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Immortal Regis

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One day, suddenly... a night where the moon shines like never before, a boy meets the otherworldly Serin, a denizen of Chaos, only to die and become the undead. Now immortal, he can no longer exist with humans due to an ancient law... A tale of revelations that begins as he returns to Chaos, the start of a new adventure!

By Ga Onbi (Immortal Regis)

Category : Japan (Manga) , boy, action, 18


On the same day that this story begins, he is accidentally hit by a stray attack.

He takes a mortal injury, and would have died, had the person who had hit him not given him a second chance. Obviously a being whose powers transcend normal life, this woman heals our protagonist. A short amount of time passes and he learns that his new life isn't what it used to be (Yes, this happens a Lot). He eventually gets attacked by this lady's enemy and fights her. When he learns that, in truth, he is a Zombie, he disbelieves the one who turned him and tries to live his normal life. He finds it impossible, though, due to his mere presence taking away from his brother's health.

As such, our protagonist decides to go to a school for those like him, in which he would learn to control his powers.

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