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It follows the life of a homeless boy living with his `grandpa`. The story starts to kick off when they encounter a man trying to commit suicide mumbling something along the lines of `before it is too late`. Of course from then on the action begins and the dark plot begins to unfold with each volume.

By Masakazu Katsura (Zetman)

Category : Japan (Manga) , boy, action, magic

Main Characters

Jin Kanzaki /ZET
The main protagonist, Jin, starts out as a homeless boy living out in the slums with his grandpa, Gorou Kanzaki. He was created by Kanzaki, "his father" through an experiment. He is also known as "Zet", a creature who hunts and kills defective monsters called "Players". The design of Zet was based on an anime character created by Amagi Corps.

Kouga Amagi
Konoha's older brother and rival protagonist, he starts off as a soccer genius. He then announces that he wants to become a hero of justice and wants to stop the fire starter. While doing so he encounters Jin after Jin defeats the fire player. Upon meeting Jin he tries to become a better hero by means of technology and gadgets. In his search for the meaning of "justice," he became involved with a man called Jirou, one of the original creators of the players', and ultimately lost a good deal of his right arm. After months in therapy, he was still thoroughly shaken and still not completely in control of his prosthetic hand.

Gorou Kanzaki
Known mainly as the grandfather of Jin, he lived in the slums with Jin, disguising himself with a long beard, in a house made of wooden planks. His wish was that Jin could grow up as a human, not as Zet or a player. Through deception, he was able to make Jin lose all of his powers as Zet to save him from the clutches of Amagi Corps. His plan failed however when medicines were created to aid Jin turn into Zet(chapter 67).

Akemi Kawakami
Akemi serves as a foster parent of Jin.

Konoha Amagi
A girl who has known Jin since they were children and harbors feelings for him. As daughter to Amagi Corp's president (Kouga's sister), she is unaware of the fact that Jin is Zet. They originally met when she and her mother were secretly giving out food to the homeless. Since then, due to many complicated events, they are now relatively close friends.

The Sweeper Little is known about him except for his appearances to kill off defective Players. He also shows some interest in Zet and wishes to fight with him(chapter 70). As the story develops, there is known to have more than one sweeper, and Jin, or Zetman, is now known as "the Black Sweeper"(Chapter 88).

Players Creatures that were created as an intent to create artificial humans. The project became more than just to create the perfect artificial human, it became more of a hobby for the rich men to buy and own them and do whatever they wished to do with them, including gambling as they pit their own monsters to fight.It went on until the players finally gained awareness and killed off everyone in sight. Because of this, many players feel that humans mistreated them and that they are far superior and deserve better.

Evol Similar to players but a higher ranked class. They follow rules and avoid needless killing, and do not meltdown so easily like other players. They would also be known as non-defective players. Most evol take pride on their rank and are offended if they are ever called or mistaken as players. Evol is also the name of a club along the storyline, it is build specifically for players who disguise themselves as humans within society. Evol could also mean the player organization.

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