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Manga Category

What is this ?

Manga category and elements makes it easier for people to find the manga they like. Typical categories includes Manga for boys (Shounen) or Manga for girls (Shoujo). As a note we normally allow readers to edit the category themselves therefore the category may differ from the original category. For example typically manga for boys involves more action while manga for girls involves romance. Sometimes however a manga may contain both action and romance therefore might be suited for both boys and girls.

The below is a list of categories on our website


This Manga/Project has been canceled


This Manga/Project has been finished


Also refered to as shoujo, this is a Manga/Project targetting girl audience


Also refered to as shounen, this is a Manga/Project targetting boy audience

Good or No/Bad Ending

Shows if this Manga/Project has a proper ending, or a No/Bad ending. A great number of Manga/Project works fails to deliver a proper ending, and this may indicate if this Manga/Project is worth your time.


Titles that is rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language. This Mature rating is inspired by ESRB (The Entertainment Software Rating Board) the standard age rating used by most video games on the market in US.

Mature rating may be referred to as 18+ in some countries


A Manga/Project may contain one or more elements

Comedy: Storyline places emphasis on comedy
Action: Contains action elements similar to action movie scenes
Love: Story revolves around Romance/Love
Magic: Story contains substantial magic usage
Monster: Contains demons, monster or bio-engineered monster-like creatures
Mystery: Contains mystery
Robot: Contains typical robots, or Japaneses mecha (short for mechanized robots that looks like a human)
School: Story is set in a typical Japanese school life
Sport: Story theme is based on sports related

Perverted Elements

What is this ?

Perverted stands for the normal Japanese Ecchi Manga Category which means lewd, sexy or sex (the act).

Ecchi comics normally contains vague or provocative sexual content in terms of drawing (skimpy clothing, partial or full nudity), presentation or storyline. Ecchi means more lewd than usual; considering almost all Manga contains lewd elements (even Manga targeting those below 12 years old)

There is a very fine line between Ecchi and Hentai, in which Hentai Manga will contain drawings of genitals during sexual acts where as Ecchi does not. This means a Manga can be classified as Ecchi if it contains sexual acts or full nudity (including genitals) so long as there is no genital drawings during sexual acts.

How do we classify Ecchi ?

Due to the reason that almost all manga contains ecchi elements, we will only classify Manga titles as ecchi `IF` more than 50% of the manga contains Ecchi elements. Also as a reminder, lewd differs from nudity or sex.

Note: Ecchi manga is allowed on this website, Hentai comics are not allowed on this website. If in the event an ecchi manga goes over the fine line, we may suspend or remove it from our website.