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Sakura no Uta

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A guy named Kusanagi Naoya lost his mother at a young age. As his father was a painter who traveled across the world. The only person who could help Naoya cope with the loss was his friend, Misakura Rin. Unfortunately, she moved away while they were in elementary school.

Now in high school, the colder, steeled Naoya deals with the death of his father. When things look like they will turn for the worse for Naoya.He already has trouble opening up to people, a new transfer student comes to his class... Misakura RIn or other person?

By Hakone Odawara (Sakura no Uta)

Main Characters

Naoya Kusanagi
Naoya is the main protagonist of the story. He moved into the Natsume house after his father died. He cooks for the Natsume family since neither Ai, Kei, nor Shizuku can cook decent meals.

Rin Misakura
Rin is Naoya's childhood friend, and is quite clumsy. She moved to the countryside, but then moved back, transferring to Naoya's class. She refers to Naoya as "Kusanagi-kun", but used to call him "Nao-kun" before she moved back.

Shizuku Natsume
Shizuku is Ai's and Kei's younger sister; she rarely smiles. She is currently working as a model.

Yumi Kawachino
Yumi is an underclassman to Naoya. She is a neat freak.

Ai Natsume
Ai is Kei's and Shizuku's older sister, and Naoya's homeroom teacher. She is popular among the students, and is very short despite being twenty-four-years-old. After Naoya's father died, she invited him to live with her family.

Makoto Toritani
Makoto is the president of the school's art club; she is a very bossy person.

Rina Hikawa
Rina is an underclassman to Naoya. After Rin moved away, Naoya began to play with her. She looks up to Naoya as her big brother.

Kei Natsume
Kei is Ai's and Shizuku's brother, and also Naoya's good friend.

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