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My Balls

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The Queen of Terror has been sealed away into Satou Kohta's testicles accidently when he urinates. Kohta has been ordered to prevent The Queen of Terror from destroying the humanity world. A lesser devil named Elyse was sent to Earth for releasing The Queen of Terror from Kohta's balls at any cost. Elyse has 30 days to do that only way to make Kohta ejaculate in order to free The Queen of Terror. The future of them is on Kohta's hands.

My Balls (Ore Tama) is a Japanese manga written by Shigemitsu Harada, and illustrated by Takahiro Seguchi. The manga began serialization in Hakusensha's manga magazine Young Animal Arashi in November 2006. The first bound volume was released on August 29, 2007, and as of January 2008, sixteen chapters have been serialized.

By Shigemitsu Harada (My Balls)

Japan (Manga), boy, comedy, love, 18
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Main characters

Satou Kohta (Sato Kota)
Kohta is a nineteen-year-old part timer, and a virgin, masochist, with no girlfriend. On July 1, he drunkenly urinates when he is between a battle between the Queen of Terror and an angel, who accidentally seals the Queen of Terror in Kohta's testicles. Although Kohta wants to protect humanity, his willpower is questionable. He has stated he will like a girl when he hears her voice, but has a deep love for his co-worker Minayo.

Elyse (Erisu)
Elyse is a Lesser Devil to assist the Queen of Terror in destroying the human race. When an angel seals the Queen of Terror in Kohta’s right ball, her mission is to now to make Kohta ejaculate to free the queen, but she fails, because Kohta's erect penis disgusts and scares her. She has stated that she cannot return to hell until the Queen of Terror is released, and eventually joins forces with Kohta, out of fear of punishment for her failure should Emanniel ever get out. She has also shown genuine feelings for him, but attempts to hide these and instead acts like she hated him. While she has magic abilities, her spells have always had unexpected consequences. Elyse made a contract with Kohta, meaning that she owns his soul. As a result, Elyse can control Kohta when he is unconscious. She usually uses this to give herself sensual pleasure while Kohta is asleep..

Other characters

Lady Emanniel (Emanieru)
She is the Queen of Terror who has been sealed in Kohta's balls. After impatiently waiting until the time when demons will rule the Earth again she enlists Lesser Devil Elyse to come down and help her destroy the human race. She currently resides in the unspent semen inside of Kohta's testicles. When Kohta is in a deep sleep, she has been able to infiltrate his dreams. She has managed to make it almost half out but gets pushed back in.

Minayo Aizawa (Aizawa Minayo)
Not much is known about Minayo except she is Kohta's co-worker and a college student. Her personality is very chirpy. Although generally quite sweet, she has a tendency to drink alcohol, and becomes very lustful when drunk. This is the source of many close calls for Kohta, since the two have started to date, although more recently there has been some bumps in their relationship, thanks to the jealous Elyse and the timely intervention of Ash.

Old Man
This is the angel that sealed the Queen into Kohta's balls. He tells Kohta about his fate for the next month with a blush on his face.Later, he turned into a homeless bum since he used all of his power alone to seal the Queen.

Irene the Succubus (Airin)
Introduced in chapter five, Irene is a succubus from hell, who has come down to Earth to aid Elyse in freeing Lady Emanniel. She has a special power called "Eye Rape" where she stores magic power in her eyes and rapes you with her eyes. Elyse does not seem to like her very much. She fails to make Kohta ejaculate. Recently, she has given up her mission to free the Lady in order to pursue her promiscuous activities with as many men on Earth as she can, which she would not be able to if humanity were destroyed.

Ares the Reaper
Introduced in chapter eleven, she is a reaper and as such has a very large scythe which she uses in an attempt to kill Kohta. The reason for this is that by dying, Kohta would release all of his bodily fluids, which would include his semen and Lady Emmaniel with it. She fails to make Kohta ejaculate.

Marie the Vampire
First appearing in chapter thirteen, Marie is a vampire who has been sent to Earth to free Lady Emanniel by extracting her from Kohta's testicles with her fangs, bypassing any need to sexually arouse him. She is easily defeated by a cross and cloths of garlic. She fails to make Kohta ejaculate.

Ash the Invisible
First appears in chapter fifteen. Ash has the ability to be invisible. As a result, she can make Kohta come without him being aware of her presence. She fails to make Kohta ejaculate.

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