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Tales of the Abyss

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Fonons. Essential components of all matter on planet Auldrant.

Ages ago, a new type of fonon was discovered—the Seventh Fonon. Its discovery threw humanity into chaos, for if one could use the Seventh Fonon, one could learn the future. Wars over the Seventh Fonon raged across the lands, ending only when the miasma—a poison from within the planet—covered the entire world. This is when Yulia appeared.

A fonist skilled in prophecy, Yulia saw thousands of years into the future and foresaw a way to seal away the miasma. With the guidance of her prophecies, humanity sealed the miasma deep within the planet.

Over two thousand years passed.

The world is ruled by Yulia`s prophecy, known as the Score. People believe in the coming “unprecedented prosperity” promised in the Score, never straying from the path set forth in the Score which will lead them to that prosperity. They look to the Score as revealed by the Order of Lorelei, the religion Yulia founded, and hold that the greatest virtue is to follow the Score faithfully.

Yulia`s Score tells of a young man who is necessary in order to bring “unprecedented prosperity.” His name is Luke fon Fabre. An heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, he was kidnapped as a child by the kingdom`s enemy, the Malkuth Empire. Since his return he has been confined to his family`s manor for his own safety. He has no idea of the evil that now draws close.

By Bandai-Namco (Tales of the Abyss)

Category : Japan (Manga) , boy, action

Main Characters

Luke fon Fabre
Age: 17
Height: 171 cm, 67 in, 5'7"
Weight: 68 kg, 150 lbs
Class: Swordsman
Voiced By: Chihiro Suzuki (Japanese), Yuri Lowenthal (English)
Luke is the only son of a noble family of the Kimlasca Kingdom. Since a kidnapping incident when he was young, he has lived isolated in his father's manor. Because of the shock of being kidnapped, he has lost the memory of his childhood. With his family's wealth, he has all of life's comforts, including training with Van, a soldier and teacher he admires very much. He is terribly selfish and ignorant of what the real world is like, but eventually grows out of this and wishes to become a hero. His only hobby is swordsmanship, and though rough, he is quite skilled. He has the interesting ability to create a "hyperresonance" on his own with the power of the Seventh Fonon, a sort of power that usually requires more than one person.

The reason why Luke has no memories is that he is a replica. A replica has no memories of their original, essentially starting their existence as a blank slate. The "original" Luke is actually Asch. The first time Luke realizes this, he is devastated, but later realizes that this means he can become his own person. Following his part in the fall of Akzeriuth (due to Van's manipulation), Luke is abandoned by his friends because of his selfish, spoiled attitude. Coming to realize his own faults, Luke vows to change and tries to redeem himself for the destruction of Akzeriuth. Though he eventually regains the trust of his comrades, his guilt, and the weight of being a mere replica, continues to weigh on him throughout the adventure.

After defeating Van in the Absorption Gate, Luke begins to suffer from an inferiority complex, believing that with Asch alive, he has no reason to exist. However, when he makes the decision to sacrifice himself (along with 10,000 other replicas) atop the Tower of Rem, Luke finally realizes his own self-worth and will to live, though this seems to come too late, as he learns he is fated to fade away regardless. Luke defeats Asch on Eldrant, settling who will go on to face Van. When Asch is killed by replicated Oracle Knights in Eldrant, his power flows into Luke, allowing Luke to use the power of a second-order hyperresonance. Finally, the party meets Van atop Eldrant and defeats him.

Tearfully saying goodbye to his companions, Luke uses his power and the Key of Lorelei to free Lorelei. Meanwhile, he and Asch seem to merge in a process called "The Big Bang". After the ending credits, a "Luke" emerges from the remains of Eldrant. Though it is never revealed if it is Luke and/or Asch, the individual can be seen carrying the Key of Lorelei on his back in the same manner in which Luke carried his own swords, being accessible by a left-handed person such as himself.

In an interview with, R&D Producer Yoshito Higuchi was asked which of the two returned at the game's conclusion. Higuchi stated: "Which do you think it is? It's whoever you think it is. That's the answer."

Tear Grants
Age: 16
Height: 162 cm, 64 in, 5'4"
Weight: 50 kg, 110 lbs
Class: Melodist; Cleric
Voiced By: Yukana (Japanese), Heather Halley (English)
Tear is a soldier of the Order of Lorelei, being a Locrian Sergeant of the Oracle Knights Intelligence Division, which presides over the Score. She is a user of the Seventh Fonon. Born bearing the name Mystearica Aura Fende, she lost her mother while she was young (and never knew her father), and was later raised to be a soldier. She is extremely disciplined and feels compelled to be a soldier at all times. Taught to be quiet and controlled, she can seem cold. In actuality though, she merely represses her feminine side, mostly demonstrated by her love of cute things.

Tear is the younger sister of Vandesdelca "Van" Grants, the head of the Six God-Generals. In addition, Legretta the Quick was her former teacher while she was still in training under the Order of Lorelei. Tear is also a descendant of Yulia , part of her mission was to locate the Seventh Fonstone for Grand Maestro Mohs. However, as the story progresses, she comes to realize that things are much more complicated. When it is revealed that the mastermind behind a plot to destroy the world is her brother Van, Tear resolves herself to stop him, even at the cost of her true feelings. Though Van has no intention of harming his dear sister, they are forced to battle one another. During the party's final battle with Van, Tear sings the Grand Fonic Hymn, which frees Lorelei from within Van and contributes to his defeat. Ironically, Tear comes to realize that it was Van who'd taught her the Hymn all along, saying "I remember... you used to always sing it to me when I would cry..."

At the onset of the adventure, Tear and Luke share a mutual disdain for one another. While he regards her as "bossy", she likewise thinks of him as "childish". However, when Luke vows to change himself, she agrees to watch over him at his request. Slowly, she falls in love with him (and through Luke's journal entries and the scene at Chesedonia before the group departs for Eldrant, it is implied that his feelings are mutual towards her), as her parting words ("I love you") show.

Jade Curtiss
Age: 35
Height: 186 cm, 73 in, 6'1"
Weight: 74 kg, 163 lbs
Class: Fonist
Voiced By: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese), Kirk Thornton (English)
Jade is an officer of the Malkuth Empire, Colonel of the Third Division. He's a very complex character, acting in conflicting ways frequently, though the characters are presented with a very calm and continuously smiling facade. Jade is a sarcastic and pessimistic individual at times; while at others he'll be honest and logical. The two go hand in hand though- he is sarcastic and his sarcasm usually points quite obviously to what his opinion is. The oldest member of the party, he usually jokes about his age, once stating that his joints ached and he couldn't do heavy lifting. He is an accomplished Fonic Artes user, and is also good with the spear which he creates using the said artes. Jade almost never shows his true feelings, usually opting to hide behind a smile.

The Colonel is also known as "Jade the Necromancer" among the Malkuth army corps and is feared by them. He is said to have looted the corpses of dead men. And at one Anise asks him why he is so powerful and he jokingly answers with, "Simple. I drink people's blood." During a mission aboard the land dreadnaught the Tartarus, which is under his command, he encounters Luke and Tear while escaping bandits.

Some call him the right-hand man of the Malkuth Emperor, Peony The IX, who is Jade's childhood friend. The two joke quite closely in the brief time you encounter His Majesty and it seems that he is the only one who can truly rattle Jade. The Emperor brings out an odd bout of teasing from Jade that many of the party never have seen and are alarmed to find that someone can make Jade flustered.

On the other hand the only person ever to make Jade truly angry in the game is Dist (Saphir) spurned by his general dislike of the effeminate, snivelly man, and the fact that he pursues fomicry makes him actually angry, a shock to all of the party. When he does finally get a chance to question him, the party is excluded from the room. Jade appears to torture him and continues to do so in sense throughout the game. He baits and taunts the other man and enjoys making him annoyed, like anyone else. The fact that Jade cares for him, or what he used to be, is shown when he says good bye to the God-General. Like Dist, the only version of him that was anything worth remembering was the one in the past that Jade did not like reliving. In contrast to Dist, who idolized that era and Jade as well, which is again made clear when he meets Nebilim.

Jade was also the inventor of Fomicry, a means by which to make replicas. Then known as Dr. Jade Balfour, Jade was a child genius. His sister, Nephry, refers to him as a "devil" that didn't truly grasp the concept of life and death. He wonders if he still does. At a young age, he met a Locrian Colonel named Gelda Nebilim. Retired from the Order of Lorelei, Nebilim started to teach at Keterburg, taking Jade, Nephry and Saphir (later known as Dist the Reaper) as students while Peony watched in hiding. However, one day, Jade wanted to learn what would happen when one who could not use the Seventh Fonon acquired it. When he cast the fonic arte on himself, the experiment went out of control and Nebilim was killed. The experiment also set her house ablaze, leading the residents of Keterburg to believe that Nebilim died in the fire. He attempted to create a replica of Nebilim using the First through Sixth Fonons, but the mental deterioration caused by this method made it into a mindless destroyer. Hence, the replica Nebilim was sealed away. Following this, Jade gave up on fomicry research. Dist, on the other hand, desired to resurrect Nebilim without any heed to what his actions might cause. However, before the final battle at Eldrant, Jade did express his desire in renewing fomicry research in the hopes that replicas would be viewed as more than mere substitutes.

Jade can be blunt at times, not prone to mincing words when he has a point to make. He has a very analytical mind and his trust is almost impossible to attain. He is also fiendishly clever; his use of deadpan sarcasm, off-color humor, and a constant smile make it extremely difficult to know what he is thinking. However, Emperor Peony seems to be the only one who can provoke a reaction from Jade and the rest of cast speculates that the Emperor is the only person who truly understands him.

Anise Tatlin
Age: 13
Height: 152 cm, 60 in, 5'
Weight: 42 kg, 93 lbs
Class: Fon Master Guardian
Voiced By: Halko Momoi (Japanese), Jolie Jackson (English)
Anise is the guardian of the Order of Lorelei's highest official, the Fon Master. She is a bright and cheerful little girl, but can sometimes show a darker, almost scary side when provoked, and often hide her emotions when she is suffering. She seeks to marry into money, and it seems that she has been conspiring to become Luke's wife ever since meeting him. As a doll master, she can make her stuffed toy, Tokunaga, gigantic and ride on it in battle as it attacks enemies. She controls the doll by use of various equipable magic rods, with which she can also cast spells. Accessories can make this doll into a variety of Namco characters, like the Prince from Katamari Damacy, Reala from Tales of Destiny 2, KOS-MOS of Xenosaga and Presea Combatir from Tales of Symphonia.

It is revealed later in the game that Anise is actually a spy working for Grand Maestro Mohs, albeit unwillingly. She reported every action the party took to Mohs, enabling the God Generals to continuously track the party. Her parents owed Mohs a large debt and were forced to work for the Order of Lorelei without pay. It was because of this that she was made a Fon Master Guardian. When Mohs takes Ion to Zaleho Volcano, she is forced to betray the party to save her parents (whom Mohs was using as hostages to ensure Anise's cooperation). Anise feels guilty about Ion's death, and when the party is forced to defeat Arietta in a duel, she feels guilty despite having a rivalry with Arietta. The party, however, does not blame Anise for her actions and welcomes her back to their ranks. Anise eventually gives up her hopes of marrying rich, instead resolving herself to rebuilding the Order of Lorelei in Ion's vision and becoming its first female Fon Master.

Guy Cecil
Age: 21
Height: 184 cm, 72 in, 6'
Weight: 79 kg, 174.2 lbs
Class: Swordsman
Voiced By: Yasunori Matsumoto (Japanese), Johnny Yong Bosch (English)
Guy is a servant of the House of Fabre. He was originally hired to be Luke's babysitter, but now he acts like an older brother and best friend to Luke. He considers himself somewhat responsible for how Luke grew up to be spoiled and selfish. He is a swordsman specializing in fast attacks and fontech. Guy is suave and confesses that he "likes looking at beautiful women", but he is afraid of physical contact with women due to a past traumatic event (though he slowly overcomes his phobia).

Near the beginning of the game, Guy is hit by Sync's "Cursed Slot" and, a while later, loses control and attacks Luke. However, Ion explains that a Cursed Slot does not control its victim, but rather allows them to lose their inhibitions and act on subconscious feelings. Luke realizes that, deep down, Guy did want to kill him. It is eventually revealed that Guy's anger is actually directed at Asch, the "original" Luke, for being the son of Duke Fabre. Guy's real name is Gailardia Galan Gardios, last scion of the ruling family of the island nation of Hod. During the war against and destruction of Hod, Duke Fabre invaded the Gardios house and killed the family. All the women of the house, including Guy's sister, rushed to save him, but were slaughtered before his eyes; he awoke to find himself buried in their corpses, resulting in his gynophobia. He then infiltrated House Fabre as a servant and vowed privately to repay the Duke for his actions. However, Guy's friendship with Luke changed his mind and he rejected his revenge, although he admits to still having some suppressed rage regarding the issue. Guy was later honored for his friendship with Luke by Duke Fabre: he returned to Guy the Gardios family sword, which the duke had kept as a war trophy.

Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear
Age: 18
Height: 168 cm, 66 in, 5'6"
Weight: 53 kg, 117 lbs
Class: Archer
Voiced By: Michiko Neya (Japanese), Stephanie Sheh (English)
Natalia is the princess of the Kimlasca Kingdom. She is sublime and proud, but at the same time is very humble and feels that the function of nobility is to tend to the needs of their subjects. Her empathy with the common man comes as a pleasant surprise to most, and she is responsible for several popular public works projects. She is also Luke's fianc¨¦e, and often scolds him for not accepting the responsibilities and duties of nobility. Natalia is also a Seventh Fonist and, like Tear, she has the ability to heal.

It is revealed that Natalia is not truly of the royal bloodline. Natalia was born as Meryl, the daughter of a maid in the royal house, Sylvia, and Badaq, a mercenary working in the desert near Chesadonia. When the new princess, who was to be named Natalia, was stillborn, the recently born Meryl was taken from Sylvia and Badaq by Sylvia's mother and, given the new name Natalia, became the princess instead. Having lost her daughter, Sylvia became delirious and committed suicide by drowning herself in the sea. Overcome by grief, Badaq cast off his old life and wandered the world, eventually being found by Van, who made him one of the Six God-Generals, Largo the Black Lion. Natalia grew up as the princess, having no idea of her real past. When she finally learns the truth and confronts her real father, Largo, he tells her the whole story of her birth and her mother's death. In the end, he does not acknowledge Natalia as Meryl, and tells her that considers his true daughter to be dead. However, after the party defeats Largo in the Absorption Gate, he calls Natalia "Meryl" as he dies, and Natalia finally calls him "father".

In addition to this, throughout most of their adventure, Natalia has difficulty choosing between her feelings for Asch, who is revealed to be the real Luke fon Fabre, and "Luke", who turns out to be Asch's replica. She considers them both to be her "dear friends" and can't bring herself to choose which, if either, she wishes to marry in order to fulfill their betrothal. At the game's conclusion, however, Asch is killed, and Natalia becomes distraught, nearly costing the entire party their lives. She then realizes that she has clung too tightly to the formalities of nobility (particularly regarding the betrothal), and says that she will accept whatever role Luke chooses in life as his "childhood friend".

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