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Mahou Sensei Negima

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Ten-year-old prodigy Negi Springfield, has just graduated from magic academy. He dreams of becoming a master wizard. Instead he`s sent to Japan to teach English... It is an all - girls high school! All the students are delighted with their cute new teacher- except for Asuna. Asuna resents Negi for replacing the teacher she secretly has a crush on.

By Ken Akamatsu (Mahou Sensei Negima)

Main Characters

Teacher: Negi Springfield
Negi Springfield is the teacher of Mahora Girls' Jr. High School class 3-A (formerly 2-A), and the main protagonist of the series. A nine and three quarters-year-old child prodigy adored by his students, Negi is also a mage, a fact that roughly half his class eventually comes to find out, despite his best efforts. Most of the class see him as a little brother rather than a teacher.

Class 2/3-A is considered one of the most rambunctious classes in the school known for energetic students. Though not all of them are aware of the fact, the class contains a wide assortment of characters, from the usual student athletes, bookworms, and cheerleaders, as well as a ninja, a ghost, an android, at least one half-demon, two super-geniuses (one of whom is from the future), and a vampire, among others.

Class groups
The students of 2/3-A can be divided into identifiable groups. Most of the terms used to identify the groups are used in sideline notes rather than in the actual story. Some, however, did play important parts in story lines and help identified students' relationship with one another.

Baka Rangers (literally "Idiot Rangers")
This after school study group (named after Super Sentai / Power Rangers shows in volume 1) features 5 members with the lowest grades in 2-A. Its members are Yue Ayase (Baka Black), Asuna Kagurazaka (Baka Red), Ku Fei (Baka Yellow), Makie Sasaki (Baka Pink) and Kaede Nagase (Baka Blue). In volume 2, the Baka Rangers went on an expedition with their Library Exploration Club classmates to find a legendary magic book to try to make themselves smarter, taking Negi along for the ride. Their learning during their adventure managed to bring their grades high enough to make 2-A the highest-scoring class in the school.

In the ending shorts of Negima!?, the Baka Rangers are depicted as an actual Super Sentai (although without helmets to conceal their identities), with Makie fumbling her lines, making errors, and ending up as an errand girl. Like any of the other shorts, their act is done just for laughs.

In several scenes of an episode of the live-action adaptation Negima!!, the Baka Rangers imagine themselves as an actual Super Sentai as well, complete with their own theme song, their own "series" and even their own arch-enemies. But ordinarily, they wear scarves to denote their color, out to help their teacher out by distracting the Dean by throwing Makie's ball with Shizuna's panty on it.

Though it may only be a coincidence, it is interesting to note that all of the Baka Rangers have seat numbers that are consecutive multiples of four.

Makie is currently the only Baka Ranger not to be a member of Negi's active roster, which comprises of the other four Baka Rangers, as well as Nodoka, Yue, Haruna, Chisame, Konoka, Setsuna, Kotaro, Chachamaru, and Kazumi (and Sayo by association). This is because she has yet to display any formidable fighting capability on the level of the aforementioned classmates. This may change in further chapters as she has currently displayed a talent for magic while in the Magic World.

If there exists a "sixth" Baka Ranger, following the later tradition in Super Sentai, it is unknown what color would represent them or for that matter, who it would be. Likely choices would be Konoka or Negi, due to association, despite not academically lacking.

The Martial Arts Specialists
These four students are believed to be the "strongest" combatants in class. They include Mana Tatsumiya (marksmanship), Ku Fei (Chinese martial arts), Setsuna Sakurazaki (swordsmanship), and Kaede Nagase (ninjutsu).

This term is never mentioned in the storyline, but used as sidelines in magazines.

Big Breast Quartet
Four girls (Chizuru Naba, Mana Tatsumiya, Kaede Nagase, and Kazumi Asakura) have the largest chest measurements in the class. This grouping is occasionally used for humorous comment.

The Class Weirdos
During Chisame's introductory chapter, she shows her distaste in (outside Negi himself) a group of students who have suddenly appeared in her Mahora class over the last year. This collection includes those she considers "foreigners" (Ku Fei, Kaede, Chao, Evangeline, Zazie), not right in age (Mana, the Narutaki Twins) or just strange (Chachamaru). As the story progresses, many of these weirdoes prove themselves as the most powerful or mysterious students in the class. And while Chisame still shows a bad taste in her mouth for many, she has come to interact with several of them, particularly Chachamaru, to the point that she has considered some of them her friends, to her initial horror. Animated versions of the series has either adapted these comments (the first anime adds Akira to this group) or used these comments in other contexts. (Negima!? also addresses Zazie as a foreigner).

The Sports Club Girls
Four girls in 3-A are active in the Mahora Academy's sports club activities: Yuna Akashi (basketball), Ako Izumi (soccer), Akira Okochi (swimming), and Makie Sasaki (rhythmic gymnastics).

This group often appears throughout the story lines as oblivious to the existence of magic when magic manifests around them. Examples include their role as Evangeline's temporary servants, "normal" participants of the Mages vs. Mars battle and the Badges collection game. However, there are inklings that all four girls may have greater magical knowledge than they let on: Makie remembers her time being possessed by Evangeline (though whether she herself realizes this is questionable) as well as recently displaying an ability to perform magic, Yuna's parents were mages (she is unaware of this), Ako consistently questions her mysterious back scar, and Akira possesses a bizarre strength and realizes Negi is a mage without being hinted at, though she later confirms it personally in the Magic World. Ironically, these four are the ones who break into Magic Country of the group who don't know of magic, mostly due to Yuna bolting in after being lead to the gate.

Other students in 3-A take part in sports, yet are usually not tied to this group. They include Misora Kasuga (track and field), Sakurako Shiina (lacrosse), Mana Tatsumiya (biathlon) and Ayaka Yukihiro (equestrian). In the "Negima!?" anime, Misora takes Makie's spot as the fourth sports girl, as Makie's popularity compared to those of Yuna, Akira, and Ako has elevated her status to the point that she is paired with Ayaka instead.

The Library Expedition Club
This Mahora Academy club is dedicated to the exploration of the labyrinthine Library Island. Its main purpose is to research and catalogue the hundreds of millions of books at Library Island, as well as explore the unknown areas, as much of it has remained a mystery since the beginning of Mahora Academy. According to Yue's hypothesis, the Mahora Library and the rest of the school may have been constructed by mages.

Members from class 3-A include Yue Ayase, Nodoka Miyazaki, Haruna Saotome, and Konoka Konoe (part-time). This group plays a major role in the main story lines since the beginning of the series. In contrast to the Sports Club girls, they are characterized as more thoughtful and have shown greater awareness in the magical events around them, particularly as they become more involved with the magical world surrounding them.

There seems to be another, though unofficial purpose for the group, but nonetheless prevalent in the story. This usually involves Yue and Haruna exerting endless effort to pair Nodoka with Negi, as it is all too obivous that she likes the pre-teen teacher. However, Yue herself eventually shows feelings for Negi, leaving Haruna as the somewhat manipulative referee in this would-be love triangle.

Mahora Cheerleaders
The three enthusiastic cheerleaders of 2/3-A, consisting of Misa Kakizaki, Madoka Kugimiya and Sakurako Shiina. With pompoms by their side, this trio always cheers on Negi and the others in the class when needed. Usually, though, they keep to themselves and do not get involved in many of the adventures, magical or otherwise, of others in the class.

However, they can be recruited by Ayaka to assist her upon command: once to spy on Negi and Konoka during a day out in Tokyo, and once when they attempt to hire goons to get Ayaka a badge for the Wales trip. The trio are also three-quarters of the band Dekopin Rocket, along with sports girl Ako Izumi.

Walking Club
Kaede Nagase, and Fuka and Fumika Narutaki are members of the Mahora Walking Club, who seem to mostly walk around the campus, and as such have an excellent knowledge of the school's layout. In addition, Kaede seems to be teaching the twins a little ninjitsu, although neither of them are anywhere near her level. In Negima!?, they were often seen walking around in the foreground or background in earlier episodes, with Kaede dressed in a ninja costume, while the twins made up like Teletubbies. In the live version adaptation, Kaede and the twins are also members of the Journalism Club along with Kazumi.

Negima's Comely Comrades, (or Negima-dan)
The group associated with the magical world period to the Festival Arc and fought against Chao Lingshen's plan. Most of the members in this groups are Negi's Pactio partners, through some of them aren't when they first joined the group (like Chisame). Some remain so after the Festival Arc (Like Kaede and Ku Fei). This group evolved into the English Culture Research Club (see below).

The members (beside Negi Springfield) include Asuna Kagurazaka (Anti-Demon Warrior / Magic Cancel), Konoka Konoe (Onmyouji / Mage-in-training), Nodoka Miyazaki (Mind Reader), Yue Ayase (Mage-in-training), Chisame Hasegawa (computer hacker), Haruna Saotome (Summon Artist), Setsuna Sakurazaki (Shinmei-ryu swordswoman), Ku Fei (Chinese Duelist) and Kaede Nagase (Ninja).

Chao Bao Zi
A Chinese restaurant (Chao Bao Zi means Fried Buns in Chinese) run by 3-A genius Chao Lingshen, the group usually includes her friends, who also work at her restaurant (chef Satsuki Yotsuba, waitresses Ku Fei & Chachamaru Karakuri) and those who associate with her due to her connections (mechanical coordinator Satomi Hakase). This group was the primary antagonist during the festival arc, with Chao, Satomi and Chachamaru plotting to expose magic to the world. Bounty hunter Mana Tatsumiya was also hired by Chao's side during the plot. However, Ku Fei joined Negi in opposing Chao while Satsuki gave out crucial information to Mahora regarding the plot.

English Culture Research Club (a.k.a. Ala Alba or White Wing)
The club Asuna started for the purpose of assisting Negi on his quest to find his father. They get their official name so that the school would sponsor a field trip to Britain for them. Evangeline's resort is their club room. The club was initially called "Negima-club" or "Negima-dan" by the club's members. However, Evangeline later changed the name to White Wing (Ala Alba), similar to the Crimson Wing (Ala Rubra) group led by Negi's father.

The members are as follows:
Club President: Asuna Kagurazaka
Vice-President: Haruna Saotome
Secretary: Konoka Konoe
Minister of Baozi (??): Ku Fei
Secretary Bodyguard: Setsuna Sakurazaki
Honorary Advisor: Evangeline A.K. McDowell
Faculty Sponsor: Negi Springfield

Other Members: Kaede Nagase, Nodoka Miyazaki, Yue Ayase, Chisame Hasegawa, Kazumi Asakura, Sayo Aisaka, Chachamaru Karakuri and Kotaro Inugami. Albert "Chamo" Chamomile and Anya Cocolova travel with the group but are not members, moreso the latter.

Groups in Negima!?
From the fourteenth to the twenty-fourth episodes of the alternate retelling Negima!?, Negi, Class 3-A and Takamichi end up in a strange alternate world in which the entire Mahora Academy is in ruins (in the outside). To help the class and Negi survive and figure out how to escape that world and return to the real Mahora Academy, the class is separated into three groups, each with a specific role. It has to be noted that Evangeline and Chachamaru are not part of any group; instead, they hang out in the sidelines with Takamichi. It should also be noted that considering the groupings above, the roles of most of the students fit perfectly to their role in each group below.

The Exploration Group explores the ruined alternate campus and the various creatures that roam it. Asuna is the leader of the group, while its members are Konoka, Setsuna, Sayo, Kazumi, Ku Fei, Kaede, the Narutaki twins, Mana, and Zazie. Specifically, Kazumi, being the reporter that she is, takes pictures during explorations and reports to the other members about the activities of the other groups. Mana also provides traps for the group to use in case of any scary creatures they might encounter. Chamo sometimes accompanies them.

The Research Group investigates the pieces of the Star Crystal and tries to know more about them. Ayaka is the leader, with Chao, Satomi, Chizuru, Makie, Nodoka, Yue, Haruna, and Chisame as members. In particular, Chao and Satomi do various experiments on the Crystals, Chisame gathers and organizes data (although she mixes business with pleasure by maintaining her homepage at the same time), Chizuru tries to figure out the connections regarding everything (while being a bother to other students such as Chisame or phoning up Natsumi), and Ayaka, Makie, Nodoka, Yue, and Haruna read reference books from Library Island.

The Survival/Lifestyle Group cooks and prepares meals for everyone. Satsuki reluctantly steps up as the head of the group ("Looks like I'll be the leader.") while composing the group are Yuna, Ako, Akira, Misora, Misa, Madoka, Sakurako, and Natsumi. Considering the constant vegetation and the seemingly fresh supply of provisions in the alternate world, this group does not have a hard time searching for food. The sports girls forage while the cheerleaders and Natsumi assist in the kitchen.

Earlier in the said series, Asuna also established the Chupacabra Club in the hopes of catching the said creature. Asuna would later use the club as a front for Negi's Contracted Partners (in a similar rein to the English Culture Research Club) so no one else can get suspicious of their activities. One requirement of the club is wearing the Chupacabra T-shirts she ordered as a kind of marketing strategy. The members of the club are identified initially as mostly Asuna and Haruna with occasional membership by Yuna, Yue and Ku Fei. After Negi begins making partners, several other students use this club as a front for magical research, including Nodoka, Konoka, Setsuna, the Narutaki twins and Kaede. After the entire class becomes aware, the club is no longer needed for hiding that secret, yet Asuna still tries to force the class to take Chupacabra T-shirts anyway (mostly due to ordering too many). This club is an irony in itself because in the manga, Asuna is a skeptic of the chupacabra theory (unknowingly created by Konoka and Sakurako) in which the creature victimized some of their classmates in Volume 3 rather than the vampiric Evangeline.

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