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Fire Emblem - Hasha no Tsurugi

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Taking place on the fictional continent of Elibe and stars Roy, the son of Fire Emblem protagonist Eliwood. Roy leads the League of Lycia's army against the forces of the militant country of Bern shortly after his father falls ill.

The story begins when King Zephiel, ruler of the kingdom of Bern, finishes the brutal conquest of Ilia and Sacae and sets his sights on Lycia. With the war coming to his own country, Roy is sent home to lead Pherae's army to oppose Bern, but soon after he meets Guinevere, the princess of Bern and Zephiel's younger sister, who has escaped from her homeland to search for a way to stop the imminent war between Bern and Lycia.

Upon the death of marquess Hector, Roy carries on the Lycian League and makes many promises: to protect Princess Guinevere and Hector's beloved daughter, the mage Lilina, and most importantly, to save the entire continent from Zephiel's mysterious thirst for world domination.

But this story's hero is Al, son of a Bernian blacksmith. After turning 15 he left his home with his father's sword to go on an adventure in this continent bound for war.

Side story of Fire Emblem ~ The Binding Blade (Gameboy Advance Videogame).

By Izawa Hiroshi (Fire Emblem - Hasha no Tsurugi)

Main Characters

Forms of the Fire Emblem:

It is in the form of a shield, which was used by the hero, Anri who slayed the Dark Dragon Medeus. It allows the bearer to use the holy Falchion sword. Once upgraded with all of the Star Orbs, it becomes the Shield of Seals.

The Fire Emblem is the name of the Velthomer house's crest.

A gemstone used in the ascension ceremony in Bern. It is also possesses the ability to create a magical seal and undo such seals created by it. In the Hasha no Tsurugi manga, the Fire Emblem allows Al to unseal his dragon strength locked inside him.

A portion of Grado's Sacred Stone which houses the Demon King's soul. It has the ability to heal wounds, burns, and other injuries, and can even resurrect the dead.

The Fire Emblem is also known as Lehran's Medallion. Like its name implies, it is the medallion owned by the heron, Lehran, who used it to seal the Dark God, Yune. Because it contains the embodiment of Chaos, whoever who touches it will enter a berserk state if they do not have a balance of good or evil.

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