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Nine Puzzle

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Mika is a regular girl who just goes day to day without any concrete dreams for her future. Until one day, when she sees her classmate Kaede playing pool in a billiards lounge. Kaede is a boy who hides many secrets...whose personality seems to change when he plays billiards. Entranced by the smile Kaede wears when he plays, Mika soon finds herself immersed in the game...!

By Sakai Mayu (Nine Puzzle)

Cute Jr Highschool Girl Mika leads a normal live with her friends. Her classmate, the introverted (and very handsome) classmate Kaede catches her attention. One day after school, Mika sees Kaeda in a bar playing Billard and looking really happy. She joins him and has fun herself. From now on those two always go together to the Billard bar after school. Mika later finds herself attracted to Kaede and he himself can be the way he is in front of Mika and enjoy Billard with her.
Nine Puzzle is a two volumes long series and both tankoubon contain nice short stories.

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