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The Bride of the Water God

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Soah is a girl from a small village. She is a beautiful girl. She fell in love with Muhee whom she believes is Habaek's cousin and didn't realise that Habaek (child) and Muhee (adult) are the same person. Desperate village decides to scarifice Soah for becoming the Water God Habaek's bride in order to end a dry season. Habaek is a temperamental deity of the Water God. He was deeply fall in love with his wife Nakbin who died young but Nakbin has betrayed him without realising. Soah is surprised to be rescued by the Water God - Habaek from killing and she will has an exciting new life. Most surprising, Soah never imagined that she was to be welcomed guest in Habaek's magical kingdom. This story is related to Soah's faith, life and love.

By Yun Mi-kyung (The Bride of the Water God)

Korea (Manhwa), girl, love, 18
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Main characters

A girl from a small village chosen as the sacrifice to please the Water God, Habaek. When she was a child, she was prophesized to love two men in her life. She finds herself attracted to Muhee, who she believes is Habaek's cousin, unaware that Habaek (the child) and Muhee are the same person.

The Water God, a temperamental deity who has not allowed rain to fall in Soah's village for many years. He is a child by day (Habaek) and an adult (Muhee) by night, with his powers being reduced in the presence of heat or sunlight. Soah recognizes the child as her husband, but is unaware of his transformations; Habaek, unable to explain, introduces his adult self as Habaek's cousin, Muhee. He was deeply in love with his first wife, Nakbin, who died young, not knowing that she had actually betrayed him.

A grandfatherly butler who serves the Water God. He previously served Habaek's mother, the Goddess of Punishment and Torture.

The commander of the Water Kingdom, also famed for being the best archer in the realm of gods. He appears to be loyal to Habaek, particularly after an unspoken incident involving Nakbin in the past. However, as of Volume 5, he appears to be under a 'contract' of some sort with the Emperor, concerning Soah. On her arrival in the Water Kingdom, Soah at first mistakes him for the Water God, and later comes to rely on him as a confidante and friend, which makes Habaek jealous, more so since Hoo-ye is attracted to her.

A doctor in the Water Kingdom, a relatively recent inhabitant to the realm. He appears to have his own motives regarding Habaek and Mura warns Soah not to trust Tae-eul-jin-in so readily.

A witch who lives in the Water Kingdom, originally from the mountains. She is in love with Habaek. Like several characters, she seems to know more than she is willing to tell Soah and appears to have her own agenda.

The God of Fire. He loves everything that is cute. He once stole a pear from Suh-wangmo's garden 400 years ago.

A goddess who is friendly to, and very fond of, Soah, going to the extent of rebuking Habaek for sending her away without warning and going to see her without taking anyone else along. Although she appears and behaves like an immature child, she is several hundred years old.

The Goddess of Punishment and Torture and Habaek's mother, a beautiful woman who is centuries old. Habaek does not appear to get along with her, though she seems to only want her son to be happy.

Habaek's first love. As of Volume 5, it is known that she had attempted to betray him in some way, under orders from another person: however, the exact details concerning what she was supposed to do, are unknown. Hoo-Ye cared for her a great deal as she was his sister.

The Emperor
He first appears in the guise of the dead Nakbin, shocking Soah, who thought that Nakbin had returned. In a later chapter he expresses interest in Soah, going so far as to snatch her out of Hoo-ye's arms. Hoo-ye is seemingly bound to him by a contract that concerns handing Soah over to the Emperor, though Habaek, as her husband, prevents him from taking Soah.

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