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All souls of those murdered arrive at the Gate of Grudges. Izuko, keeper of the Gate of Grudges presents each soul with three choices: pass through the Gate of Grudges to heaven and be reborn, refuse to admit death and remain as a ghost on earth, or haunt and kill one person and then proceed to hell and eternal suffering. What does each soul choose and why?

By Tsutomu Takahashi (Skyhigh)

Main Characters

Shaku Yumiko as Izuko, gatekeeper of the "Gate of Rancor"

Ogura Hisahiro as Yomoyama Daikichi (Thrift Shop "Lucky Service" President)

Miyatani Keita as Yomoyama Koyoshi (son of Yomoyama Daikichi)

Nakamura Ikuji as the master of the "Gate of Rancor"

Minor Characters

Yoshino Kimika as Sekikawa Noriko (ep1)

Sakai Masato as Sekikawa Masaru (ep1)

Itaya Yuka as Yoshino Misato (ep1)

Kagami Saki as Mirai (ep2)

Morimoto Ryoji as Minami Satoshi (ep2)

Waki Tomohiro as Ono Jooji (ep2)

Watanabe Hiroyuki as Ono Joota (ep2)

Okada Yoshinori as Murata Yoshiyuki (ep3)

Suzuki Sawa as Takimoto Hitomi (ep3)

Saito Yoichiro as Miyanaga Kazuya (ep3)

Niiyama Chiharu as Kinoshita Asami (ep4)

Tanaka Chie as Okuda Mitsue (ep4)

Nagata Anna as Goto Yurika (ep4)

Ukai Maho as Kobayashi Yoko (ep4)

Ishii Satomi as Maeno Sunaju (ep4)

Arimori Narimi as Suto Yukie (ep5)

Kondo Yoshimasa as Kida Torahiko (ep5)

Morimoto Leo as Izaki Goro (ep6)

Negishi Toshie as Hata Kayoko (ep6)

Yamamoto Mirai as Miura Yoko (ep6)

Toba Jun as Ryota (ep7)

Suzuki Kazuma as Koji (ep7)

Tsugumi as Misa Itoguchi (ep7)

Hayashi Tsuyoshi (ep7)

Yamada Maiko as Anna (ep8-10)

Akiyoshi Kumiko as Katagiri Kyoko (ep8-10)

Mizukami Ryushi as Katagiri Tamotsu (ep8-10)

Ishibashi Renji as Nanjo Kozo (ep8-10)

Sano Shiro as Higashi Ken (ep8-10)

Amamiya Ryo as Nishimura Tatsuo (ep8-10)

Kuroda Fukumi as Higashi Tomiko (ep8-10)

Otsuka Anri as Tobi Kou (ep8-10)

Sakaki Hideo as Kitajima Takashi (ep8-10)

Kitami Toshiyuki as Onda Toshio (ep8-10)


A serial-murderer is on the loose who just so happens to also be removing the hearts of his victims and taking them with him. His victims however, are not merely random humans as thought by the police. They are in fact, the past and present guardians of the gateway of the afterlife.

On the day he is to be married, Detective Kanzaki, who happens to be on the case, discovers that his fiancÚ Mina has been murdered with her heart also missing. He also learns that the killers are Kudo, a geneticist, and his evil secretary Rei. The two are trying to obtain six hearts from the guardians so that they may call forth a horde of demons from the Gate of Rage and have their every desire granted. Only problem is, once they open the gate the entire world will be covered in darkness.

Meanwhile, in the afterlife, Mina encounters Izuko, the Guardian of the Gate. Izuko gives her three options: Mina can choose to ascend to heaven and be reborn, she can choose to forever walk the earth as a ghost or she can choose to curse one of the living to death and as a result be cursed to descend to hell. Mina has 12 days to make her choice.

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