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To LOVE ru

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Rito is a high-school boy who just can not confess to the girl of his dreams, Haruna-chan. One day when coming home and sulking in the bath-tub a mysterious, and barely clothed girl, appears out of nowhere. Her name is Lala and she comes from another planet... What will happen between Rito and Lala?

By Saki Hasemi (To LOVE ru)

Main Characters

Yuuki Family

Rito Yuuki (Yuki Rito)
Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe
The male protagonist of To Love-Ru, Rito is a 16 year old high-school student. Rito used to be on the soccer team in junior high, but quit because he was constantly helping his father with his mangaka duties, thus did not want to leave his sister Mikan alone in the house. Mikan comments he is very good at the most "useless little things", like crane and festival games. Along with the numerous useless little things Rito is good at, he is also an accomplished gardener / florist, and he is the one who takes care of the monster plant in his backyard, a birthday present from Lala.

Rito's nature is borderline clumsy, where he always ends up ogling or groping the many girls in the series (though mostly unintentional). It is only by accident that he encounters Lala Satalin Deviluke, and despite his enduring feelings for Haruna Sairenji, Rito shows signs of developing deeper affection towards Lala throughout the story. In fact, he was concerned when he searched a whole day for Lala after she disappeared, when in fact she was staying at Haruna's apartment, after he yelled at her. Rito claims he feels uneasy whenever Lala is not around and he probably does like her, but is unsure if what he feels is actually love.

Mikan Yuuki (Yuki Mikan)
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa
Rito's independent and reliable 11 year-old sister, Mikan takes care of the housework while their parents are away on business. In contrast to her brother, she is very mature and does not hesitate to tease him, going as far as stating they aren't blood related, just for a laugh. Mikan also seems to have a certain lack of respect for Rito because of this (she hardly ever addresses him by his honorific as an older brother), but does answer him "Onii-chan" as thanks for trying so hard to take care of her when she develops a fever. Mikan may not show it, but she cares very deeply for Rito and misses his company, and states how they used to play together before Lala entered their lives.

Mikan grows quite attached to Golden Darkness, perhaps due to Darkness seemingly being the same age as her. Mikan is very perceptive and seems to be able to read people's emotions, even their reactions, most of which is Rito's obvious anxiety around Haruna and Yui Kotegawa's subtle feelings for him (Mikan even calls him a "playboy" for attracting so many girls).

Saibai Yuuki (Yuki Saibai)
Rito's father is a mangaka and is very different compared to Rito in terms of both looks and personality. Saibai draws at amazing speeds and can be utterly serious before deadlines are met, but seems to have a bit of a goofy side, such as making a joke about Rito and Lala "sleeping" together every night and punching Rito when he got drunk and mistook his son for a burglar.

Ringo Yuuki (Yuki Ringo)
Rito's mother is a fashion designer and a scout for fashion models. Normally working overseas, she returns home to check up on the family. Despite initially appearing to be refined and chic, Ringo's personality is equally as odd as Saibai's, where she has a tendency to start sizing women up with her hands, whenever she spots pretty girls. Ringo seems to take her work very seriously, having immediately entered "work-mode", when she meets Lala for the first time.

Planet Deviluke

Lala Satalin Deviluke (Rara Satarin Debiruku)
Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu
The female protagonist of To Love-Ru, Lala is the princess of Deviluke. A rather childish girl, she is somewhat nšive of the culture and familiarities on Earth. Lala initially runs away from home, citing she does not wish to get married to any of her arranged suitors. She enjoys making all manners of inventions (usually designed as pranks) and uses them frequently, often prompting some disastrous effect or another. Upon arriving on Earth, Lala pretends to love Rito to keep herself from getting married, but does exactly what she did not intend, after she misinterprets what Rito shouts in self-defence. Throughout the series, she always tries to get Rito to love her more, and barely shows any form of negativity towards him. She even states it is impossible for her to hate him.

Eccentric, playful and intelligent, Lala isn't shy, to a point where it feels almost natural for her to be in the nude (the only exception of this occurs when Lala catches a fever, causing a change in personality and when her clothes melted from an alien frog's mucus). Like all citizens from Deviluke, Lala's physical abilities exceeds a human and has a distinctive tail with a shape of a spade on the end. Oddly, her tail is very sensitive, causing her friends to nickname it as her "weakness". According to Ringo, Lala's measurements are B89, W57, H87.<9>

Voiced by: Satomi Arai
Lala's all costume robot, who acts as a module to form her clothing. Peke is exceptionally devoted to Lala and has the ability to shapeshift into any kind of clothing for her to wear, but this also drains his power supply. As his batteries run out, the clothing Lala wears will slowly dissolve, until it completely disappears. To recharge, Peke simply needs to sleep.

Gid Lucione Deviluke (Gido Rushion Debiruku)
Voiced by: Hidetoshi Nakamura
The King of Deviluke and Emperor of the known universe, Gid is the father of Lala, Nana, and Momo. Despite his near omnipotent power, he has the physical appearance of a child, looking slightly devilish, with shark-like teeth, spiky black hair, and the characteristic Devilukean tail; while his daughters' tails end in spades, his appears as a wicked looking trident. Gid's personality borders juvenile delinquence and perversion. Lala claims the only reason he wants her to get married is so he can step down as king and be free to pursue his perverted hobbies. However his personality is contrast to the anime, as he is serious and nearly kills Rito and destroys the earth if Lala didn't intervene. He orders Rito to become the best in the universe by the next time he comes or he will destroy the earth against Lala's wishes.

Nana Asta Deviluke (Nana Asuta Debiruku) and Momo Velia Deviluke (Momo Beria Debiruku)
Lala's twin younger sisters, they were the ones who trapped most of the characters in a virtual game world created by Lala that they subsequently modified. They claim they did this to determine the nature of their sister's friends and to test Rito's affection for Lala. Nana seems to be the more mischievous of the two, with an affinity for fauna, while Momo appears slightly calmer and shares a connection with flora. Currently they are now on earth, running away from their studies.

Zastin (Zasutin)
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu
Lala's personal bodyguard and the best swordsman on the planet Deviluke. Initially, Zastin disapproves of Rito, deeming him weak and subsequently sought to test his strength. However, once Rito exclaims his opinion of marriage in self-defence, Zastin is swayed by his words (though not in the way Rito intends) and summarily approves of him, believing Rito truly understands Lala's feelings. He is currently working as the assistant chief to Saibai; the funds he gets for his duties are handed to Lala for her use. Zastin has shown a keen interest in becoming a mangaka, professionally.

Despite his skill with the sword, Zastin has a horrible sense of direction (similar to River Zastory), resulting in him getting lost (one of the running gags in To Love-Ru). He also seems to have extremely bad luck, where he keeps getting run over by trains and cars. Like some To Love-Ru characters, Zastin bears a passing resemblance to Creed Diskenth, the main antagonist of Black Cat, in terms of appearance and choice of weaponry.

Sairenji Family

Haruna Sairenji
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi
One of Rito's classmates and the girl of his affections, Haruna has similar feelings for him, having been attracted to his kind, gentle nature since junior high. Despite her growing love for Rito (which she believes to be unrequited), she usually suppresses her feelings and cannot confess to him because of her friendship with Lala, who also loves Rito. She lives with her older sister in an apartment and has a severe fear of ghosts and the supernatural, the exception being Shizu Murasame, to an extent. When frightened, she has a habit of grabbing the nearest thing around her - typically Rito - and swinging wildly, in an attempt to get rid of whatever's scaring her. Haruna has been known to be a class representative and is a highly responsible person, which swayed the classmate's hearts to vote for her as a class rep even when she did not run to be a candidate. She also is affiliated with the tennis club and is a southpaw.

Akiho Sairenji
Voiced by: Mikako Takahashi
She is Haruna's older sister that owns the apartment Haruna lives in. Not much is known about her but is revealed to be really popular with the guys (getting confessions from two guys at the same time) yet continuously turns them down.

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