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Skyhigh Karma

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Life, death, it is all the same. Think you've heard this before? Skyhigh is back again with this sequel.

By Takahashi Tsutomu (Skyhigh Karma)

Category : Japan (Manga) , boy, mystery, 18


A serial-murderer is on the loose who just so happens to also be removing the hearts of his victims and taking them with him. His victims however, are not merely random humans as thought by the police. They are in fact, the past and present guardians of the gateway of the afterlife.

Another beautiful work done by the author of Alive, Blue Heaven, Jiraishin, and Tetsuwan Girl, among others.

Each chapter of Tsutomu Takahashi's manga series and the sequels skyhigh: Karma and skyhigh: New Chapters follow the exploits of a particular soul as they come to terms with their death and make their choice. However, perhaps befitting the dark tone, most of Izuko's charges choose the final option and get their revenge before going to meet their fate with Izuko's trademark "oikinasai," which roughly translates as a formal way of saying "please go then."

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