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Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

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Neuro is a Being from the underworld, who likes to eat `riddles` and `mysteries` and since he had heard that mysteries abound in the world above , he comes surface side in search of the ultimate riddle capable of satisfying his insatiable hunger
He arrives in front of Yako Katsuragi whose father has been murdered, and smells a tasty riddle... and in turn helps her.
Neuro forces Yako to act as a detective and they together go in search of riddles to solve.

By Yusei Matsui (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro)

Main Characters

Yako's Detective Agency

Neuro Nogami
Seiyu: Takehito Koyasu
The title character of the series, Neuro is a demon detective from hell. He looks for mysteries in the labyrinthine minds of humans for sustenance. When he dismantles the mystery and strips the culprit of all of their defenses, that releases the negative energies that caused the culprit to commit the crime, which he then consumes. He came to the human world in search of the Ultimate Mystery, as all of the mysteries in hell were bland and repetitive. Once in the human world, he forced Yako to be his assistant, and began to solve mysteries.

He is a very self-centered, sadistic and arrogant character that cares little about the human aspect of the cases, most of the time only focusing about getting the mystery as quick possible. This can be a disadvantage, however, as he can't relate to or begin to understand the motives of the culprits. He will also commit blackmail and manipulation to achieve his goals. Neuro enjoys abusing and torturing Yako at every chance he gets, and thinks of her as nothing more than a slave to use at the beginning of their 'partnership'. However, recently, there have been a handful of times where he seems to care for her: saving her from injury more than once by explosions, comforting her crudely at the end of the Hal arc, and even stating during his battle with X that seeing her struggling to find her own potential was "very pleasant". A little before the HAL arc he was constantly telling her to 'evolve' and become more useful to him. From his actions then, it is possible that Neuro expects quite a bit from Yako, expressing disappointment, approval and even pride at certain times.

In public Neuro makes Yako act as the detective, while he acts as her assistant, even though Neuro is actually doing all the detective work. In the human world Neuro needs to sleep at least for three hours a day, longer if he is more exhausted. According to Neuro "Shouki is like Oxygen to a demon" and natural hot springs are formed when excess Shouki comes to the surface, so the best place for him to sleep is near a hot spring.

Neuro's true form appears to be some kind of horned bird, often revealed when he is about to feed on the released negative energy. In the manga, unlike the anime, Neuro isn't limited to eating mysteries made by crimes; he has, on at least three occasions, completely disassembled various things to find out how they worked, such as a car, a cellphone, and even a bomb.

As a demon, he shows his inhuman abilities in the early chapters of the series, making him seemingly invincible against human weapons such as catching a bullet with just his eyelashes but as the story progresses, Neuro has received injuries by several criminals. Neuro implies this to X that his body is gradually becoming more like a humans, because of the lack of the Demon's world's Shouki in the human world and that his body is adjusting to the Laws of Physics in the human world. His monstrous endurance remains and ensures his survival longer than what would have killed an ordinary human. Even while his body is weakening, Neuro still was able to easily defeat X in combat. It seems with his recent consumption of HAL's puzzle, much, if not all, of Neuro's power has been restored. However, this newly recovered energy is rapidly being sapped away due to the recent actions of the New Bloodline.

Yako Katsuragi
Seiyu: Kana Ueda
Yako is a 16-year-old high school girl and the very first character introduced in the manga. She meets Neuro when he appears and desecrates her father's shrine while promising to help solve the mystery of her father's death. This meeting quickly leads to a partnership: Yako becomes Neuro's cover, pretending to be an investigator while Neuro acts as her assistant.

She has an insatiable, appetite -with a cast iron stomach to match-, and a knack for understanding human psychology that occasionally provides Neuro with information he is unable to obtain because he is unfamiliar with how humans operate. Yako is even able to understand Neuro, to a degree, thanks to an amalgamation between the two aforementioned traits; she compares Neuro's opinion of food over that for oxygen to an experience that she had hunting for oysters under water. Neuro enjoys abusing her, though he does compliment her at times of success, albeit through a patronizing tone.

Despite all that Yako goes through on a daily basis, she is relatively calm during high-stress situations, such as being kidnapped by Sai. While her time with Neuro has definitely been a factor in this, it is left to question if Yako had this trait before she became Neuro's front. It is also notable that Yako's abilities, and potential, as an actual detective is shown to be growing over the series, starting with the Aya Asia case, albiet slightly differently between both the anime and the manga.

Shinobu Godai
Seiyu: Hiroyuki Yoshino (anime), Kisho Taniyama (radio drama)
Godai worked for a small finance house with criminal connections. He was forced to work for Neuro after Neuro won the bet for the office by solving their boss's death. In the manga however, he was left to be until Neuro found a use for him, in which the demon than forcibly drags the yakuza like man back to the office. He is the jack of all trades for the detective's office and is sometimes referred to as "Neuro's second slave". Godai is quick-tempered and yells a lot, but has also been shown to be methodical, responsible, and trustworthy. He has a fondness for cars and was upset after his was wrecked during the HAL arc.
In the manga Godai runs an information company under Neuro's supervision, in the anime however he only performs odd jobs for Neuro.

Akane (Akane-chan)
Akane is a corpse in the wall of the office Neuro took over, who is shown only as a detachable braid of hair, which functions like a hand. Neuro offered to make Yako brush and care for her in exchange for secretarial work. Akane can be taken from the office for short periods of time and can also merge with Yako's hair to make it longer, which not only gives Akane control over Yako's natural hair, but if left merged for too long, would make Akane and Yako switch places completely. Akane later appears (as a braid) attached to Yako's new cell phone. However, there is a side effect that isn't addressed in the anime; while Akane can be attached to Yako's cellphone, the additional energy required is slowly taken from the data in the cell phone.
Although not addressed in the anime, in the manga it is implied that Akane might not be the soul of the corpse in the wall after all, as Yako once asked herself "Sometimes I get confused... over whether she is a part of the corpse, or just hair."

Tokyo Police Department

Eishi Sasazuka
Seiyu: Koji Yusa
Sasazuka is one of the two police officers assigned to solve the mystery of Yako's father's death. He was also a former classmate of Usui and Tsukushi in the police department. After Neuro solves the case of Yako's father's death, Sasazuka gives them access to crime scenes, arrests the culprits as Yako points them out, and deals with the aftermath. Sasazuka appears listless and disinterested at times but he has an agile mind, acts very quickly in any emergency, and is an excellent shot. Usually he takes a kind and cooperative attitude toward Yako, but appears to be somewhat suspicious of Neuro. After X slaughtered his family a week before his police exam, Eishi let his career slip away and he disappeared, presumably into the criminal underworld. He reemerged a year later, becoming a police officer. He is protective of Yako because she reminds him of his little sister. Recently, in chapter 152, he has come to learn about Neuro's demonic background, as well as Yako's situation as Neuro's facefront. However, he considers Neuro an ally, and despite the display of power he witnessed, is still calm in Neuro's presence, even when covered with insects from hell.

Not addressed in the anime is the fact that Sasazuka is able to function under great amounts of hardship, which would normally hospitilize most other people, such as living off of water, salt, coffee and sunlight for a few weeks, or getting only 20 minutes of sleep per day. The former of the two was while he was going through a rough patch in college, while the latter is implied to be how he lives in general. These moments are both comedic and worrying for the reader and Yako respectively.

Jun Ishigaki
Seiyu: Kosuke Toriumi
Ishigaki is a young police officer. After the mystery of Yako's father's death, Ishigaki becomes Sasazuka's new partner. As a typical modern young man, Ishigaki is flippant, careless, and has low self-respect. He idolizes Sasazuka, but does not share his feelings that citizens like Neuro and Yako can interfere with police business. He is very interested in all kinds of toys and models and is shown regularly collecting them; however, they are almost always destroyed by Sasazuka, as he finds Ishigaki's habit of showing them off (as well as Ishigaki himself) annoying; this attitude is implied to be shared throughout the police department.
According to the manga, his real name is Shun, but was misprinted as Jun.

Naohiro Usui
Seiyu:Hidenobu Kiuchi
The boss of the Tokyo Police department. He strongly believes in protecting the pride of police men, which is why he was so determined not to be defeated by the New Bloodline. He and Eishi went to the same police training school where they were rivals with Eishi being the better one. The day Eishi's whole family was killed, Eishi had given up on being the top and gave up on their one sided rivalry. Because of this, Usui could not prove to be the better one and thus holds a slight grudge against Eishi. Sicks thinks of him as the sort of person who is neither "common" nor at the top, but a "middle" man who could arise when the world is in chaos and change history.

Yuya Higuchi
Seiyu:Nozomu Sasaki
A nineteen-year-old hacker/detective who works for the police. Although he is far-sighted, he only wears his glasses when using the computer, letting them rest on his forehead the rest of the time. He considers himself responsible for his parents' deaths, because he used his hacking skills to shut down the online video game they were addicted to, which led to them killing themselves. During the HAL arc, he was infected with the Electronic Drug to become one of HAL's guardians, although the infection was only half complete, because he was wearing polarized lenses specially made to protect himself from it. After the HAL arc, he was forced to watch shows on how to be polite drugged with the anti-virus for the Electronic Drug. Though, he still remembered how to make the Electronic Drug, and he comedically used it on a supervisor who was overbearing on him, but this was found out and he was subjected to another session with the anti-virus, though for twice as long, to forget how to make it.

Andrew Sixson
A British investigator dispatched by Interpol. He was an acquaintance of Usui's, from when Usui was an exchange student in England. Sixson is capable of memorizing vast amounts of information extremely quickly, picking out a single bit of information by listening to multiple radio stations at once, or reading through a stack of papers in an instant. He is a distant relative of the New Bloodline. He was kidnapped, tortured to the point where only his head and his organs remained held up by a metal structure.He was killed by Sick's underlings and had the skin off his face peeled off so that Sicks could pose as a member of the police.

Todoroki Shizuka
A female detective who is a new addition to Sasazuka's team, though she appeared slightly before her major debut in another case. She is a serious woman who is the opposite of Ishigaki and looks down on him; she also sees him as a rival for Sasazuka's approval, whom she has very high opinion of respect for. She was originally believed to be a replacement for Ishigaki, and constantly out did him in various police acts, a fact that more than worried him. However, during her first case in Sasazuka's team, when she questioned and insulted the criminal's motives for murder, she was promptly attacked and had to be saved by Sasazuka; it was then that Sasazuka noted to her that her seriousness was, in a way, a hindrance to her abilities as a detective, a hindrance Ishigaki is noticeably without.

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