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Little Jumper

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Hiroki Ichinose was having another regular day in high school. Then suddenly from a blinding light near his house, a girl claiming she came from the future appears. Her purpose turns out to be is to cure her ailing mother in the future through genetic manipulation but since changing the future is forbidden she is being pursued by future`s timecops. Added to that, the girl turns out be his daughter!
By Takada Yuuzou (Little Jumper)

Category : Japan (Manga) , comedy, love


Chimari comes from the future using the time jumper. In 0024 INLC (international new law calendar), her mother is sick and her father had left them. She hopes that if she gets back to the year of 0007, she could save her mother.

She jumps in front of her house and meet Hiroki. Hiroki is just an ordinary 17 years old guy who wants to spend his summer getting a girl friend. But, Chimari says he's her father whom she hates the most. Now, she's asking him to help her saving her mother. Though this is so confusing for him, Hiroki will do anything for her. I think he's already thinking as a father.

The problem now, Chimari doesn't remember the name of her mother. Apparently in the future people get identified by their DNA or voice, so they don't speak out their names as often as we are today. It's very funny.

That's how the searching beginsĄ­

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