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Love Strip

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This manga is contains 3 series of Love Strip which are Pure Love Strip, Doting Love Strip and Lavish Love Strip.
Pure Love Strip
Yuuko is in her third year in Junior High (freshman in high school in US). She is a glasses wearing...four eyed nerd. She's suddenly getting tutoring from perfect Ryuunosuke-kun, but that is not the only thing that Yuuko is getting tutoring for...Yuuko's dangerous summer hoilday is about to begin!
Doting Love Strip
The continuing story after Pure Love Strip. After their first time, he has started wanting to make love on every day!? Yuuko is trying her best to concentrate on her studies for entering into Shoutou Institute.
Lavish Love Strip
The continuing story after Pure Love Strip and Doting Love Strip. Ryuunosuke is still teaching Yuuko so that they will be studying in Shoutou Institute together. But Ryuunosuke's need for a wild sex life going to affect Yuuko's studies. Ryuunosuke is taking Yuuko to his school - Shoutou Institute for tour school.Finally she has passed her Shoutou Institute exams and can be accepted into Shoutou Institute.

By Shinjo Mayu (Love Strip)

Japan (Manga), boy, girl, comedy, school, love, 18

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Main characters

Ryuunosuke Yagami
Ryuunosuke is studying in Shoutou Institute. He is a genius student in his class. He is very tall and good looking but very pervent guy. He has been liked his childhood friend Yuuko for long time since they were in the elementary school. He has suddenly tutoring Yuuko in order of Yuuko's mother to ask Yuuko to enter into Shoutou Institute and study together with him. He doesn't like beautiful or pretty girls but he always feel that Yuuko is very cute girl.

Yuuko Hamano
She is her 3rd year in Junior High School. She is glasses wearing, four eyed nerd, serious in her studies and very cute girl. She just had broke off with her boyfriend. Ryuunosuke is the first guy she has ever had sex with. She is very curious about love and make love. She has been tutoring by her childhood friend Ryuunosuke in order to enter into Shoutou Institute and study together with Ryuunosuke. She didn't realise that Ryuunosuke likes her and fall in love with her for long time ago.

Yuuko's mother
She is glasses wearing too but she is very beautiful lady and has sweet voice. She need Ryuunosuke's help to tutor Yuuko for entering into Shoutou Institute as she wish.

Ryuunosuke's mother
She is very sexy and busybody lady. She nags Ryuunosuke sometimes. She has agreed with Yuuko's mother to let Ryuunosuke to tutor Yuuko so that she can enter into Shoutou Institute and study together with Ryuunosuke.

He is Ryuunosuke's friend. He is very nosy, funny and think nonsense. He is very close to Ryuunosuke

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