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Shin Angyo Onshi

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Jushin, which is modelled after feudal Korea. In Jushin, there once lived secret government agents called angyo onshi, who traveled the countryside in disguise. They were charged by the king to find and punish corrupt government officials, and bring justice to the country`s citizens. Jushin has been destroyed, fractured into numerous fiefdoms and kingdoms, many of which are ruled by corrupt and tyrannical warlords. Shin Angyo Onshi follows the adventures of one of the remaining angyo onshi, Munsu, as he continues to wander the countryside and deals with the chaos caused by Jushin`s fall.

By Youn In-wan (Shin Angyo Onshi)

Main Characters

Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese), Jason Douglas (English)
The anti-heroic protagonist of the series and a third mahai angy¨­ onshi from the fallen kingdom of Jushin. Despite the common perception held by Jushin's former citizens that angy¨­ onshi are virtuous and bearers of justice, Munsu usually comes across as somewhat amoral and does not believe in helping people who refuse to help themselves. When he does help others, his methods almost always involve excessive bloodshed, lying, torture, and other questionable acts.
Munsu suffers from a curse that resembles asthma, which can only be alleviated by the inhaler-like charm he wears around his neck. This curse originates from during the Jushin period, where he convinced Aji Tae to switch the curse which was originally suffered by his lover Kye Wol Hyang unto him in hopes of relieving her pain. However, this was ineffective; not only did she die in the end while he retained the curse, Munsu actually fell directly into Aji Tae's scheme. In volume 11, Munsu :confessed to Wonsul that despite claims that he was her killer, the truth was that :Kye Wol Hyang killed herself by running into his sword while he was holding it right into her heart. He blames himself for her death and believes that he is her killer. When asked by Hong Gildong, he refused to deny that he was her sister's killer although his life was at stake. He went against the entire Hwalbindang after consuming a special drug that removed his asthma for a period of time, and managed to kill most of them. However, the drug had negative side effects when it wore off, and conveniently Aji Tae appeared while Munsu was at his most weak and wounded moment. Seeing his sworn enemy, his condition worsened and he started vomiting more blood, falling into a more critical state. Munsu swears that he will not die despite reality and that he find Aji Tae in the end.
Before passing out, he asks Bang Ja to use an acupuncture needle in his pocket in order to prevent his death, but as soon as Bang Ja did it, Munsu's heart stopped beating. Everyone lost hope and believed that he was dead; however, after a few days despite the humid weather, Munsu's body did not decay. Later it was discovered that the needle contained mandrake extract and Munsu was affected with the infamous hallucinogen, allowing him to escape death. But being effected by the mandrake's poison means he will forever live in a fake world of his most desired dreams. Volume 11 shows the most treasured moments in Munsu's life and more about his past.
Whilst the Mandrake hallucinogen would normally show one's most treasured and peaceful memories, Munsu does not possess these memories and therfore is said to be doomed to relive his nightmares forever. However, in Aji Tae's attempt to further throw him into despair he awakens freed from the curse-but with very limited life within him (in fact the death gods begins to haunt him days after his revival). In this time Munsu leads a resistance army against Aji Tae's legions of undeads, demons, and legendary generals of history summoned to fight at his side. His strength is worn off as the battle progresses, and Munsu finally dies in the last confrontation with Aji Tae, but not before immobilizing Aji Tae's movements for Sando to deliver the final blow. A scene in the final chapter shows Munsu joining dead friends and lovers in a sort of paradise, and his broken three-horsed Ma-Hai is seen brandished by a new Angyo Onshi of the next generation.

Sando / Chun Hyang
Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi (Japanese), Nancy Novotny (English)
A beautiful woman with prodigious fighting skill. She acts as Munsu's 'Sando', or bodyguard. When she was kidnapped by a corrupt lord who wanted to make her his personal bodyguard, her lover embarked on a futile quest to become an angy ­ onshi. He died in the process, but not before making Munsu aware of her plight. After Munsu frees her, she decides to become his bodyguard in memory of her dead lover, and takes the title "Sando" as her new name.
Despite her fearsome natural fighting ability, Sando is quiet and shy, with a high moral stance. As a result, she is often in conflict with the amoral Munsu over his questionable methods. She has made it clear that if he ever becomes truly evil, she will no longer protect him. She also has a great fear of heights, and will refuse to cross bridges set over deep mountain gorges or valleys. Munsu finds this extremely peculiar, seeing as to how she often leaps several stories into the air during combat.
Later in the series, she is defeated in combat and leaves Munsu in shame to pursue greater strength. She learns the power of using her 'ki' from a friend of Aji Tae, attaining the strength she desires but loses her mind to Aji Tae at the same time and becomes his bodyguard. Aji Tae unleashes Sando upon Munsu in the final battle as the last trump card, but Sando only manages to slice off Munsu's right arm before her memories returns, bringing her back to Munsu's side. She manages to kill Aji Tae when Munsu dies and leaves Aji Tae open to her attacks. After the battle, Sando left on her own and is implied to later side with another Angyo Onshi in the final chapter.
Near the end, Aji Tae reveals that Sando isn't human, her true form being that of a monster. It's confirmed in the omake of the series, which retells her first meeting with Mon-Ryon: Sando was not born from human, but is implied to be the offspring of a dragon which fell from the sky.

Bang Ja
Munsu's unwanted but good-intentioned servant. Once the servant and apprentice of a first mahai onshi, his former master released him from service after Jushin's destruction. When his master and his sando were later killed in a rebel uprising against a corrupt lord, Bang Ja began roaming the country as a thief. He believes that angy¨­ onshi should be virtuous and heroic, which is why Munsu's behavior often shocks him.
He is a third-rate Magician who summons animals to do his bidding, and he deeply takes his role as a Bang Ja seriously. This often leads to his being manipulated and bullied by Munsu, who often beats him or sends him on inane / impossible errands.
He was responsible for the death of Won Hyo. After Sando left the group and Munsu almost died, Bang Ja used Yuui Tae's acupuncture needle on Munsu so that he lives. Bang Ja finds it difficult that Munsu is in a coma state situation that he is a lifeless body. After Yeongsil received the false information about the Mandrake cure, Bang Ja and Yeongsil traveled together to an icy mountain encountering Sando. Having joined Aji Tae, Sando attacked Bang Ja and Yeongsil.

Kye Wol Hyang
Munsu's deceased lover, who was Munsu and Hae Mo Su's childhood friend and at the same time, their love interest. She has an illness that resembles asthma, which can only be alleviated by the inhaler-like charm he wears around her neck (the same one Munsu later uses), slowly killing her as she grows older. Unable to watch Kye Wol Hyang suffer, Munsu asked Aji Tae to perform a ritual to pass Kye Wol Hyang's illness to him, which, unbeknownst to him, did not prevent her death despite the successful transfer, but instead kept her alive as her dead body rotted away. Later, in a plot orchestrated by Aji Tae, who at that time had already killed the king Hae Mo Su and assumed his identitty, Munsu was convicted for treachery against Jushin, and only avoided the execution which befell his entire clan by taking refuge inside the von Lucid family. Kye Wol Hyang, being a lady of noble bloodline noted for her wisdom and beauty, was selected to be the queen of Jushin, but due to her distrust of Hae Mo Su (Aji Tae), who she (correctly) believed to be no longer the person she knew, spurned him and they didn't consummate for 2 years after the marriage. When Munsu returneed to Jushin to overthrow the tyrannical Hae Mo Su (Aji Tae), Hae Mo Su (Aji Tae) threatened Kye Wol Hyang from meeting with Munsu, and raped her on the day of Munsu's coup. In an attempt to commit suicide, Kye Wol Hyang shot her head but couldn't die, and Hae Mo Su (Aji Tae) revealed she was already dead. She killed herself by running her body into Munsu's blade, saying she loved him, much to Munsu's despair.

A master swordsman from Jushin, who was once a subordinate of Munsu. However, when Jushin fell he began serving Aji Tae, growing Yang Gwi Bi, a plant with narcotic properties, to ship to the west in exchange for weaponry. His weapon, Saruhyondo, is a sword with a blade forged from his killing 'ki', or killing intent. Aside from being impossibly sharp and hard, the blade is also extremely mallaeble, re-shaping itself into any killing form Wonsul can imagine. As it is made of pure killing ki, the blade is also invisible to the naked eye. Wonsul can manifest the blade so long as he has something to act as a hilt, such as a stick or his signature dragon's head sword hilt.
While working for Aji Tae, Wonsul was defeated and killed by Sando, despite her being unable to see his sword. His death, however, proved temporary, as he was later resurrected by Aji Tae. Now effectively a zombie of sorts, Wonsul retained his mind and skill, but his body was like a living corpse, continuing to decay. Furthermore, his re-animated form proved extremely hard to kill, since it was already technically dead - even when decapitated, he still remained conscious and fully aware. He when on to serve as Munsu's sando in Chun Hyang's stead. When Munsu went against the Hwalbindang, Wonsul remained by his side. As their battle with the Hwalbindang comes, Aji Tae made his appearance, upon which Wonsul requested that the former end his state of living death. At first Aji Tae appears to oblige, disintegrating Wonsul's body. However, Aji Tae then states that so long as even part of his body remains intact, he wants Wonsul to remain alive, and "see everything through to the end". At this, Wonsul's head, the only remaining part of his body, begins to cry.
Later, when Munsu recovers from his mandrake-induced coma and prepares for a final battle with Aji Tae, Wonsul is dispatched to attack. Despite having been turned into an immense, grotesque mass of flesh (he is initially mistaken for one of Kaidaiten's demons), Munsu recognises his old friend and grants Wonsul his wish, exploding a nearby ammunition dump and engulfing the monstrosity in the blast. Back in his fortress, Aji Tae comments that Wonsul is finally dead.

Aji Tae
A former scholar from Jushin and the man Munsu holds responsible for the destruction of the country. Many of Munsu's former allies and comrades have since switched their loyalties to Aji Tae, having been coerced by his power or duped by his charisma. His motives and purpose, as of yet, remain unknown. He possesses a large range of magical abilities, among them the ability to resurrect the dead, explode people with a mere glance, shapeshifting, and teleportation.
During the Junshin period, Aji Tae was General Munsu's second-in-command. At that time, he was smaller in size and sported short black hair and glasses. Despite his innocent exterior, however, the Jushin Aji Tae was already convinced of the inferiority and unworthiness of mankind, and was already plotting his conquest of Jushin.
As of volume 15, he has succeeded in conquering most of the former Jushin territories, having gathered together a formidable force of supernatural allies. This includes the resurrected Kaidaiten and its demon brood, an army of undead, black magic practitioners from the West, and Munsu's former bodyguard Sando.
The instances behind Aji Tae's connection to Munsu and the Emperor Hae Mo Su is very dark, confusing and complicated. When Munsu and his best friend Hae Mo Su were young they went exploring in a haunted cave, where they discovered a sealed demon. Munsu ran away, leaving his friend alone... the demon seemed to say: "Release me and i will grant you your desire" At that point, Hae Mo Su wished to be Emperor.
Aji Tae first appeared as a scholar who was bullied by drunk soldiers and was saved by Munsu. Munsu then takes a liking to him and takes him as Advisor. During the war with the Que Ta Chun and the demons, Munsu and Co. attacks...resulting in many deaths adn severe injuries. At this time Aji Tae walks into battle, calmly decimating an oncoming demon with just a sideways glance. This was seen by Yeongsil, and Aji Tae requested he 'forget this'.

The plot thickens after the war...Aji Tae meets Hae Mo Su for the 1st time and promptly devours him headfirst. He then splits into two and impersonates the Emperor. This allowed him almost complete control of all affairs and he directed events to the destruction of Jushin from here on.

In the West he incites Munsu, in the form of both Aji Tae and Hae Mo Su, to use black magic to transfer the curse from Gye Wol Hyang to Munsu. Actually this was to allow him to devour one of his own kind, so as to increase his powers. He also takes certain Western magicians and demons as his allies here. Back in Jushin Aji Tae stages a revolt against himself and uses this chance to outlaw Munsu.

Several years later Aji Tae as Hae Mo Su has revealed his true colors and spreads death and destruction across Jushin. His true identity seems to have forgotten- or people had forced themselves not to remember e.g. Won Sul.

Supporting characters

Desert Bat
One of the first companions that Munsu gathers; it was saved when Mong Ryong tends to its wound. After Mong Ryong's death, the Desert Bat followed Munsu from then on. When Bang Ja summons what he calls the 'Black Demon', it is actually Desert Bat tied to a small stone and acting as a projectile.

Miss Hwang
First appears in the series as a tavern owner. In reality, she is an angyoonshi bearing a fourth mahai medallions (actually 2 second mahai medallions), who was in disguise while investigating the local government.

She was interested in having Munsu's Bang Ja defer to her side instead but her generous offer was refused. She then takes Eul Paso as a substitute.

A very crafty woman, she is perhaps on par with Munsu's level of deceit. She enjoys teasing others, sometimes with her voluptuous figure.

She dies in the final battle by Aji Tae's massive wave of instantaneous destruction, along with most of the city.

Miss Hwang's Sando
Is not human but rather a beast that resembles an East Asian dragon. In Volume 15, Miss Hwang's Sando is shown as having the form of a young girl, wielding a crescent-bladed staff. In Volume 16, she fights and beheads Kaidaten.

Eul Paso
Is a former soldier of Jushin who used to be in the White Tiger division, a group of soldiers specialising in polearms. He became Aji Tae's lackey after the fall of Jushin, having given up his spear in favour of Western guns. After facing Munsu and Miss Hwang, it was thought that he had been killed by her Sando. However, in reality he became Miss Hwang's Bang Ja and continued travelling with her. In Volume 15, he finally uses his spear once again against the zombie army.

Is a former sorcerer of Jushin, and a forger of mahai. He is now retired and stays in a cabin in the Chilgap mountains, working with Yeongsil as a blacksmith. It is later explained that he was a Grand Sorcerer of Jushin, but he retired after 40 years of service. He used his magic to allow Hae Mo Su to witness the battles of the Demon War from the safety of the Palace. He later trains Tae Yu in the basic summoning of magical beasts. Mito also tried to be the main decoy while fighting Sando and Mago for Munsu's escape, but was interrupted when Aji Tae arrived, countering his magic. Later he is found with his eyeballs gone from the backlash.

Marlene von Lucid
Is a famous western swordswoman who is involved in the invasion of Chilgap. She and Sando fight while Chilgap is under siege, but Marlene leaves before the fight can be decided, stating that there have been too many distractions and urging Sando to seek her out later on. It is heavily hinted that Munsu trained Marlene in swordplay and told her to go to Junshin for interesting swordsmen. In Volume 15, she manages to defeat both demons and the Zombie Army alone.

Mong Ryong
Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio
Is an idealistic young man who left his village to become an angyoonshi in order to save his kidnapped lover, Chun Hyang (also known as Sando). His efforts met with failure no less than three times and after Jushin fell, he had no choice but to return to his village empty-handed. On the way there, he passes through the desert where he meets and saves the life of a dying man whose name is Munsu. He saved Munsu from dying of thirst but later dies when a tribe of man-eating monsters ambushed them. Munsu used Mong Ryong's dead body as shield when he was showered with spears and also threatened to destroy the body which was what they wanted unless they let him go. As the monsters were feasting on Mong Ryong's corpse, the dynamite Munsu planted in his body exploded killing the entire tribe. The hairband Munsu has originally belonged to Mong Ryong. It was a gift from Sando.

Was the number one Taekwondo master of Jushin. He was the first to notice Aji Tae's abilities. He once worked for Aji Tae after the fall of Jushin, but defected like Eul Paso and now lives in Mt. Chilgap, working to become a blacksmith with Mito. He is very interested in technology and developed some unusually weapons such as his protective armour and the custom machine handgun that was originally Munsu's revolver gun. He did help design something useful such as Munsu's new coat that is resisted to heat and holds grenade ammo. He also helped restored part of Tae Yu's lost limbs with a metallic one. During Jushin, he invented a telescope and coincidentally used it to spy on Aji Tae, thus discovering his ability to sense people looking at him from far away.

Byun Haku Dou
Voiced by: Ryusei Nakao
Is the corrupt lord of Mong Ryong's and Chun Hyang's home village. His paranoid nature led him to kidnap Chun Hyang in an effort to coerce her into becoming his personal bodyguard.

Hae Mo Su
Was the last king of the Jushin empire. He has been friends with Munsu for more than 15 years. They met when he was exiled from the palace and as neighbours they soon became best friends. Munsu claims that he killed his best friend. The reasons are still unclear, however, the two of them did have a deep bond and both love the same woman. In volume 12, Hae Mo Su said that if Munsu keeps rejecting and do not return Kye Wol Hyang's feelings he would 'take her for himself' because she is of noble blood and by doing so will strengthen his position as king even more and silence political opposition. Hae Mo Su seems like a really cheerful person but is serious when it comes to matters like Kye Wol Hyang and the way his best friend is treating her. Hae Mo Su's true death occurred the first time he and Aji Tae met, where Aji Tae "ate" Hae Mo Su.

Pyeong Gang
Is the daughter and later ruler of Mt. Chilgap, she has mental problems that she imagines her brother and Ondal due to her condition. She treats Mito as her grandfather, Mito first asked Munsu to help her achieve happiness but the conditional was that Ondal should never be together. Munsu not knowing that Ondal and her brother never existed goes on a quest by himself. After the westerners invade Mt. Chilgap she was forced to watch her servants die and was asked to resign her role as the next ruler.

She imagines that Ondal and her brother to resign for her people but she says no forcing the imaginary people to disappear. The Colonel tried to kill Munsu but Pyeong Gang pushes him away, she was almost shot but Ondal appeared protecting her. She becomes the new ruler and declared that Mt. Chilgap country would be an independent country called Koguryeo. Later she gives Mito and Munsu shelter as both were badly injured from Aji Tae's attack. She helps Munsu by sending her soldiers to save Bang Ja, Yeong Sil, Tae Yu, and Su.

Is the leader of the Ghost Brigade during in the Junshin era, which was under Munsu's command during the Demon War. He was close friends with Munsu and usually spent together in war for scouting. He jokes around with Munsu about his relationship with Kye Wol Hwang. He was decapitated by a Thunder Beast Ong Hwa, but even in death he and the Ghost Brigade continue to serve Munsu as phantom soldiers. In Volume 15, Munsu uses his image as a decoy on a rescue mission.

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