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Nekota and Hoshino were always arguing at school, but in reality, Nekota actually has a crush on Hoshino. One day, he finally gets up his courage to tell Hoshino his true feelings, but she rejected him with mixed feelings. Feeling sad, Nekota goes home to find that his dad is remarrying another woman, but the catch is that Nekota has to live alone with the woman`s daughter while the two parents goes to Europe. The daughter of the woman, however, is Hoshino... What will happen between the two while they live together?

By Toshihiko Kobayashi (Parallel)

Main Characters

Shinnosuke Nekota
The fifteen year old male protagonist of the series. He is a baseball star of the school and is considered to be the leader of boys of the class. He is often in fights with the female lead, which he secretly liked since the first time he met her nine years ago. Because his mother died when he was five years old, he really does not know how to maturely express himself around the opposite sex nor does he understands them. Most of the time he behaves himself, but he is not above looking up girls' skirts.

Sakura Hoshino
The sixteen year old female protagonist of the series. She is the smart, serious girl that is considered the leader of the girls of the class. She is the girl that punishes Nekota when he does something wrong. She is a good cook and has natural acting ability. When she was younger she admired her older sister and blames herself for the change of her sisterís personality.

Momoko Haruno
Sakuraís elder sister of four years. The rebellious daughter of the family, she chose to live with their father after the divorce, thus preserving her father's family name, Haruno, rather than changing to her mother's maiden name like Sakura. She likes to play practical jokes and often exploits Sakura being a deep sleeper by dressing her in cosplay. She often tries to help to move along main characters relationship, but often makes things worse. Although she has a carefree personality, she becomes an accomplished commercial and soap actress and is part of the prestigious Black Box theater group.

Rina Aihara
The fourteen year old manager for the baseball team who takes a liking to Nekota. In fact she became the manager position just to be closer with him. She is energetic and cute, but is also aggressive when trying to show her feelings toward Nekota in various ways.

Touko Kanno
The female childhood friend of Nekota. She is a tomboy, but her developed body does not show it. Her looks changed so much that Nekota did not recognize her. She is kind and genial and still helps out Nekotaís Grandmother. She rides her fatherís motorcycle and can cook, even though it does not look appetizing. At age of five, she fell out of a tree while playing with Nekota, he made a promised to her that if the injury left a scar he would marry her. She still remembers that promise and hopes that one day Nekota will fulfill it.

Nekotasís best friend and pitcher for the baseball team. He is intelligent, good looking, athletic, and popular with all the girls. He is the mediator between the divided sexes in the class. He is the only one in the class that knows the main characters' secret living arrangement and also the only one to have figured out that Nekota has feelings for Hoshino. He is dating Nishigawa.

Hoshinoís best friend and a big fan of the theater. She is dating Kitamura.

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