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Princess Resurrection

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Hiro Hiyorimi is a boy who has just moved to the city to meet his sister. While walking down the sidewalk, he is suddenly hit by a car (crushed by construction beams in the anime). On the verge of death, he is seen by a young woman clad in gothic clothes. She then resurrects him, leaving him alive in the hospital morgue. He wakes up confused over what happened, only to encounter the woman again as she eliminates some wolf creatures. She addresses Hiro as "her servant" and introduces herself as "Hime" (Japanese for Princess). The story then follows Hiro as he assists Hime in killing creatures that have been sent by her siblings to attack her.

By Yasunori Mitsunaga (Princess Resurrection)

Main Characters

Hime (Lilianne / Ririanu)
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi
The titular character of the series. She is the second princess of the royalty, daughter of the king of all monsters. She appears as a young aristocratic woman wearing Gothic clothing. Her real name is Lilianne but she dislikes people calling her by it. Although her siblings are busy fighting for the throne, she shows no interest in it. She resurrected Hiro on a whim after he dies, thinking him interesting enough to be her servant. She is not as arrogant as she is playful, and she does not flinch at the sight of violence. In manga she uses her vassal to resurect warriors for the royalty (her blood) in anime she uses the flame of life. Her aristocratic nature is shown in her ability to leave hard labor to her servants without remorse. She is also not above destroying anything in her path to kill an enemy, and using any weapon at her disposal, such as a chainsaw, a defibrillator, a hammer, or various swords. Interestingly, she is only as physically strong as a normal human and sometimes requires that her servants put her out of trouble or help her defeat an enemy. She also does not hesitate to save her servants, even going as far as breaking the rules to do so.

In the 'Princess Rampage' chapter of the manga, she shows a certain disgust or fright over a mouse Flandre found at the end of the chapter. She also becomes a temporary half-vampire in order to save Hiro in the manga chapter 'Princess Blood'; her relationship with Hiro remains uncertain both in anime and manga however, and it is not known if she sees Hiro as a love interest, soldier, or meat shield.

Hiro Hiyorimi
Voiced by: Fuyuka Oura
A middle school boy who dies at the beginning of the series (in the manga he was hit by the station wagon Flandre is driving whereas in the anime he is hit by a falling iron pillar). He finds himself in Hime's service as he is bound to her because her blood (flame, in the anime) revived him. Though young and not very strong, Hiro manages to assist Hime (mostly by being a human shield) through his "half-immortality" that was given to him after his resurrection. At first he is rather involuntary in the battles but as he learns more about Hime, he is willing protect her. His body changes in the manga when Hime's life is in danger which was left out in the anime.

In the anime episode 24, Hiro realises he has developed feelings for Hime and tries to kiss her but, she smacks him in the face, not because she didn't want him to kiss her (this is uncertain), but because the gang was watching them, a theory made from what Reiri said in that moment: "You're too slow, Hiro".

Flandre (Furandoru)
Voiced by: Shiho Kawaragi
A gynoid in the service of Hime. She is sometimes nicknamed "Flan", she is small, and incredibly strong, as well as seemingly invincible. Although she puts on the same expression all the time, she knows when her friends are in danger. She assists Hime in moving objects and occasionally she helps Hiro. She only says one word: "Hooba" in the English version, "Fuga" (or sometimes Huga depending on the translation) in the Japanese. She has a special function in her eyes to view hard-to-see things, her vision has a German language HUD and she knows how to drive vehicles. Being a gynoid, her weight is a few tons and she runs out of power and needs recharging. Flandre can be seen recharging in a borg alcove (Star Trek) in the manga. Some translations name her as "Furandre". She is possibly a reference to Frankenstein's Monster.

In the anime special, she went berserk when she wound up with a screw loose. Emil got Flanders to remedy that and prevented her from self-destructing.

Sawawa Hiyorimi
Voiced by: Yuko Minaguchi
Hiro's sister, who is a maid employed by Hime. Her cooking is recognized by Hime as the best. She is seemingly oblivious to the supernatural aspects of Hime, nor does she seem to understand Hiro's explanation of his immortality. She lives the normal life with all the supernatural happening around her, and is completely oblivious to it. Sawawa is also known for having unusually large breasts.

In the anime, her surname is also Hiyorimi as she introduced herself to Hime. In the manga, there is not much shown of her, but she appeared more in the anime where she is often shown eating parfaits at the café. A running gag in the anime involves her sitting up in shock whenever Hiro sustains an injury that would be lethal under ordinary circumstances, only to calm down and go back to eating her parfait. She addresses Hime as "Oujo-Sama" (Miss).

Riza Wildman (Riza Wairudoman)
Voiced by: Yuko Kaida
A half-breed girl who has a werewolf father, called Volg Wildman, and a human mother. She at first believes that her older brother was murdered by Hime, but later reconciles with Hime when she learns what really happened that night. In order to find who in the Royalty instigated her brother, she stays with Hime. Being of mixed blood she can only transform her arms up to her elbow and her combat capabilities can't compare to that of a pure breed, though she is physically stronger than a normal human. Her mixed blood also gives her heightened senses of hearing and smell. She appears to have feelings for Hiro and has "squishy" paws according to Hiro and one of his classmates. She and Reiri are natural enemies and they don't get along until later on. From working together in the battle against Kiniski and getting used to each other's company, there is change for the better in their relationship. It was revealed that she is a virgin in her conversation with Reiri. She particularly enjoys fast vehicles, much to Hiro's horror when he's dragged along.

Reiri Kamura
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto
A female vampire who attends the same school as Hiro. She has long black hair, always dresses in a dark sailor fuku, and has idol status in her school. In the manga, there are many scenes showing her in black underwear but in the anime those are reduced to panchira. She tried to get Hime's blood but failed. Later on, she is banished from the vampire society for opposing Kiniski. She is then pursued by Kiniski and the other vampires, who burn down the abandoned church she was living in, therefore losing her place, and in turn causing her to freeload at Hime's mansion.

At first, she greatly detests Riza but their relations change gradually for the better. Also, she may appear to have some type of feelings for Hiro but some fans also debate about her feelings for Riza. Other than the blood from Royalty, she also prefers blood from virgins and cute guys.

Sherwood (Shauddo)
Voiced by: Ai Shimizu
Hime's little sister, the third princess of the Royalty. Her hair colour, eyes, and dress are similar to Hime's. She has the ability to freely control the man-eating plant Triffid, which she used in a failed attempt to kill Hime. She once harboured ill will toward Hime, but later reconciled, and has a big crush on Hiro and will almost do anything to make him her servant. After that she moved in to a mansion on the hill opposite Hime's mansion.

Francisca (Furanshisuka)
Voiced by: Rika Morinaga
The gynoid serving Sherwood. She dresses in a maid costume and wears spectacles. She is the sister machine of Flandre and has equal abilities, with the exception of a superior intellect. She obeys Sherwood's instructions without questions. Excels in melee combat and can flick pellets at extremely high speed with her fingers.

Ryu-ryu (Ryu Ryu)
A panda revived by Sherwood's blood. Died when he fell out of the transportation container during transport to Sasanaki Zoo. (In the anime, his death was later during Zeppeli's attack. The truth of the matter is that he was only knocked out during that battle, so he never died or was revived; Sherwood realized this only when she went to revive him. Sworn brothers with Can-can and Chou-chou (in reference to RoTK), the other two pandas in the zoo. It is unknown if the other two are blood warriors, but all three pandas are now living at Sherwood's residence.

Francette (Furansetto)
A gynoid, like Flandre and Francisca, of the Royalty. Her master is Sylvia, the first princess of the Royalty, who is imprisoned by Kiniski. A sister machine to Flandre, her appearance is that of an adult female in a maid costume. She uses a large drill, which has replaced her destroyed left forearm as a weapon. Did not appear in the anime.


Kiniski faction

A vampire, also referred as "Werewolf Killer Kiniski". A mysterious character with tidied rough long hair and mustache. He is a duke living in a castle at the edge of the Kingdom. Eyeing the throne of the Kingdom, he captured Hime and Sherwood's sister, the first princess, and confined her in his castle. Riza and Reira interfered and through the talk with Riza, it seems that he is a blood warrior too but it is unknown for which member of royalty he serves. He is the one who banished Reiri from the vampire circle by framing her with his crime of injuring Zeppeli, one of her own kind.
Did not appear in the anime but his role is filled by Duke Dracul in the anime.

Sylvia (Shiruvia)
A member of the Royalty and Hime's older sister. She is shown wearing a dress while being blindfolded, gagged, and restrained by leather straps. A tap has been installed on her where blood can be collected.
Did not appear in the anime.

Zeppeli faction

Zeppeli (Tseperi)
Voiced by: Kenyu Horiuchi
A male vampire with dark skin, silver hair and a goatee. Owner of the Sasanaki Hospital which is the vampires' base. He pursues the blood of Hime too but prefers to execute plans behind the scenes. Because he had a cooperative relationship with Reiri, he became looked upon with hostility from the vampire society too.

Housei Sanagida
Voiced by: Tokuyoshi Kawashima
Director of the Sasanaki Hospital, a subordinate of Zeppeli.

Ciel (Shieru)
A tall android. Unlike Flandre, who can only say "Fuga", Ciel is capable of normal conversation. In addition to that he also understands Flandre's words. He has memories of working in the deuterium mine of the kingdom some three years prior to the start of the series. While escaping, he was touched by the view of the sea and longed to live a free life. He happened to meet Flandre, while walking in town and helped with the upkeep of Hime's mansion. However, he was in fact made by Zeppeli only ten days prior to the episode he featured in, and the twenty-seven years of memories he had, were implanted in him. He tried to capture Hime but was defeated by Sherwood and Francisca, and in revenge, went back to Zeppeli and self-destructed.

Emil faction

Emil (Emiru)
A member of the Royalty, brother to Hime. A youth with elegant looks who wears a decorative shirt. There is hostility between him and Hime, but he treasures their relationship and tries to keep it in balance. He can inflict a psychokinetic attack with just a glare, he is the only one that has this strange ability among the siblings of Royalty.

Keziah Bold (Kizaia Borudo)
A werewolf serving Emil. He smokes cigars and has four scars across his face. His father is Kadaria Bold. He and Riza's father were comrades in a past war and he respects Volg as a great warrior.

Flanders (Furandasu)
An android built by Emil. Somewhat a different representation of Flandre, it is a "butler robot" that is many times bigger and has a mechanical appearance. It communicates using the word "fuga".

Mermaid (Ningyo)
Name unknown. A mermaid child who was held captive in a ghost ship, her flute music appears as SOS signals to other ships and thus draw them near. As she exchanged her will to talk for a human body, she would die if she spoke. However, as events unfold, she was forced to speak and was revived as Emil's blood warrior.

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