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Superior is a manga created by Ichtys and published by Gangan Comics. Superior is a high fantasy Manga that includes dragons, demons, and most importantly, heroes. The story centers around the Hero (Yuusha) Ekusa and the Demon Queen Maou/Sheila along with the corresponding war between the demon and human races.

By Ichtys (Superior)

Main Characters

Sheila (Maou-sama)
The Demon Queen who had personally wiped out half of humanity after experiencing the loss of her beloved dragon at a young age. The slaying of her dragon drastically changed her view and opinion of humans. In the beginning of the first volume, Maou at first intended to get close to Exa so she could murder him, but instead finds herself accidentally developing a romantic interest for Exa. She does not wish to kill him, but cannot ignore the fact that Exa is a threat. Maou puts on the facade of being a meek demon to persuade Exa to take her along on his journey, so she can follow him. Ironically, Exa's journey is to find the Demon Queen and kill her. However, Exa does not realize that she is in fact the Demon Queen, who Exa is determined to kill. Maou does not address Exa by his name, but instead calls him Yuusha or 'Yushie' due to her growing love for him. Exa and Lakshri know her as Sheila. She once had a dragon that she loved, but the king ordered the humans to slay the dragon. She agreed to be Maou-sama to take vengeance on the humans, and kill those who were slaying monsters. Though when the dying king confronted her about her dragon, she denied it as the enemy. The dragon was later found with a nest of eggs smashed by the humans in an attempt to remove the dragon from the road. Awaiting death along with her eggs, the dragon, though it was being provoked, remained obstinate and refused to move. It was then, by chance, that Sheila passed by and gave her dragon the will to live again. She created a copy to replace her as demon lord and has had to face her twice. Both times she allowed the copy to leave but she found she faced the copy's creation, Sado and removed it's memories and guilt so it may live happily in her stead

A Yuusha (Hero) who dreams of monsters and humans co-existing. He refuses to kill anyone, even if they are killed. He believes the war will cease with the monsters if Maou is killed and has a personal score to settle with her as well. The reason that Exa detests Maou is because Maou massacred his village and stepped on his mother's corpse. Afterwards, he became strong and gained the title of Hero, vowing to take revenge. Originally, Exa did not wish to take on the position of the Hero, until the tragedy. Coincidentally, the King that granted him this title is the same one that ordered the extermination of the monsters, which led to Shiela becoming Maou, and eventually, the destruction of Exa's village. On Chapter 14, he said " I like you " on Shiela when his righteous mind was taken away by a monster and cause Shiela to blush extremely.

Exa's right hand man. He, like Maou, has a past consumed by violence and was pulled out of it with the aid of Exa. Lakshri becomes infatuated with most women that he sees. Lakshri is afraid of Angelica and refers to her as the "mountain gorilla" for Angelica constantly berates and assail Lakshri.

A quarter demon (one of Angelica's grandparents was a demon) with extremely strong and inherited magical abilities. Abused as a child for her demonic abilities, she is devoted to Exa as he was the first person to show her kindness. Oddly enough, her jeweled staff is used to control and limit her power, but not to enhance it. Angelica's right eye is red due to her demon blood. To avoid conflict and controversy with the other humans, Angelica hides her right eye behind her bangs.

Copy (current maou-sama)
The current Demon Queen who was formed in an attempt to hide Shelia's identity. However she plans to break apart hero and sheila in an attempt to kill them both and prove herself to be the strongest. After facing Sheila and hero on separate occasions she has decided to work together with all other monsters to destroy humanity.

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