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Nanaki survives a car accident to discover he is psychic. Recruited into an organization that solves cases with psychic powers, Nanaki`s average life quickly turns into one of adventure and intrigue.

By Mizutani Yuzu (Nanaki)

After being hit by a car, tough guy Nanaki awakens with mysterious psychic powers. A hazard to everyone around him because he can’t control his abilities, he’s recruited by the Paranormal Task Force and paired up with sullen Ao, who prefers to work solo. The two are soon battling ghosts and seeking explanations for paranormal happenings in town. Will they be able to set aside their differences and work together to solve their cases?

Nanaki is a rather predictable action tale that’s been infused with supernatural elements. High school student Nanaki is the victim of a hit and run accident, stuck by a bank robber fleeing the scene of the crime. On his first day back to school, weird things start happening, like the backboard falls off in gym class and there’s an explosion when he’s being harassed by a teacher. When a traffic light falls down, he’s approached by Ao, who tells him that he’s the cause of all of the commotion. Nanaki isn’t sure how to take this short weirdo, and he brushes him off, not taking him very seriously. That’s when he sees the guy that ran him over - he’s up to his old tricks, holding a bunch of people hostage in a restaurant, and Nanaki, in a fit of rage, teleports inside.

Ao has to help him take down the bad guy, and in the process, he discovers that Nanaki is a psychic with offensive abilities. Ao’s powers are more defensive, and he’s afraid that Nanaki’s going to turn into a freak and use his powers for evil. To keep him in check, Nanaki is quickly coerced into joining the mysterious LOCK Agency, the police’s paranormal task force. Nanaki joins more out of a desire to skip school than to perform any civic duty, and he’s soon undergoing tests as the agency tries to determine, and then train, his developing powers.

As Nanaki and Ao puzzle through some cases, their very different personalities clash. Ao is a loner who would rather work alone, and he thinks that Nanaki is one step away from turning into the very bad guys they’re fighting against. Nanaki believes that Ao’s loner attitude makes him more of a danger than he is, though after he learns about Ao’s former partner, he begins to understand the other boy’s feelings. Maybe they’ll be able to work through their differences and become an effective team. Not without a lot of effort, though!

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