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Dragon Half

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An RPG-ish gag manga about a half-dragon-half-human girl whose love for a popular idol/dragon-slayer leads her on a quest to find a potion that will change her fully human. Which of course leads her and her friends in a quest to defeat the terrible Demon Lord Azatodeth.

By Ryusuke Mita (Dragon Half)

Main Characters
Mink (Minku)
Voiced by: Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese), Jessica Calvello (English)
Daughter of Rouce the Red Lightning and Mana, an imperial red dragon, and the star of Dragon Half. She is like your typical teenager except for the fact that she is half-dragon. She can fly with wings that appear when needed, can breathe fire, and is overall very strong and resistant to most forms of damage, including poisons. She also seems to be jinxed, bringing all sorts of misfortunes to herself and anyone around her and also making herself a lot of enemies. In the manga, her main enemies are Azetodeth (AKA the Demon king), Princess Vina and King Siva.
Mink is also infatuated with Dick Saucer, the handsome dragonslayer and popstar. However, because of her half human/half dragon heritage, she is actively seeking out the legendary People Potion, which would make her fully human.
As a part-dragon, she undergoes ecdysis, in which she sheds her skin and becomes more powerful. Her power continuously grows each day after her first ecdysis. She also experiences wild mood and personality swings around the time her ecdysis is supposed to occur. While the first ecdysis just made her stronger with minimal physical alterations (six horns instead of two), the second ecdysis would supposedly turn her irrevocably into a giant disfigured monster of terrifying strength. According to a prophecy, one who shed their skin twice would gain power surpassing that of the demon gods (including Azetodeth) but would turn into a large black monster with ten legs and four eyes. This is prevented by an arm bracelet gotten from Mink's great-grandfather. The bracelet monitors and suppresses Mink's power. When it's turned off, the counter on the bracelet rises, showing Mink's rise in strength. If the counter ever reaches 999, the second ecdysis would occur. However, when the Demon Lord was released from the Gourd of Saints by one of his minions soon after he was sealed, he overpowered everyone until Mink turned off her bracelet, allowing the counter to reach 999. The foretold ten-armed, four-eyed monster did indeed appear, but it was in the form of a mark on Mink's butt. With her new power, she easily killed Azetodeth with the holy sword her mother made to combat the Demon Lord.
Notably, in order to eat during the quest, anything that is slain by her or the group, except Damaramu, is cooked and eaten shortly after the battle ends.

Lufa (Rufa)
Voiced by: Mariko Kouda (Japanese), Jennifer K. Earhart (English)
Mink's best friend. She is an elf who has wonderful healing powers, but is bad at magic and has absolutely no skill with a lightning cane she usually hits everything but the target.
She has an extremely sadistic personality and is quite unmoral and untactful often making fun of the misfortune of others and receiving pleasure from causing it. Lufa has also a strong sex drive, making advances onto nearly every visually attractive person she comes across, including several females beside Mink. She becomes a human at the end of the manga, having been turned into a toad by Azetodeth and then drinking the People/Pido Potion. As a human, she can no longer use magic.
Her original name is Rufa, but due to the nature of translation, both Lufa and Rufa are used (Though Rufa appears to be the more correct one). In the manga, she has a father named Link. She never mentions her mother, although later on, Link is seen with a female elf who is either Lufa's mother or a girlfriend.

Voiced by: Taeko Kawata (Japanese), Hillary Haag (English)
A young dwarf girl who is friends with Mink, Lufa and a small mouse-creature named Mappy. Pia constantly wears body armor, due to her overly-protective parents.

Mappy (Mappi)
Voiced by: Takumi Yamazaki
Pia's pet fairy mouse. Mappy acts as Pia's bodyguard whilst traveling, able to transform to the size of a grizzly bear at will. This tends to deter Lufa from whacking Pia when she gets on her nerves, as Mappy often whacks Lufa straight back. He also reflects his mistress' moods; in the anime episode two he becomes dreamy-eyed just like the girls when Dick Saucer happens to come upon them, while as a mouse he shouldn't have any interest in him.
In the anime Mappy is present from the beginning, whereas the manga has him enter at the end of Volume 1.

Dick Saucer (Sosa Dikku)
Voiced by: Yasunori Matsumoto (Japanese), Aaron Krohn (English)
Dick Saucer is a famous dragon slayer, as well as being a pop idol. He is the epitome of a pretty-boy, walking around singing his theme song, and is admired by many girls especially Mink, Lufa and Princess Vina. However, because the King tricked Saucer into thinking that Mink is a red dragon in disguise, he tries to kill her, much to Mink's disconcertion.
In the manga, the reason he slays dragons is because his parents were killed by a dragon 15 years ago. Also he was born into royalty with his parents being the Sea King and Mermaid Queen. In the end, he learns the truth about his parent's murders and is about to marry Mink when Lufa interrupts with news about a new Demon Lord.

Princess Vina
Voiced by: Rei Sakuma (Japanese), Amanda Winn Lee (English)
Slime-half daughter of King Siva and Venus, Princess Vina spent most of her life in the form of a slime creature. At her birth, her father went completely bald (losing the last hair on his head) and her mother died of a broken heart because of her condition. It was only by studying black magic for 13 years that she was able to achieve a human form, but this form can be undone if she gets hurt sufficiently.
Her slime heritage is however one of the biggest advantages over Mink that she has in battle, due to being completely amorphous and lacking vital organs she is able to survive lethal physical attacks (she was not harmed by Mink accidentally stabbing her trough her torso) while being very proficient in magic at the same time.
Vina is Mink's rival for the affections of Dick Saucer. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, and goes out her way to make Mink's life miserable. She is also very defensive about her father, who spoils her rotten.
In the manga, Vina has studied magic since early childhood and can summon creatures. She plays an important role, but after an incident involving Mink and her father occurring midway through the manga, her role slowly fades away to nothingness. She has purple hair with a tiara in the OVA but in the manga, her hair is pink and the tiara doesn't come until chapter 37.

Voiced by: Akio Ohtsuka (Japanese), Brett Weaver (English)
The ultimate dumb muscle. He constantly brags about his (next to non-existent) greatness as a fighter, talking of himself in the third person, usually as "The Mighty Damaramu". He is sent by the King to hunt Mink, but due to his considerable lack of intelligence and Mink's jinx it is a doomed prospect.
The first time he battled Mink, he ended up with his own laser sword running through his skull. However, during the Brutal Killer Martial Arts Tournament, it was revealed that Damaramu had in fact survived, mostly because of what he refers to as his "compact brain". Because his brain is much smaller than normal, his brain was only slightly scratched by the sword. Also, with a little help from Blacksmith Tony, he was resurrected as a cyborg. But before he and Mink went to battle, he stupidly wasted energy showing off his new abilities and was knocked by Mink into the lava pit below the fighting floor. In the ending credits, we see his next form as a head with little arms and legs. This is shown a lot more in the manga, as he starts to get dumber and works with Dug-Finn.

King Siva
Voiced by: Kenichi Ogata (Japanese), Paul Sidello (English)
Also simply known as "The King". His daughter, Princess Vina once described him as "balder than a baboon's ass with a face like a squashed frog". He is probably the least intelligent character of them all, save for Damaramu, and would go out of his way to please his spoiled daughter. He also has a desire to kill Rouce the Red Lightning for defying his decree, and to marry Mana. His favorite method of punishing insubordinates is a stone block alternately called "Super Crushing Press" or "The King's Anger".

Voiced by: Kaneto Shiozawa (Japanese), Andy McAvin (English)
A priest-like figure, and probably the court magician. He is the King's right-hand man in dealing with Mink. Fortunately for her, he tends to do the wrong thing and use outdated methods. He fancies himself to be a great and powerful magician, but has absolutely no powers and often resorts to using cheesy special effects (such as the 'hot water and dry ice fog bit) to impress others.

Voiced by: Spike Spencer
Damaramu's wyvern/dinosaur bird type thing which aids Damaramu in transportation, as it is large enough to carry him. It participates in Damaramu's first battle with Mink and company but is eaten after Damaramu's defeat. It's later resurrected as a cyborg like him.

Rouce the Red Lightning (Rusu)
Voiced by: Takeshi Aono (Japanese), Rob Mungle (English)
Mink's father, who was at one time one of the greatest knights in the kingdom. His nickname comes from his speed, which allows him to look like red lightning when fighting. Originally, the King had sent Rouce on a mission to slay an imperial red dragon who had invaded the land. But instead of killing the dragon, Mana, he instantly fell in love with and married her.
Rouce retired from the knight business, and now the couple lives in a quiet valley where they raise their daughter, Mink. Nowadays, he and Mana are involved in constant domestic squabbles because Rouce has become a perverted skirt-chaser. He disapproves of Mink's crush on Dick Saucer, mostly because of his ego as a fabled swordsman.
Although he is excessively perverted and lazy, he will jump in to save his wife and daughter if they are in immediate danger. His special attack carves the letter R into his opponents. Although retired, he is still a great swordsman, once defeating a large group of monsters attacking Mana and Mink in the woods. When asked about it, he denies having done anything, to which Mana says that he is a good liar. He also still lives up to his nickname, being able to move faster than even Saucer when attacking a monster that had taken Mana hostage.

Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese), Marcy Rae (English)
Mink's mother. As an imperial red dragon, Mana has the ability to change her form (in the manga, she turns back into a dragon when she is angry). As a result, she can change her form into a beautiful blonde woman; the only evidence that she is a dragon are her small fan-like dragon ears. She also puts Rouce in his place whenever he freaks out or acts like a pervert. She created the holy sword Azetodeth-Buster to combat the Demon Lord. It has the ability to make anyone thinking evil/perverted thoughts feel sick just by being in its presence.

Voiced by: Noriko Asano (Japanese), Kelly Mansion (English)
A slime creature who had fallen in love with the King. In order to win his affection, she swallowed the legendary People Potion to change herself into a beautiful human female. Naturally, the King had fallen in love with Venus and the two married. She gave birth to his daughter, Vina, but died of a broken heart that she was born a slime half (an incident which happened before the beginning of the story in the manga and the anime series).

Dug Finn (Dagu)
Voiced by: Megumi Urawa (Japanese), Tiffany Grant (English)
Master demon and the youngest of three sons of Azetodeth the Warlock (his elder brothers are Migu and Rogue). In the manga, his father is the series' main villain. Very skilled in magic, but is still a kid at heart and easily distracted by candy offerings. He's often bullied by Migu, who takes out his frustration and anger on him.

Azetodeth (Azatodesu)
The main antagonist who is a gigantic three-eyed monster that orders his troops of monsters and kills people. He lives on a bizarre island known as the Demon's King island. 2000 years ago, he destroyed various cities. Mink's dragon great-grandfather Joseph and his minions tried to stop him but the minions got beaten up. Luckily, Joseph had The Gourd of the Saints - an item which took 200 years for him to make and could capture Azetodeth in there. The bad news was he had forgotten to wear his false teeth so he could not recite the spell properly. As a result, Joseph was nearly killed and the gourd got broken, but the pieces had magic power left and they lived as three artifacts needed to reconstruct the gourd. He tries sacrificing his own sons to kill Mink by trapping them all in a room and filling it with lava. Fortunately, they are saved by Rogue, who had anticipated this event and set up a trap door in the floor beforehand in preparation for it. In the end, Azetodeth is killed by a holy sword wielded by Mink, after she had undergone her second ecdysis.
Although Azetodeth plays an important role in the manga, he does not in the anime, only mentioned and in a background.

Blacksmith Tony
You never see this character, but he is important to the story. He is ingenious for making mecha suits and creatures. He made many of Damaramu's bodies.

An stripy-headed warrior who participates in the Brutal Killer Martial arts tournament.

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