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The central plot revolves around a man named Bunshichi Tanba, a dojo-crasher who seeks stronger fighters to prove his strength to himself. While traveling to several schools and challenging the best each had to offer, Tanba came to the FAW (a gym that trains pro-wrestlers) and is pitted against T. Kajiwara. Tanba is defeated and humiliated after realizing that he is not strong enough and disappears for 3 years. Upon his return, he has become nearly unbeatable.

By Baku Yumemakura (Garouden)

Category : Japan (Manga) , boy, action, sport

Main Characters

Tanba Bunshichi
The main protagonist fighting to prove his strength to himself. After losing a match to Kajiwara he realized he wasn't as strong as he perceived himself to be and disappeared for 3 years in which he trained himself intensely to avenge his loss and never lose to anyone again becoming nearly invincible in process.

Fujimaki Jyuzo
Appears as a mysterious figure wearing a baseball cap and sweat suit, as a practitioner of Judo he is on the run from the authorities for savagely killing the man who raped the woman he loved. This brings him to encounters with many fighters along the way, nearly crippling them in the process until his encounter with Bunshichi.

Shozan Matsuo
Founder of the Hokushin School. A master karateka who wishes to measure his strength. Calls himself "The Strongest of all". Based on real life Kyokushinkai Karate fighter Shokei Matsui, current chairman of the IKO 1.

Jyuhei Tsutsumi

Hiroshi Nagata
FAW Pro wrestler that seeks to prove how strong Pro wrestlers can be in real fighting.

Teruo Kataoka

Great Tatsumi
Legendary FAW wrestler that travelled to the USA and defeated Crybaby Sakura.

Crybaby Sakura

Ryuji Kubo
Tanba's best friend and sparring partner,he looks up to Bunshichi and considers him his Sensei even though he went missing for 3 years he was more than welcome at Tanba's return and continued their friendship.

Toshio Kajiwara
FAW wrestler that is the first to defeat Bunshichi Tanba in the beginning of the manga, 3 years later at a return wrestling match to Japan he is defeated by Tanba rather quickly thus avenging his loss.

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