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Ichigo 100

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Manaka Junpei, one day goes to the roof of his school to get a beautiful view of his town. On the roof Junpei encounters a beautiful school girl who falls on top of him exposing her strawberry panties. The girl runs away before Junpei can find out her name. Junpei who aspires to become a filmaker thinks this encounter would be a perfect scene in a movie. So his search to find this girl begins with only one clue that she wears strawberry panties.

By Mizuki Kawashita (Ichigo 100)

Main Characters

Izumizaka High

Junpei Manaka
Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura
Birthday: May 10th (Taurus)
The main character in the series, Manaka is an overall average nice guy who gets strung up in numerous embarrassing but endearing romantic situations throughout middle and then high school. Although his thoughts on girls can get quite perverted on occasion, his gentleness and kindness, as well as his selflessness at times, is what attracts them to him. His indecisiveness between the girls he loves Aya, Satsuki, and Nishino and inability to decipher their feelings is the focal point of the story. His dream is to make films as a director. While not academically gifted, he has great talent with cinematography that gradually develops as the story progresses. By the end Manaka is shown to be an upcoming director who was recently invited to join the Kadokura company.

Aya Tojo
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto
Birthday: January 14th (Capricorn)
Reserved and timid almost to a fault, Aya is the mystery girl with the strawberry panties that Manaka had been seeking out at the beginning of the series. To the first character of her family name, means "east". Regarded as a shy bookworm, Aya wasn't noticed throughout middle school because of the large glasses she wore and her unattractive hairstyle, despite her figure. This all turned around after she started wearing contact lenses and letting her hair down. Aside from Satsuki, the topic of Aya's large bust size is a running comedic element in the series. A gifted writer, she won several prestigious awards for her novels and scripts. Aya played an important role in the Film Studies Club being the script writer as well as playing the heroine in their last film production. Both she and Manaka share the same dreams, to write and film respectively, that carry them throughout high school and it was out of this that she developed deep feelings for him. Because of her shyness she hides her feelings from Manaka throughout most of the series despite her being the object of his affection for most of the time. It was only during the filming of their last film and after the school festival that she was able to confess to Manaka. Unfortunately her feelings weren't returned due to Manaka's relationship with Nishino. Near the end of the manga Aya was able to let go and move on. After graduation she became a successful novelist, having won numerous awards, and still cherishes the dream of one day, having Manaka to make her notebook novel into a movie.

Satsuki Kitaoji
Voiced by: Sanae Kobayashi
Birthday: May 3rd (Taurus)
Athletic, energetic, and beautiful, Satsuki is very popular among the boys in the school, mainly with the sports clubs and teams. The first character of her family name, Kita, is associated with the Northern cardinal direction which has a key meaning in the series. She was an integral part of the Film Studies Club, having been asked by Manaka to join when it first formed, and starred as the heroine in their first film production. The two of them share the same interests and it was out of the fact that they were always happy around one another that she started developing strong feelings for him. Of all the girls after Manaka, Satsuki is the most confident in her love having been the first to ever confess to him and is constantly seen in his company. Though unlike the others, Satsuki is very aggressive, often physical, with her feelings. Coupled with her attractive figure, mainly her large bust size (officially she is a DDD-cup), she constantly tries to push herself onto Manaka. If any of the girls could be labeled as a tragic heroine it would be Satsuki. Despite her total devotion towards him, Satsuki's feelings are rarely returned. Near the end of the manga she was able to come to terms that they would only be friends, yet promises herself that the next time that they meet she would get him in the future. After graduation she moved to Kyoto and took over ownership of a relative's restaurant which is where all the club members meet four years later at the end of the manga. She stays close friends with Misuzu Sotomura who also lives in Kyoto after having moved there for college.

Hiroshi Sotomura
Voiced by: Yuji Ueda
Close friend of Manaka, whose sole obsession in life is taking photos of pretty girls for his website, "Melon 100%". To this end, he initiated the re-establishment of the Film Studies Club in order to make use of school funding and facilities to expand his website. Despite his perversions, Sotomura is the number-one student in school, with grades even better than those of Tojo. He also becomes the sounding board for Manaka's various relationship problems, offering surprisingly good advice. After graduation, he is accepted into Tokyo University and later starts his own production company.

Rikiya Komiyama
Voiced by: Wataru Takagi
Close friend of Manaka since middle school, frequently made fun of because of his peculiar, octopus-like looks and his desperation in finding a girlfriend. Quite the pervert, he is able to entertain any girl (if only for a little while) with his gorilla and octopus impressions. Komiyama's dare in the third year of middle school caused Manaka to confess to Nishino. He joins Sotomura Productions after graduating.

A true ladies' man, Amachi is the perfect gentleman, with a face to match. Manaka's rival for Tojo, though he does not pose too much of a threat. Just like Okusa, Amachi has herds of girls flocking to him, and he seems to have a compulsive necessity in helping women in need. After meeting staunch resistance to his approaches on Tojo, Amachi gives up his horde of girls as a sign of devotion to Tojo, but later returns to them after news breaks out that Tojo is not going with Manaka or him to the final school festival. Amachi managed to recognize Tojo even with her hair braided and glasses on.

Misuzu Sotomura
Voiced by: Eriko Kawasaki
Birthday: May 25th (Gemini)
Tough and pretty younger sister of Hiroshi. A no-nonsense person, Misuzu installs herself as vice-president and assistant director of the Film Studies Club. One of the few female characters in the story who does not fall for Manaka; she can not stand his indecisiveness with women. When they first met she found Manaka interesting because he was critical about movies. She plays down Manaka's role in the club, but later admits (to herself) that Manaka's accomplishment in building the club from scratch is truly remarkable whereas she is just "all-talk". Idolizes Toujo for her writing ability. In extra chapter at the end of the manga, Misuzu falls in love with an aspiring mangaka. Misuzu and Kitaoji argue with each other often, but after graduation they both live in Kyoto and always keep in touch.

Chinami Hashimoto
Voiced by: Ai Shimizu
Birthday: October 16th (Libra)
Childish, impulsive, and fickle girl in the same year as Misuzu. A gold-digger through and through, she is very used to getting whatever she wants. She initially used Manaka as an excuse for dumping one of her previous "boyfriends" and eventually ended up joining the Film Studies Club. While she does not hold any genuine feelings for Manaka, she is bothered by how unremarkable she is to him. In a surprising twist, she ends up with Komiyama, the least likely person imaginable, for a short while (she later dumps him, as expected). After graduation, Hashimoto joins Sotomura Productions as a model, with Komiyama as her manager.

Voiced by: Takashi Kondo
One of Manaka's friends from middle school who is the star player of the soccer team. His athletic abilities and good looks make him a magnet to girls. Because of his perceived experience with girls, Manaka goes to him for advice on his girl problems early in the manga. Okusa's latent infatuation for Nishino, however, sometimes puts him and his offered advice at odds with Manaka.

Oumi Academy

Tsukasa Nishino
Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi
Birthday: September 16th (Virgo)
Considered the cutest and most popular girl at their middle school, Tsukasa becomes Junpei's first and only official girlfriend in the series. Supportive, understanding, and optimistic, she does her best to encourage Junpei in everything he does, yet is also straightforward and flirtatious enough to let him know exactly what she wants. Of the four lead female characters, Tsukasa's personality changes the most: flighty and somewhat hot-tempered during her middle school days, she develops a far more mature attitude soon after entering Oumi Academy. The first character of her family name, nishi, is associated with the Western cardinal direction which has a key meaning in the series.

While not a member of the Film Studies Club, Tsukasa expresses some interest in participating in their activities. She is eventually cast as the heroine of the Club's second and most successful production because of her unanimously being considered a perfect match for the role.

Despite attracting the attentions of numerous admirers wherever she goes, Tsukasa stays with Junpei for much of the series. She is, however, intuitively aware of Junpei's affections for Aya, and breaks up with him once because of his indecisiveness.

Tsukasa has a passion for cooking and baking, and works part-time at a French pastry shop. Her dream is to study pastry-making further in France after graduation from high school. Her pursuit of this goal, and Junpei's newfound passion in filming, forces her to break up with Junpei a second time, but the two eventually reunite upon her return from France four years later.

Yui Minamito
Voiced by: Nana Mizuki
Once a neighbor and childhood friend of Manaka before moving away, Yui acts more like a sister than a friend despite being only a year younger. She isn't at all shy around Manaka and is often found sleeping in his bed naked. The first portion of her name, Minami, is associated with the southern cardinal direction. Though considered one of the four main heroines in the series, Yui is never considered a love interest nor does she ever show Manaka any affection outside of their sibling-type relationship. She shows an extreme fondness for chocolate and cake. Though her home is in the countryside she stays with Manaka in order to try for Omi Academy. She later on meets Nishino whom she looks up to as a role model. Like the rest of the girls at her school she has an infatuation with Manaka's friend Okusa. Later on in the series she ends up moving out and living on her own, though is usually at Manaka's residence where she prefers to sleep.

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