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A unique owner with an unusual talent, a boy is able to see the Katana's true form! Behold the strange tales of a sword sharpening meister!

By Kimiko Kamata (Katana)

Category : Japan (Manga) , boy, school

Main Characters

Akira Narikawa, grandson of "National Treasure Narikawa." He has the ability to interact with the spirits of swords, and to "sharpen" them, both physically and spiritually. We watch him make friends, both human and spirit, as he tries to cope with his powers, and the legends of his family.

Akira Narikawa: A teenager with the power to see the true "shape" of a sword. He has trouble making friends, as being part of the Narikawa family is surrounded by rumors. Ever since he was young, he was able to sharpen swords, both physically, and mentally. He has a good many friends in katanas. Most spirits can tell about his power, and all wish to be sharpened by him. Human sword maniacs make friends with him as well, as they like to see the swords he sharpens. Sometimes, the katana spirits ask for his help, as he is the only one able to communicate with them.

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