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Law of Ueki Plus

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Two years after the tournament in The Law of Ueki, Kosuke Ueki is now a 3rd year student in Hinokuni High School. For some reason, everyone in the real world has lost their memory of their most important person, including his friends who participated in the tournament two years ago. Ueki is the only one unaffected, and is fighting in order to restore everyone's memories. He follows a little sheep named U-lu to another world called Hankagai where he meets new companions and gains new abilities.

By Tsubasa Fukuchi (Law of Ueki Plus)

Category : Japan (Manga) , boy, action, comedy

Main Characters

Nagara's laundry shop

Kosuke Ueki
* Job power: the ability to apply Grab (Gachi) on a mop.
Unlike in original series where Kosuke Ueki had the power to transform trash into trees and the sacred weapons, Ueki starts this series powerless (since he can't use his god powers or sacred treasures or he would lose his last two zai). He follows Wool to Hankagai and with the help of Nagara he discovers a new power.

When the mop is applied with this power, the mop is able to stretch as long as the user pleases. It also can be stretched to turn directions at the user's whim, but it has a restriction; it cannot grab things that the user cannot see.

Wool (U-lu)
A sheep from Hankagai, who insists he is a dog. He has 3 forms: one where he acts quite human (he can talk and smoke) and the other where he acts like a dog (and only barks), the third form is as known as it's original form where Ueki's rainbow coloured mop's pole plug-into the back of Wool and transform into a huge winged-sheep-like creature. But the original form can only be awaken by the recognized mop-holding master of Wool. While in it's original form, Ueki can apply his "Grab" effect on Wool as Wool's indestructible wools can act like Ueki's mop. In human mode, his attitude is similar to a rude uncle. His fur is very defensive and can withstand almost any sort of impact. In order to restore the cube (the lost memories of important people) in his body, he must be taken to a place called "MegaSide" in Hankagai.

* Job power: The ability to apply Therapy (Terapi) on an hourglass.
A 22 year-old shopkeeper of the Nagara's Laundry Shop. He may be the shopkeeper of the shop, but he is actually very bad at operating washing-machines. He is Purasu(PLUS)'s little brother. As a job-power user, he is somewhat strong- every team that participated in the competition always kept an eye on him and his team. In order to help Ueki and achieve his own success, he used the name of the shop to participate in the competition.

Nagara's hourglass absorbs the damage that is caused by attackers. The more damage that is absorbed, the more volume of healing therapy is stored.

* Job Power: The ability to apply Gun (Gan) on a washing machine.

Age 17. He loves to fight and loves animals Hence, every time he throws punches or attack moves, he will mention the name of that attack as he has named them after some form of animal. For example, ("Akaana Bear Hundred Floor Punches!" or "Scottish 29 ball Punches!"), etc. Haiji is Milee's older brother, and ever since their parents had passed away, they had to live together with Nagara. Haiji has somewhat of a sister complex, and is overly protective of Milee.

He can summon a 3 ton, small washing machine on his knuckle as a weapon. The Gun, when applied to the washing machine, gives it an advantage to shoot out water-element shots or beams. Haiji can fire attacks like ("Tornado Gun Cannon") or ("Gun MAX"), etc.

Milee is Haiji's little sister. She loves animals just like her brother. Watching his brother struggling just to protect her and all the innocent little animals from bullies, she gets upset. At the same time, she is happy because although Haiji was called a bully or spoiled child, she knew that her big brother never wanted to fight back like a bully. All Haiji wanted was to protect her.

* Job Power: The ability to apply Double (Daburu) on a hamburger.
Sora is a hamburger loving, 14 year-old teenage girl. At times, she acts silly, but she is alert and good at teamwork. She lives in the orphanage's home. Sometimes, she will come to Nagara's laundry shop and play with Milee. She has her own law on burgers: "As a good burger-lover, I should punish those other burger-lovers who illegally steal other people's burgers!"

Whenever she eats a hamburger applied with that power, everything on her doubles:

* Deka Sora: Doubles her size and become a tall, powerful giant.
* Bi-Sora : Doubles her personality, splits into two Sora's without any side effects.
* Haya-Sora: Doubles her speed, she can run twice as fast.
* Kata-Sora: Doubles her strength, she is twice as strong.
* Tobi-Sora: Doubles her jumping skills, her jumping length is doubled.
* Bi-Haya Sora: Her secret move. Allows 2 Sora's to use increased speed at the same time. Sometimes, depending on Sora, it doesn't work well.

Tekurin Finance

* Job power : the ability to apply Return (Kaeshi) on Promissory Note (Shakuyoshosho)
He is an old, big, fat guy that wears glasses. He appears to be the boss of the finance company. He always picks on people that haven't returned the money that they borrowed by increasing the interest.

In order to use his power, he must have the foe's permission with their signature on the contract of lending as proof. Then he can borrow all the damage done by the foe on him to attack the foe without receiving any damage. And once the contract is broken, the agreement is broken and if that happens, all of the damage that he had borrowed will be returned to the owner in a blow. It's not perfect, however, as other things can take the damage if put in the attack's path.

* Job Power : The ability to apply Stick (Peta) on Cash (Genkin)
A greedy, rich and self-centered guy who work for Ginzo. Everything he owned and bought is always expensive and attractive. He hates people that are not concerned about the attraction of money and people that ruin his appearance, especially his extremely expensive clothes.

He can summon notes as much as he wants for shopping and/or combat. He can use the notes as a lot of very strong stickers; they can be stick on other notes like super magnets. It can be deactivated as well. However, his power has a requirement; he must stay in the same place as when he activated his power, otherwise the notes will automatically deactivate themselves.

* Half-Job Power : He can summon a 1 ton, heavy coffer (Gerutoshiyuranku). The size of the coffer is slightly smaller than Haiji's 3 ton, washing machine.

A big guy , who work for the Tekurin finance. He was given orders by Shiro to knock out Haiji. But instead of defeating Haiji, he was defeated by Haiji with his Tiger & Doria's Tree-kangaroo Punch (タイガー&ドリアキノボリカンガルー拳, Taigaa & Doriakinobori Kangarū Kobushi?). He and Shiro then realize that his 1 ton, heavy coffer is no match to Haiji's 3 ton, washing machine.

Pitch-Black Hair Salon

* Job-power : The ability to apply "Torune" on "Blowdryer"
Age 28. Shopkeeper of the Pitch-Black Hair Salon. Although he is a hair-stylist, he has a weird hairstyle. When he tries to say "me" or "I" is always pronounced as "Orecchi". He's quite a good guy and always care for his teamates. His attacks are varified by the flow of his wind's effect, for strong winds is called "Hurricane Blow", for sudden move is called "Gust Blow" and for cooling winds is called "Breeze Blow".

* Job-power : The ability to apply "Pyon (jump)" on "Shampoo"
A twenty years-old hair-washing worker. This "pyon" effect of hers has a rubber-like subsance that gives the elasticcal effect on the shampoo. Once steped will be sling away elastically instead of slipped and fell. It can be put into use when chasing people, jumping and fighting. She always jump on it in order to increase her speed to chase after Ueki and his teamates, but it's still must depend on the user's strength on foot. It also can be used in combat as it can sling away impacts of attacks from foes and sling herself as a human sling-shot.

* Job Power : The ability to apply "Hard" on "Hair Wax"
A 16-year-old hair-styling worker. When he uses his hair wax, his hair becomes extremely hard and can actually "punch" someone. He has a very bad attitude and he's the "Snobby Prince" of the group. He never thought the Pitch Black Hair Salon workers as friends. Instead, he thought them as tools. But after seeing Ueki's dedication to help friends instead of himself, he has changed his attitude.

* Job Power: The ability to apply "Bad" on "Wig"
He's a very kind guy works as a permer, he has a Afro hairstyle and wears a shirt with the word 'Cut' on it. But when he uses his powers, he becomes evil, he changed his hairstyle and turn his shirt inside out where 'Cut' turns into 'Bad'. But, he can be defeated easily by Haiji with his "Final Bison Fist"

Pamidoro Restaurant

Chef Mony
* Job Power: The ability to apply "Tight" on "Milk"
A big and fat sized chef who is the boss of the restaurant. He drink the milk which he apply "tight" to resulting all parts of his bones have tighten 100%, and turn him into an indestructable "Strong Bone Chef"! Even if he is being hit by an accelerating truck, he is still in one piece painlessly.

* Job Power: The ability to apply "Enlarge" on "Fork"
A waiter who has a headphone on his head, on the second round of the competition, he uses his power to enlarge his fork and pierce the ceiling. After the fork is pierced to the ceiling, he shrunk the fork making him able to reach the ceiling and jump into the top of the Ramen Tower and successfully get the key for the next round.

Dolce (Dolce)
* Job Power: The ability to apply "Smoke" on "Flour"
He uses his power to create a smokescreen to make the foe difficult to see.

* Job Power: The ability to apply "Bind" on "Pasta"
Among these 4 people, he is the smallest. His binding effect gives the pasta a 300 kilo of power to bind the opponent, it is like an unbreakable rope.

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