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Ubel Blatt

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When Wischtech threatened to invade the fiefs of Szaalanden, the Emperor dispatched fourteen youths. Of these, the Seven Heroes halted the invasion to herald a time of prosperity while the four Lances of Betrayal were supposedly defeated.

Two decades later, the Lances of Betrayal have reappeared and formed a bandit militia near the frontier fief Gormbark. A man with the black sword and a scar over his left eye slays an entire troop of that militia. He is identified as a boy, K.

By Etorouji Shiono (Ubel Blatt)

Main Characters

Kloinzell's Party

Koinzell (Ascheriit)
Kloinzell is an elf hybrid that is small in stature. He has long white hair and it is tied into two braids and has a scar over his left eye. Kloinzell possesses an unUbel_Blatted hearing that also allows him to hear the emotions and sorrows of fellow fairies,people with fairy blood and normal people. Kloinzell can draw power from the moon - healing him and allowing him to draw 4-6 six black swords from his right arm to rain down destruction on his enemies. He isn't able to use his black swords if the moon is not in sight.

He carries a sword with him and possess great blade wielding skills. Kloinzell awakened his full elven form when he was battling SchtemWölech; he succeeded in killing SchtemWölech, but his full elven form drained too much of his energy and it converted his body to a younger age for a short period of time. The second princess of the Kusharundo clan, Sharen said that it was his strong will that kept him in human form.

Princess Ato
Ato is the third princess of the Kusharundo clan. She looks up to her brother, Kurato, and by dressing up as a boy, she could fight alongside him. After she witness Koinzell kill her brother, she couldn't accept the fact that he died and sought revenge for Kurato. She wore "The Black Dress of Vengeance" to seek revenge and tried to kill Koinzell, but eventually, she realized that Koinzell helped put Kurato out of his suffering and joined him on his quest.

Her arsenal of weapons include a long Dual Bladed sword and various Magical Talismans.

She is also used as a focal point for comedy as Koinzell told her to take her clothes off after she admitted to him that she tried to save her brother by giving Gusstav his head. And a 2nd time was when they were fleeing from Glenn's Dragon Troop, Koinzell put his hand under her shirt, much to her embarrassment, to grab an exploding talisman. After they escaped, she protested that he should ask instead, to which he replied that there was nothing under her shirt worth grabbing.

Recently in the series she developed feeling for Koinzell. During the battle with count Barestar, Ato was badly wounded when he launched his surprise attack on the Jullas-Abllas. Koinzell was forced to give her his blood for her survival and now she has the same abilities as Koinzell. Koinzell notes that she too will have a special ability when the moon is out. Her hair has also turned to Koinzell's hair color.

Peepi is a young girl whose village, Miruel Mirael, was slaughtered. She tried to escape by smuggling over to the "other side" by hiding in a caravan. Koinzell saved Peepi when she was caught and named her Peepi (Peepi isn't her real name) and pretended to be her brother. Vid saved both of them and tried to help her to cross over to the "other side". Peepi is sometimes used as a comic relief character.

Vid is a smuggler that helps Koinzell along the way in his quest. He saves Koinzell when he was charged of being a smuggler and helps him to try and get a ship to the 7 heroes. He then takes Koinzell to the "Professional Smugglers" den which turns out to be a ring led by Altea. He manages to convince Altea to smuggle Koinzell, Peepi and himself by paying with Koinzell's body. When Koinzell is knocked unconscious by the monster on the secret route through the Heaven's Lance, Vid reveals his weaponry of a ring with wire attached to it, which he throws at the enemy and uses in ways that shows his experience with it.

After the Heaven's Lance is destroyed by Koinzell, he pilots an airship, along with Peepi and Altea, they chase after Koinzell who flew ahead of them on a dragon, intent on killing Glenn. They also managed to stop Ato, blinded by the lost of her brother and not knowing what to do, from killing Koinzell who was in a state of stupor after having his chance of vengeance on Glenn taken from him. He proceeds to tell his reason for coming across the mountains; he is searching for the second princess of Kusharundo, Sharen, who was kidnapped by the men of SchtemWölech. Later on, they freed Sharen and before he took her back to their homeland, Vid told Koinzell he is indebted to Koinzell and will help him in the future.

Vid wears an eyepatch and his weapon is a ring which he hangs on his arm. He is also an excellent pilot and fighter, and a personal acquaintance of the Kusharundo Clan Royalty.

Altea is a smuggler who ran a bar/den under the border town before it was destroyed. She is a close friend of Vid and their friendship had lasted for a long time. She acts weak to hid her personality and has a dagger hidden in her clothings. She helps smuggle Koinzell and the others via a secret underground tunnel that she and her friend found. After the Destruction of the Border Town and the Chapel, she went with the group in order to go to the "other side" to meet up with the people she smuggled before. She is fond of Koinzell because he reminds her of her dear friend.

The 14 Swordsmen

The 4 Lances of Betrayal

Ascheritt (Kloinzell)
Ascheriit started off as an orphan who was taken in by the local blacksmith. During his youth, Ascheriit showed an uncanny ability to copy things perfectly after seeing them once. He started showing this ability at the age of five when he managed to forge a sword by imitating the work of the bladesmith. From then on, he aided the blacksmith in forging weapons. As part of his work, he delivered weapons to a Fighting School were he attracted the attention of the Blade Master. Just by observing other students, Ascheriit was able to copy the 8 basic forms of the blade. After just three months of practice, he was able to master these forms and unleash "the black wing" - an attack transcending the limit of the body and soul to discharge a gust of pure destruction. This became his signature move and Ascheritt eventually became the Blade Master himself.

As the great war with the Wischtech started, Ascheriit was chosen as one of fourteen warriors sent to block the oncoming invasion threatening the Empire. These warriors were called the fourteen lances, named after the holy lances bestowed upon each of them by the Emperor. During the journey, three of the lances perished and seven turned cowardly, the remaining four lances struggled forth and eventually managed to halt the invasion saving the empire. However, as these brave warriors were making their way back, they were ambushed by the cowardly seven and were slain. Ascheriit was dismembered by the men he once called friends and thrown into a river to die. However, there he came upon a fairy which he devoured in his dazed state. This act changed his body, becoming a human-fairy hybrid.

For ten years he was unable to maintain human form; becoming a hybrid not only saved his life but it bestowed him with many abilities. He also seems to be eternally young. He is driven by his desire for revenge for the now so called 7 Heroes who betrayed him. When he was fully human before, he had dark brown hair and blue eyes.




The "Fake" 4 Lances of Betrayal

A huge muscular man with a short beard and a bald head, he is one of the leaders of the Four Lances of Betrayals who created the Black wing army. He was the first to die in the beginning of the series as his one hundred man Company was slayed by Koinzell in one night. He was shown having a strong lust for women, and his horse tends to be stirred into having intercourse with the same woman. Kfer is also shown to be very strong as he managed to punch through the head of one of his captains who survived but failed to protect the cargo of gold coins. He eventually attacked the Village that housed Koinzell and he was killed by Koinzell with his black sword, but not before being told about Koinzell's real name in which Kfer pleaded to be spared but was killed.

A large woman that also has large chest. She has the power to create magical explosion from the tip of her hand, later revealed as Bakurai-fu (Thunder cards or explosive Talismans) and the Staff of lightning. She has a fetish for bondage with young boys and tends to mutilate them by adding extra body parts like what happen to Prince Kurato, and has a goal in giving birth to a new hybrid of elves and man. All her previous experiments with lower elves failed, and she tried to rape Koinzell in order to produce one, but it backfired as Koinzell managed to escape and her flying fortress and herself were destroyed in the ensuing conflict.

The 7 Heroes

Glenn was one of the 7 heroes that betrayed the four and he was the one who ripped Ascheriit's eye out 20 years ago. Glenn and Ascheritt fought side by side until the seven heroes betrayed the four lances; Glenn is now the main object of Koinzell's revenge. Glenn was originally a son of a wealthy nobleman that sent him to the Training Academy Koinzell went to. Out of the Seven Heroes, he appears to be the most respected and the most powerful, as the other seven heroes look up to him for leadership, especially after he formed his personal army called the Knights of the Seven Lances who are knights with special talents whom are currently pursuing Koinzell, without much avail.

It also seems that Glenn is the only one of the Heroes who do recognize their past deed as sinful, and the only one who seems to be clear of any evil acts by now.

A marquis.

A count.

A count.

A count.

A count, he rules the county of Lemda. The independent city of Jullas-Abllas is on his territories. A very paranoiac man, his paranoia increased tenfold when he heard Lebelond joking about how he was the next one to be targeted because he's the closest to where SchtemWolech resided. He sees danger where there shouldn't be any, like killing a prostitute girl who was wearing pointy earrings and accusing her of being a potential assassin when she shuddered. Because Koinzell looks like a semi-elf, he ordered his troops to persecute the semi-elf villages because he see them as potential menaces. He also doesn't like Glenn because he find his personal troops to be meddlesome. He also tends to release his paranoid behavior by having sex with young girls. He is later killed by Koinzell after all of his servants abandon him and his flying fortress.

He is one of the 7 heroes and after 20 years, has created a group called the "White Right-Wing Army". He used to be a thief before he became one of the Emperor's warriors and will use any means to gain strength. He infuses himself with the blood of elf halfbreeds in an attempt to remain young. SchtemWolech becomes the first to be killed by Koinzell, inadvertently awakening his full elven form when Koinzell becomes enraged with how corrupt he has become.

The Precious Departed

Elgunaha was the first of the 14 swordsmen to die. He casted a spell on himself and created a wall which would block any attacks from the rebels. The spell turns himself into a tree and created walls adjourning the castle. Koinzell had to destroy Elgunaha's wall (called the "Heavenly Lance") the magic circle created by Elgunaha to open the way for him to cross over to get to the 7 heroes.

Elgunaha also help trained Ascheriit in the past to turn him into a warrior. Ascheriit was the last person to see Elgunaha alive.

Minor Characters

Princess Sharen
Sharen is the second princess of the Kusharundo clan captured by Geranpen under the orders of Pago. She was taken by SchtemWölech because of her magical ability of seeing into the future. She was to be processed into blood and flesh so he could use it to prolong his life, but was saved by Koinzell and the group. She also has the power of basic telepathy as she could sense Koinzell's mind when he was in a state of despair. She also has a sense of attachment to Koinzell not only for saving her, but also she being one of the few people that understands him.

Prince Kurato
The older brother of Sharen and Ato. He was captured by the Black Wing Army by Gusstav and had parts of other creatures implanted into him. Brainwashed, he was forced to fight Koinzell. Koinzell ended his suffering when the implants grew out of control.

An officer of the Company of the Seven Lances, he and his retinues help with Koinzell in their airship during Kfer's attack on the village. He believes that Koinzell is the Chosen One in the Prophecy but he dislikes his motives to kill Glenn. Rozen's doesn't believe the story about The 7 Heroes betraying the The 4 Lances of Betrayal. In the recent chapters, he starts to believe Koinzell's story when he notices the cruelty of Barestar against free citizens and wonders if The 7 Heroes were actually "heroes".

The attendant of Rozen. A young women in her 20's with glasses, she is extremely skilled with the longbow and specialize in delivering arrows with explosive arrowheads.

Commander of the White Wing Army, under SchtemWölech. He was once kind but became mad with power. He augmented his arm with dark magic and used young women as sacrifices. He murdered the family that was going to adopt Peepi out of rage that he was unable to secure more women because of their young son. Peepi witnessed the killing and Pago had almost killed her if he wasn't stopped by Koinzell who chopped off one of his arms. He escaped but is later finished off by Koinzell with the dagger that he gave Geranpen.

Pago's brother. Captured Princess Sharen believing that he was working for the greater good. Geranpen realized that he is used by Pago when he saw Pago slaughtering the parents that planned to adopted Peepi. He assists Koinzell's party into SchtemWölech's secret experimentation area by disguising them as girls to further fuel the experiments. He is crushed by the falling debris when the area collapses, refusing to move while holding his dying brother, Pago. He is not Pago's brother by blood; it is revealed in a flashback that he and a once kind-hearted Pago made an oath to refer to each other as such.

A small teenage girl who saved Koinzell in a river when he escaped Kfer by jumping into the river from a cliff. He was injured but she nursed him back to health, and in turn he ripped off her clothes and started to lick her breasts and enter her with his finger. She was captured by Kfer but Kloinzell saved her.

The younger brother of Elenje that tended the sheep in the village. When Kfer attacked the village and captured Elenje, he attempted to attack him with an axe. There, he was kicked away and about to be killed until Koinzell's timely intervention. When rescued by the Companies of the Seven lances he asked if he could join.

An attendant of Rigles that was stationed in the Frontier village that used to house Klon and Elenje. He was friends with them when he was young and was jealous of Koinzell when he had "fun" with Elenje. He was also angry at Koinzell when he didn't accept Rigles summon to join the White Wing Army to stop the Black Wing Army's attack on the region.

The local magistrate of the Frontier, Grombark, that Jeln, Koln and Elenje lived in. He seemed to be angry when Koinzell called him "old man" in which he grabbed him by the collar and yelled at him not to call him one.

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