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Video Girl AI

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High-school student Yota Moteuchi is so unpopular that his classmates have given him the nickname `Dateless.` So it`s no surprise when the love of his life, Moemi, is not interested in Yota but instead is in love with Yota`s best friend, Takashi. Yota turns to a video rental shop for comfort, but little did he suspect that the shop was magical and that the cute girl on his rented tape would pop out of the television and try to fix his ruined love life!

By Masakazu Katsura (Video Girl AI)

Main Characters

Ai Amano
Beautiful, full of boundless energy. Hard to say what she is really like, versus what she was intended to be. Video girls are generally supposed to be comforting, nubile, excellent cooks and socially graceful, but the malfunction of Yota's VCR has made her tomboyish, at times rude, prone to violence, a terrible cook (actually, she learns to cook all by herself), but full of heart and able to feel human emotion. Her chest endowment has also shrunk considerably due to said VCR malfunction. Seiyu 每 Megumi Hayashibara (OAV), Minami Takayama (CD-drama)

Youta "Dateless"* Moteuchi (Moteuchi Yota)
Yota is the stereotypical loser, unable to declare his feelings to his unrequited love, Moemi, socially awkward, with a tendency to get nervous and clumsy around women. Seiyu 每 Takeshi Kusao (OAV), Nozomu Sasaki (CD-drama)
* Moemi Hayakawa (婌捶手尹心 Hayakawa Moemi) An attractive girl, though almost hopelessly moon-eyed over Takashi, who is too popular to really appreciate Moemi's affectations. Seiyu 每 Yuri Amano (OAV), Kotono Mitsuishi (CD-drama)

Takashi Niimai
Your typical "tall, dark, and handsome" popular guy. He is one of Yota's best friends, and rejects Moemi's advances because he knows Yota's feelings for her. Seiyu 每 Koji Tsujitani (OAV), Kazuhiko Inoue (CD-drama)

Nobuko Nizaki
A girl, one year behind Yota, who developed a crush on him in art class two years earlier and now, with Moemi and Ai temporarily sidelined, can pursue romantic ties with Yota. She first appears midway through volume 3 and only appears in the manga.

Natsumi Yamaguchi
A girl, an orphan and a runaway, who had played with Yota in kindergarten. Her family then moved away. Her theme is misfortune. Her attribute is a hand extended to help one up. She first appears in volume 6 and only appears in the manga. She seems to have a weak heart.

* This nickname is based on a pun with the Japanese verb (moteru), which means to be well-liked or popular. A second way to read Moteuchi would be "Motenai," which is the negative conjugation for moteru. An attempt to get the joke across to English speaking audiences was made by Ai, who reads his name and declares, "Motenai?!? As in LOSER?" Yota corrects her, but the image has already been planted into the audience's mind.

Len story characters

Len Momono Star of 'Let's Fall in Love.'
A new and untested video girl. She was created by the nameless "Old Man" who once worked in the Gokuraku store. Unlike Ai and the original Video Girls, she's allowed to feel emotions of her own.

Hiromu Taguchi and Toshiki Karukawa
The boys who rent the tape. Hiromu is the center character of this new story arch, and is pretty much as shy as Youta used to be. He has a keen interest on Ayumi, but there are some problems in their relationship because of his shyness and because of the bad reputation she has. Later, they engage, but Hiromu becomes too happy to pay attention to Ayumi, and they break up temporarily until he can "find her again" in his memories. Toshiki, on the other hand, is more emotionally expressive and prone to teenage-typical reactions, like spying on Len (which makes her angry).

Ayumi Shirakawa
The girl Hiromu wants to love. However, their relationship is made difficult because of a rumor spread out by her ex-boyfriend, which gave her a bad reputation in her school and beyond (Hiromu and Ayumi attend different schools). Len then devised a plan to reapproach them, just to make Ayumi see who she was dealing with all along. She breaks up with her ex-boyfriend for good and starts dating Hiromu.

Youta Moteuchi
Now eight years older than he appeared at the end of "Video Girl Ai", Yota now teaches at an art school in the afternoon, which Hiromu and Ayumi attend. He is Hiromu's mentor and they talk often about Len. Youta tells Ayumi that Len went through the same experiences that she is going through. He does mention at one point in the series that Ai is doing well.

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