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Lucu Lucu

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Lucu Lucu is a gag manga with demons and angels and curry! The demons and angels and stuff are... and a cute little girl called Lucu, too.

By Asari Yoshitoo (Lucu Lucu)

Lucu Lucu is a gag comic that features a cute little “Princess Demon from Hell” named Lucuha, but her friends can call her “Lucu”. One morning, young Suzuki Rokumon wakes up to find two demons in his house. Turns out that Lucu and her partner “the yarn monster” had come by to just do normal house cleaning, but accidentally killed Suzuki’s father along the way. To atone for their mistake, Lucu and the yarn monster adopt Suzuki into their family. The demons have started appearing on earth recently because Hell is becoming full, and they want to improve the situation on earth so that fewer people will go to Hell in the future. As the story progresses, angels and various weird people show up to confuse matters. But, regardless of how bad things get, Demon Princess Lucu will always be there to make curry for Suzuki.

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