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An elite is being trained and the `zaiphon` ability is being developed. Everyone`s capabilities are different, and in many cases, reflect their nature... Shrouded in darkness, seven ghosts wait. What kind of capabilities they had?

By Yuki Amemiya (Gokusen)

Category : Japan (Manga) , girl, action, school, comedy

Main Characters

Kumiko "Yankumi" Yamaguchi
Voiced by: Risa Hayamizu (Japanese), Caroline Lawson (English)
She is a 23-year-old university graduate, and is newly hired at Shirokin Gakuen. She is very idealistic, and wants to inspire her students and help them graduate high school. Since the age of 7, when her parents died, Kumiko has been living with her grandfather, who is the head of an influential Tokyo Yakuza group. Despite this strange upbringing, and the bizarre mannerisms she has picked up from it, Kumiko is a good-hearted girl who has a strong faith in her students, even when they think the world is against them. Her belief in them and her combat skills help her earn their respect. They give her the nickname "Yankumi". It is also revealed that she is attracted to men in a fundoshi; going into a trance when she saw Shin in one.

Shirokin High School

Shin Sawada
Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura (Japanese), Kevin T. Collins (English)
18 year old Shin is the leader of class 3-D (17 year old leader of 2-4 in the manga). He is cool, level-headed, smart, and somewhat introverted. Everyone in the class looks up to him. Shin is feared because of an incident back in middle school, where he punched out a teacher. He knows right away that something is not normal about their new teacher and keeps an eye on her. He's the first one who found out Kumiko's true identity and later confesses to her that he is in love with her. In the manga, he is given the alias of "Young Master Red Lion" from Kyou. Shin's father is a high ranking police official. In the drama, his father is a senator. <3> An amusing aspect of this series is that whenever he thinks he's on a mission to save Kumiko, he always gets beaten up & she continuously has to come to his rescue.

Youichi Minami
Voiced by: Takurou Nakakuni (Japanese), Sebastian Arcelus (English)
He is one of Shin's friends. He always gets into fights, like everyone else. He had a fight with Ichiro Tsuruta, and was beaten by him. Minami is the tough guy of the group. In the Anime and Manga he is often seen with Noda, indicating a close friendship. In the Drama he was a ladies man, but in the Anime/Manga he was considered the ugliest.

Haruhiko "Uchi" Uchiyama
Voiced by: Yoichi Masukawa (Japanese), Jamie McGonnigal (English)
He is the guy with a weird purple hairstyle. He's also one of Shin's friends. He was lost in Okinawa when they had a trip there and he gave Kumiko and Shin a lot of problems during that time. When they finally found him, Kumiko smacked him until his face was swollen. Uchi in the Drama seemed very much like Minami from the Anime/Manga. In the Drama he is a tough guy with a soft spot for his mother. His nickname is Ucchi.

Teruo "Kuma" Kumai
Voiced by: Hiromi Sugino (Japanese), Ed Paul (English)
Large and tough, Kumai (called "Kuma", or "Bear" by everyone) always seems to be getting into trouble. He's either getting into fights, or being accused of theft, or being attacked by a rival school. Kuma and Shin are best friends. They grew up together, and Kuma calls Shin "Shin-chan". He is also the only former student of YanKumi's shown in the drama version's sequel.

Takeshi Noda
Voiced by: Isao Yamagishi (Japanese), Matt Kaplan (English)
He is also one of Shin's friends. He was the one who thought of giving Kumiko "Yankumi" as her nickname. Takeshi Noda is a member of class 2-4. Although not typically a main cast member, in one episode(in the drama), he becomes obsessed with the teacher Shizuka Fujiyama. Hurt when she threw away a present he gave her, Noda takes a picture of her at her secret second job: hostess of a bar. He then sends the picture to the head teacher and almost gets Shizuka fired. In the manga, he is the first of his classmates to figure out that Shin likes Yankumi and gets Shin to admit so. Also in the manga, he is much more involved then in the Anime or Drama.He is also much smarter in the Manga, like one instance when Ms. Fujiyama was being stalked, Noda made many suggestions as how the stalker could follow Ms. Fujiyama.One thing he has in common with Drama counter part is his sense in fashion, as demonstrated in the chapter of the Manga "Protect our F-cup" he dresses Yamaguchi in his sister's clothing in which Uchiyama and the others (first in disgust) found that the outfit worked well with her. He is often seen with Minami in the Anime and Manga, indicating a friendship between them, possibly best friends. In the Anime and Manga he is accused as being a thief (similar to Uchi's situation in the Drama).

Shizuka Fujiyama
Voiced by: Rica Matsumoto (Japanese), Suzanne Gilad (English)
Shizuka Fujiyama is another female teacher hired by Shirokin Gakuen at the same time as YanKumi. In the drama, Fujiyama teaches English. In the anime she teaches music. One of her students before attempted suicide and she learned a lesson because of that incident. She started a choir club in school. In the drama, Fujiyama wears her normal clothes all the time, but in the anime and manga she wears a tracksuit like Yankumi does. Fujiyama used to teach middle school students, and is very happy to be teaching at a high school. She jokes about which boys are cute, and whom she would sleep with.

Goro Sawatari
Voiced by: Ken Uosaki (Japanese), Marc Diraison (English)
The School's Vice-Principal is Yankumi's main nemesis amongst the school staff. In episode 13 he was the 3rd person to find out about Yankumi's secret only to realize that she resigned. Also he tried to use a camera when he witnessed a fight only to be caught by Kyo. He is only majorly featured in the drama and anime. In the drama, despite initially antagonistic towards Yankumi and her class, he was undeniably portrayed as more benevolent than his anime incarnation. His state of benevolence was shown to be more prominent in Gokusen 2, where among the last few episodes, deliberately informed Yankumi that her class attempted to boycott their graduation unless she calls off her resignation. It would seem that the drama-version Sawatori has grown to respect the headstrong and dignified educator that Yankumi is, despite knowing that he also risked getting fired in the process (he was poised for promotion). He was later seen a month later after graduation, apparently assigned to another school (claiming to have resigned from the last one). He has a wife in the drama who runs a arranged marriage business.

Gonzou Shirakawa
Voiced by: Tomohiro Nishimura (Japanese), Jimmy Zoppi (English)
The School's Principal. He does have a great knack for popping up suddenly at unusual times to point out useful information. In the manga and anime, the Koucho is this happy little bald guy who likes to wear bow ties.

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