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Flame of Recca

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Becoming a ninja is just a childhood dream for sixteen-year-old Recca, until a fateful encounter reveals he has inherited ninja powers, including the ability to wield fire! As Recca learns to master the ancient ways of his ancestors, he is drawn to protect a mysterious girl named Yanagi...

By Nobuyuki Anzai (Flame of Recca)

Main Characters

Main article: List of Flame of Recca characters

Recca Hanabishi
Voiced by: Kousuke Okano (Japanese), Scott Roberts (English)
Recca, the protagonist of the series, is a teenager obsessed with ninja and anything related to ninja. He declared that he would serve anyone who could defeat him in a fight as his/her loyal ninja. In truth, Recca was born the second son of Ouka, the leader of the Hokage ninja clan that existed over 400 years ago. Recca's older half-brother, Kurei, was supposed to be the heir to the leadership because he was the eldest and was born with the ability to control fire, but Recca also exhibited the same abilities as an infant, and is declared the true heir of the Hokage leadership. In an attempt to save him during the slaughter of the Hokage ninja clan (led by Oda Nobunaga), his mother (Kagero) used a forbidden technique that opened a portal that would transport him into the future, where the Flame of Recca storyline begins.

Recca's flame power is derived from eight Flame Dragons (referred to as Karyū in the Japanese version), and his powers were apparently so strong that they had to be sealed with a wrist guard. In the final parts of the series, it is revealed that he is not even a flame wielder as his flame has no form.

Flame Dragons (Karyu)
The Flame Dragons are entities that manifest themselves in selected Hokage leaders, each dragon possessing its own unique flame abilities/techniques. Each dragon is an embodiment of the soul of a previous Hokage leader who died without being able to fulfill his / her mission.

Voiced by: Kenichi Ogata
Koku is one of the creators of madogu, and a Hokage Flame Master before Oka (and possibly Recca's grandfather and Oka's father). He and his rival Kaima competed to create madogu, but he is forced to kill his rival once the latter succumbed into further madness. When he becomes the seventh Flame Dragon, he often materializes into human form, who is often portrayed as perverted but also very wise. Koku's power takes the form of a giant, concentrated laser beam. In Flame Dragon form, he is a one eyed, short faced serpent.

Rui is the sixth Flame Dragon who has the power to create illusions. She is a beautiful kunoichi who is not afraid to use her body as an advantage in combat. As a Flame Dragon, she is an extremely hideous scaly dragon with long hair pluming from the back.

Madoka is the fifth Flame Dragon with the power to create barriers. He is a chubby ninja who speaks politely, but is rather sarcastic.

As a Flame Dragon, he looks like a traditional depiction of an orient dragon with a third eye in the middle of his forehead.

Setsuna is the fourth Flame Dragon. He can burn anyone who looks in to his eye. He is a cruel, sadistic ninja who lives only to kill and is even more insane than villains in series to the point of rambling about killing in mindless gibber. He dislikes Recca and won't hesitate to kill him whenever opportunity arises. He was the only dragon that forced to be drawn out; which is done by one of Kurei's elite Genjuro. According to Saiha, Sestuna is now using Recca to get into more fights which he greatly enjoys. In Flame Dragon form, he is a massive serpent with initially no features other than a mouth until a vertical eye opens up on its forehead.

Homura is the third Flame Dragon with the power to create flame whips and enhance his master's strength. Unlike Saiha and Nadare he isn't as kind as them; he does have some honorable spirit. In Flame Dragon form, he is a bird like dragon with two thick horns above the eye ridges and two tusks.

Saiha is the second Flame Dragon with the power to produce a blade made out of fire shaped like a spike on the right arm. He is one of the more friendlier dragons and is most often used by Recca. His appearance as a Flame Dragon is a backward crested bird like serpent with eight eyes on both sides of the head.

Nadare is the First Flame Dragon with the power to produce fireballs. Along with Saiha she is also often used by Recca.

Oka / Resshin
Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi
Oka was the sixth generation leader of the Hokage clan during the Eiroku period. He is married to Kagero and took Reina as his consort, and is the father of both Kurei and Recca. He loves both women and both of his sons equally, and his only regret is that he failed to save Princess Sakura and the Sawaki Clan from destruction. He is later killed by the soldiers of Oda Nobunaga, but his spirit lives on as the eighth Flame Dragon Resshin which he acts as the ominous leader of the Karyu able to resurrect the dead. Recca uses Resshin's power to save Yanagi's soul from the Tendo Jigoku. In Flame Dragon Form, he has two long horns going backwards and a mane between them.

Yanagi Sakoshita
Voiced by: Yuki Masuda (Japanese), Carol-Anne Day (English)
Yanagi is a teenage girl gifted with the innate ability to heal any kind of physical injury, and Recca immediately offered to serve her as his loyal ninja after seeing her compassion when she healed a severely injured puppy in a local park (in the anime series, she heals Recca after a pile of metal pipes collapsed on top of him). She falls in love with Recca, but is to naive to see it. She also is the prime objective of the series' main antagonist, Mori Kōran, as he believes that her healing powers will help him attain eternal life.

In the manga, it is revealed that she is the reincarnation of Sakura-hime (Princess Sakura), the daughter Oyakata and princess of Sawaki clan, who lived over 400-years before the series' actual storyline. Towards the end of the series, Recca absorbs Yanagi's soul using his flame powers to save her from being absorbed by the Tendo Jigoku. This results in her becoming a flame spirit like Kurenai, only with a flame with the power to heal. It is this power that allows her to defeat the Tendō Jigoku once and for all.

Fuko Kirisawa
Voiced by: Akiko Hiramatsu (Japanese), Kris Rundle (English), Caitlynne Medrek (English; young Fuko)
Fuko is Recca's childhood friend and has always aspired to defeat him in battle so that he would serve her as her ninja. She first appears in the series as one of Recca's rivals who wish to defeat Recca so that he would serve her as her loyal ninja. Due to her inability to defeat Recca, she accepts the Fūjin when Kage Hoshi (Kagero) offers it to her after showing her its powers. Fūko is then placed under Kage Hoshi's control due to a stone that the latter implanted into the Fujin. Recca successfully destroys the stone, freeing Fuko from the mind control. She keeps the Fūjin and wields it throughout the rest of the series.

Fuko is often seen as tomboyish by other characters, and is often laughed at or teased when she shows or says something sensitive or feminine. Fuko greatly respects human life, and hates those who take it for granted. This characteristic is shown on several occasions, the first being when one of her opponents, Fujimaru, states that he would do anything and kill anyone - even women and children to achieve victory.

Fuko's character design varies in the adaptations of the series. While she has brown hair and green eyes in the manga and both of the Flame of Recca video games, she has red violet hair and blue eyes in the anime series.

Domon Ishijima
Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita (Japanese), Adam Hunter (voice artist) (English)
Domon is Recca's schoolmate who is known for his prowess in physical strength and in fighting (he is referred to as Ogre (Oni) by other students that he has defeated in fights). Like Fūko, has always wanted to defeat Recca, and the reason behind this is that Fuko told him that he could only challenge her if he manages to defeat Recca. He is unable to defeat Recca despite his numerous attempts, and he eventually aids the latter in defeating and rescuing Fuko when she is brainwashed by Kage Hoshi. Afterward, both he and Fuko join forces with Recca and remain allied with him throughout the rest of the series. However, he is never able to do so, and ends up befriending and joining forces with Recca. Domon wields the Dosei no Wa ("The Ring of Saturn"), a madogu which enhances his physical strength. Later in the series, he also wields the Kuchibashi Oh ("Beak King"), a super-sharp snapping claw on an extendable chain, and the Tetsugan ("Iron Ball"), which transmutes his entire body into a living iron golem for brief periods.

Domon is depicted as someone who is physically strong with matching endurance (even before acquiring his Madogu), but intellectually inept. Another of his assets is his strong will-power, which is recognized even by one of the series' antagonists, Kurei, after Domon manages to thwart Noroi's efforts to erase his memories due to his will-power. Domon is also at times something of a pervert, though his attribute actually proved useful against his fight with Kirin. It is openly shown that Domon is interested in Fūko romantically, although he is prone to getting attracted to other women as well.

Tokiya Mikagami
Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese), Paul Hunter (English), Mayumi Asano (Japanese; young Tokiya)
Tokiya is a second year student at Nashikiri High School, and he wields the madogu Ensui ("Dark Water"), a sword that utilizes water to create it blade and is capable of creating and controlling all three states of water (liquid, solid and gas). He is often referred to as by his last name, though his companions have made up nicknames for him, such as "Mi-chan" or "Mī-bo". Despite the difference in his age in the anime and manga, he is consistently portrayed as Recca Hanabishi's senpai. Tokiya wanted to take Yanagi from Recca because she looks exactly like his sister, Mifuyu Mikagami, who was murdered in front of his eyes when he was young. He uses the Hyomon Ken style which was developed specifically for the Ensui and the Hyoma En (a madogu that also controls water, but focuses more on water in its solid form). Tokiya joins forces with Recca in attempting to rescue Yanagi from Mori Kōran's mansion, and he continues to be part of their team throughout the rest of the series.

Tokiya in both the anime and manga is initially portrayed as callous and aloof; often insulting his teammates' abilities and intelligence. He is protective of Yanagi, who closely resembles late sister, and he is shown to be interested in her romantically in the manga. Other characters have often praise Tokiya for his intellect and composure during battle, with some going as far as to say that he might be the strongest Hokage member when it comes to normal battles. Another characteristic of his that makes him stand out among his teammates is the fact that he is more ruthless and cruel than the rest, a fact recognized by both Kurei and Mikoto, who both act as antagonists throughout most of the manga.

Certain characteristics in Tokiya's personality and appearance are different in the anime series as opposed to the manga and games. His hair is light blue in the manga and games, and brown in the anime series. In the booklet accompanying the Flame of Recca Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 CD, his age is listed as 17, while the filler page in the manga states that he is 16 years of age. Apart from these differences, Tokiya's character development in the anime is not as obvious as it is in the manga, wherein he becomes more open to emotions other than his desire for vengeance towards the end of the series. Tokiya attributes this change to his encounter with Kai, a fellow Hyōmon Ken practitioner, and his friends.

Kaoru Koganei
Voiced by: Motoko Kumai (Japanese), Brett Bauer (English)
Kaoru was once a member of Kurei's Uruha, but later, he becomes a member of Recca's team in the Ura Butō Satsujin. He wields the Kōgan Anki, a puzzle-like weapon that has five different forms. In the manga, the weapon also has a mysterious sixth form: 'Mu' (Nothing). At the series end, he follows Kuurei to the past forever leaving his friends.

Kage Hoshi (Kagero)
Voiced by: Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese), Mariette Sluyter (English)
Kage Hōshi, whose real name is Kagero, is the first antagonist of the series, and is later revealed to be Recca's mother. She possesses the madogu Eikai Kyoku ("Shadow Ball"), which allows her to teleport through shadows, show people the past, and perform acts of scrying. Later in the series she is also seen wielding a Shikigami (hair) and the madogu Hokishin. She performed a technique called Jikuryuri (a technique which allows the user to travel or send another person to a different time) to save the infant Recca from being killed along with the rest of the Hokage clan. The technique, however curses the user with immortality. .

Voiced by: Ryotaro Okiayu (Japanese), Jonathan Love (English)
Kurei is Recca's older half brother. He was born in 1571 (four years prior to Recca's birth), and is the firstborn son of Flame Master Oka and his mistress Reina. He was initially recognized as the next leader of the Hokage clan due to his innate flame powers, but the Hokage elders label him as a cursed child when his younger half-brother, Recca Hanabishi, also exhibits the same powers. Kurei was supposed to be killed in order to save the clan, but due to Kagero's intervention, Kurei and his mother are exiled instead. Kurei then eventually attempts to kill Recca, and ends up imprisoned for his crime. He eventually escapes the prison when it is destroyed during Oda Nobunaga's raid on the Hokage village, and he jumps into the time portal Kagero opened in order to save Recca by sending him into the future.

Kurei is then found and adopted by Tsukino Mori, the wife of one of the series' main antagonists, Koran Mori. Koran raises Kurei to become a "machine", repeatedly telling him that he does not need human emotions and that he should just throw them away. Upon seeing how much Kurei loved his mother, Koran has her transferred to a different house and keeps her under house arrest. When Kurei ends up falling in love with Kurenai, Koran Mori's adopted daughter, Koran has her killed. This causes Kurei to despise his adoptive father, but since Koran is holding his mother hostage, he obeys Koran's orders.

Kurei is the leader of the Uruha, a group of skilled warriors hired to serve Koran Mori and to assist Kurei in missions that Kōran orders him to undertake.

Like his father and his half-brother, Kurei has the innate power to produce and manipulate fire. The main form of his flame is the Phoenix, and is shown to be of a different color compared to Recca's (Kurei's flames are purple in the anime series and a different shade of red in the Flame of Recca video games). Kurei has the ability to absorb souls into his flame, and use them to produce humanoid flames that fight for him and obey his commands. The first time Kurei absorbed a soul into his flame was when he absorbed Kurenai's soul right after Koran killed her. The second instance of this was when he absorbed the soul of a loyal member of the Uruha named Jisho (this is not shown in neither the anime nor the video games). His power is not limited to absorbing just one soul at a time, as shown by his absorption of several souls after an opponent slaughters many men in the latter part of the manga.

Kurei is also capable of executing non-flame based techniques such as Wakemi, a technique that allows him to produce multiple, solid duplicates of himself that possess his powers and skills. In the last part of the manga, he is shown to be able to use the Jikuryūri, a technique that allows its user to open a portal in time.

Mori Koran / Tendou Jigoku
Voiced by: Rokuro Naya (Japanese), Mike Shepherd (English)
Mori is the main antagonist of / and eventually the strongest and final enemy of the manga series . He is Kurei's adoptive father, and he trained Kurei to suppress his emotions and become his killing machine. He is extremely rich, and longs for eternal life so he can fully enjoy all his money. He sets up advanced cloning labs and wants to get his hands on Yanagi because he believes that her healing powers can help him achieve eternal life. In the manga, he eventually finds out about and obtains the madōgu Tendō Jigoku, which is said to be able to grant its wielder eternal life; and gains the ultimate fusion body of Mori and Kaima with the ultimate Madogu. In the last chapters he becomes a personification of all negativity- greed, proud, lustful, hateful and mad beyond imagination. Inside the body is a writhing mass of eyeballs, claws, tentacles and all other monster-like elements thrown together that springs out in the early stages. At the second to last stage, his lower body is that of a donkey, similar as to a satyr or a portrayal of Satan. The upper body is almost humanoid, with fair hair and handsome face and occultic tatooes all over his entire body. His power include great resilience, strength, speed and the ability to absorb. He can reabsorb other bodies of the Tendou Jigoku to repair the main body and commands a gray multi-eyed serpent he uses to absorb others with powers and/or absorb himself to gain even more power. After absorbing Renge he gains flame ability and after absorbing Yanagi he'll gains self regeneration- therefore making him virtually immortal as he always wanted. His personality is combined that of himself and Kaima . Ironically the face modeled after Kurei the one person he hated and feared the most. He is finally killed by the combined efforts of Yanagi, Kurei, and Recca with the final dragon Resshin.

Renge is a clone produced in Mori's lab using Kurei's and Kurenai's genes. Her personality is of a naive little girl, and thus she follows Mori Koran's orders without question because she sees him as her "papa." Among all the clones they created, Renge is the only one considered to be successful due to the fact that she is the only clone that developed flame powers. She is eventually defeated and humiliated by Kurei, terrifying her and making her run to Mori for protection. Mori, who had then fused with the Tendo Jigoku, betrays her and kills her through allowing the Tendo Jigoku to devour her in order to absorb her flame powers. She only appears in the manga and the Flame of Recca video games.

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