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Love Roma

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One day, a student named Hoshino suddenly approaches another student named Negishi and announces that he likes her and wants to go out with her. The story follows their developing relationship without resorting to cheesy melodrama, harems, or any of the usual manga plot devices. The story follows the usual events -- first date, first kiss, first fight, etc., but the mangaka is very skillful at making these seem interesting (or perhaps the mundane automatically seems interesting because it`s different from what we usually expect out of this kind of story).

The main theme of the manga is `honesty is the best policy` -- Hoshino first asks out Negishi because he was convinced that everything would be fine if he would just tell the truth. Her initial reaction is `no`, but he responds that he likes how she responded so clearly. All throughout the series the same idea seems to come up -- just communicate your feelings and everything should work out. This goes against the usual romance manga plot device of nobody telling anyone else how they really feel until it comes out in some embarassing or melodramatic manner.

By TOYODA Minoru(Love Roma)

Category : Japan (Manga), school, love, comedy

Main characters
Hajime Hoshino (Hoshino Hajime)
Undoubtedly an honest guy who always says what he thinks. He loved Negishi since the first moment he saw her, because she was saying and doing what he too had in his heart, but he didn't have the courage to act upon according to his feelings; from that moment on, he decided he'd always be honest.

Yumiko Negishi (Negishi Yumiko)
The girl Hoshino loves; she has more common sense than he does, and thus she often slaps or punches him out of embarrassment. She gets a little embarrassed when Hoshino's and her relationship is often put on display to the high school public. Negishi is a horrible cook who can barely make any edible food for anyone including Hoshino. She thinks that she is like the tsukkomi in a Manzai, where Hoshino is the boke; in a panel, though, Hoshino claims to be the tsukkomi.

Yoko Meguro (Meguro Yoko)
Negishi's best friend (Hoshino at first calls her "Negishi's friend" and never uses her name), intriguing and scheming; she often thinks of absurd plans for Hoshino, and is the primary source of comedy in the story. Although her pranks often make their relationship more difficult, she really roots for them, and accepts going on a double date with Tsukahara, leaving the couple alone as soon as they don't notice.

She is very often depicted drinking tomato (or other vegetables) juice with a straw, or sucking a lollipop. When the class claps their hands, she is often depicted waving her hand like a music director.

Toshio Tsukahara (Tsukahara Toshio)
Hoshino's best friend, cool as the author tags him in the character box. Soon after Hoshino's proposal, he gives him a condom, but Hoshino doesn't understand he was teasing him and thanks him deeply. He represents the rational counterpart to Hoshino. Although he generally sees through Yoko's pranks he stays silent, prefering to be the onlooker.

Wada (Wada)
A member of the Occult Research Club, often involved by Yoko in her plans, generally for fortune-telling, as her predictions are always wrong.

Yoshitsune (Yoshitsune)
A member of Tsukahara's band and Hoshino's classmate; likes dirty talk, and his advice to Hoshino is generally sex-related.
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