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My Lovely Ghost Kana

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A young name is Amano Daikichi. His name means good luck. He is not lucky guy. He has recently lost his job and also home too. He was forced to move out from his home. He found an abandoned apartment building to stay so that he won't be homeless. He found out that an abandoned apartment building was belong to a girl was a ghost who had committed suicide last 10 years ago. He begins to get to know and learns her name is Kana when Kana first appeared in front of Daikichi with his imagined first thought. After a night of heavy drinking, they found out that Daikichi is able to physically touch Kana instead of passing through her "body" when he reached home. They had started a sexual relationship and follows their budding romance as well as Daikichi has settle down into his new home and also start a new life too.

By Yutaka Tanaka (My Lovely Ghost Kana)

Japan (Manga), boy, love, 18

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Main characters

Amano Daikichi
Although his name literally means "Good Luck", Daikichi feels he is incredibly unlucky. Having just lost his job and apartment, which he doesn't mention in detail. Increasingly depressed, he is contemplating committing suicide when he moves into a dilapidated building known to be haunted where he meets Kana, the resident ghost. He and Kana rapidly fall in love when she convinces him not to kill himself and they realize they can somehow touch each other. In later chapters of the story he attempts to learn more information about the person Kana used to be and ends up visiting a mass grave that supposedly contains the remains of Kana's human body. Daikichi is by nature a fairly laid back, quiet person, although he becomes a good deal more cheerful after meeting Kana.

A ghost who was once a young girl who lived in the same apartment that Daikichi is currently squatting in. She committed suicide 10 years before the events of the story by repeatedly stabbing herself. Her only memories of her past life are that she killed herself on a warm summer day looking out at beautiful sunset. Although she can go through walls and solid materials she can still eat and drink. Her spiritual body is normally very cold in temperature, and she sometimes cools Diakichi off on a hot summer day by wrapping herself around him or chills drinks by holding them in her arms or against her chest. However, her body can also be quite warm, especially in the midst of passion. She encouraged Daikichi to continue to live on even when he felt he had reached rock bottom in his life. Kana can only leave the grounds of the apartment building with great difficulty, and thus her only outside source of info about the world is through television and magazines. When needing to rest or think in peace Kana embeds herself in a certain interior wall of the building, leaving a tell-tale smudge that resembles her face in profile on the drywall. Before she met Daikichi she would at times enter this wall for months on end to alleviate boredom and now may use it as a way of giving Daikichi the silent treatment if they have an argument. Despite (or perhaps due to) her manner of death Kana has a very bubbly, positive and playful personality.

Inagawa Goro
The manager at the local store that Daikichi goes to for groceries. He has a big interest in the supernatural and occult, and was surprised that Daikichi has suffered no harm while living in the aforementioned haunted apartment. He has lately become more interested in the building and has attempted to investigate it in person. Ironically as much as he loves the occult he also has an intense fear of it which has hindered his attempts to find out more about Daikichi's home.

Store Employee (name not known)
The seemingly sole employee at the convenience store Daikichi goes to. She finds her boss' obsession with the paranormal odd, and scolds him for badgering Amano about his infamous residence when he comes by.

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