chakar Rabon, was killed by Tyki Mikk. In the anime, it was shown that his Anti-Akuma Weapon was a sword which, once activated, grew up to several times its normal size, although the additional weight does not appear to affect him, much like Lavi's Innocence.

Noise Marie (Noizu Mari) Seiyu: Yanada Kiyoyuki
One of the Exorcists from Tiedoll's group. Noise Marie seems to be a tough, silent man. His innocence, "Noel Organon" gives him an incredibly strong hearing, allowing Marie to hear very low or very distant sounds. It can also be used in an offensive form in the technique called "Verse of the Saint" which forms strings used to capture a victim and conduct a music that can paralyze easily even the stronger Akuma like a very strong poison. He seems to harbor feelings for fellow Exorcist, Miranda Lotto, because he shows extra care towards her and "short circuits" when she bit him under the affect of the Komuvitamin D. He has not been seen since the Black Order was cured of the Komuvitamin D virus.

Sol Galen (Soru Garen)
One of the Exorcists in General Cloudnyne's team, deceased. Not much information is known about him/her as he / she was never seen.

Suman Dark (Suman Daku) Seiyu: Gda Hozumi
An Exorcist who joined the order so he could pay for his daughter's medical fees. He, like Allen, has a parasite-type anti-Akuma weapon, which takes the form of a gem-like stone near his thumb. After five years in the Organization, he was sent on a mission to find General Winters Zokalo. During the mission, in India, his team was attacked and destroyed by Tyki Mikk. Suman, who loved his daughter so dearly, refused to die and leave her, to which end he offered to do anything for Tyki Mikk in exchange for his life. Hence, Tyki Mikk asked for the conditions and the whereabouts of all the Exorcists and the Search Group; this resulted in the death of 142 members of the Search Group and 6 Exorcists. He fled from the battle field, begged evil to spare his life, and betrayed his Innocence, thus betraying God. For that he was judged by his Innocence and became a Togaochi (Fallen One). This caused the Innocence to constantly deteriorate his body. After becoming a Togaochi, Allen separated Suman's Innocence from him which reverted his Togaochi condition. Although Allen managed to save Suman's life, Suman's mind, however, died. Not long after he reverted from his Togaochi condition, he was killed by Tyki Mikk using Tease (a flesh-eating type of golem in the form of a butterfly). In the anime, it was shown that his Innocence had the ability to manipulate the wind, using a gauntlet on his right arm. He has two wind techniques, "Break Wind" and "Break Storm", which both techniques can basically use the power of the wind to dismantle and utterly destroy Akuma instantly, including level 2's, which he did do so in the anime.
His Innocence is currently in the possession of Timcampy, and it is unknown whether someone else is capable of wielding it.

Tina Spark (Tina Supaku)
One of the Exorcists in General Cloudnyne's team, all of whom were killed. Not much information is known about her as she was never seen.

Chaoji Han (Chaoji) Seiyu: Miyano Mamoru
One of three surviving crew members of Anita's ship, Chaoji was seen reacting with Innocence, which was sent into the ark by Tiedoll when Lenalee fell into the Ark, and so was able to become an Exorcist. Being extremely loyal to Anita and her crew, he developed an extreme hatred of all Noah and Akuma after their deaths, going so far as to accuse Allen of being evil for sparing the life of the Noah Tyki Mikk. Chaoji's Innocence, as of now still unnamed, appears as a pair of linked bracelets on his left wrist. The only power it has shown so far is to grant him superhuman strength on that arm, allowing him to pull Allen, Lavi and Kanda all of out a bottomless pit in the Ark they nearly fell into with one pull, sending the three Exorcists flying. Chaoji decided to become an Exorcist, under the instruction of Tiedoll, and has stated that he will become part of the Black Order. In the Black order he calls the Exorcist with the suffix "sempai" meaning upper-classmen,in this case meaning someone with more experince. In the anime (and opening), he saves Lenalee from a bolder were both hands glow green and his eyes roll back. Lenalee says its innocence but it is unknown for this is before he gets in his Innocence as said by the manga.
After Lulubell attacked the Black Order HQ, he wanted to assist in fighting the Akuma, but he was told that he is not ready yet due to a lack of training and the fact his anti-Akuma weapon wasn't ready. Currently, he has not been seen since being cured of the Komuvitamin D Virus virus which caused him to act like a zombie.

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