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This is about Kinosaki Yuichiro. After spending half a year abroad, he is in for a shocking homecoming when he discovers that his inventor/scientist father has given his 3 dogs the appearance and abilities of girls. Now he is in for a ton of grief as he tries to cope with these changes.

By Nakajima Rei (Inumimi)

Main Characters
Yuichiro Kinosaki
Yuichiro is the main character of the story. After returning home from studying abroad, he is shocked to find that his three beloved dogs, Elga, Luna, and Rino, have turned into human beings. Everyday tasks such as walking and feeding them cause him endless trouble.

Elga is an Alaskan Malamute, Yuichiro's first and most beloved dog (at first it was because she was with him since his mother's death). Elga is gentle, obedient and she has been by Yuishiro's side since his mother died while he was very young. Before Elga became a human, she always dreamt of speaking and doing the kinds of things that Yuichiro did. She is always trying her best to make Yuichiro happy. Elga has a lot of fears, ranging from mice to water. But she'll be more than willing to face them if it makes Yuichiro happy.

Luna is Yuichiro's second dog. She is a Welsh Corgi. Of the three dogs, she is youngest and the one who always is the most energetic. She doesn't like clothes very much, and is always ready to play.

Rino is Yuichiro's third and last dog. She is a Doberman Pinscher. Though she is generally quiet, doesn't play much, seldom smiles and has a very short temper; she is mature and very strong. She is always alert, and is like a mother figure to the Elga and Luna. It's revealed later on the manga she was once abandoned by her old master, and adopted afterward by Yuichiro's father. It is hinted that she may have feelings for her master (Yuichiro's father), as seen in chapter 13.

Emina Kusunoki
Emina is a classmate of Yuichiro's. A very nosy and energetic girl. A little self conscious about her body, she is always taking note as to how big the girl's bodies are, mostly Elga's. Though she is stunned at first about the dogs, she soon understands and starts to take care of them like a sister. She shows them things like how to take a bath by themselves and she even shows Elga how to shop at an underwear store. There are some hints that she likes Yuichiro.

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