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Double Arts

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This story is about a boy and a girl are forced to join hands for all eternity!? In a land ravaged by an epidemic known as `Troy`, the only people with healing arts capable of stopping the seizures caused by the disease are the Sisters. Although they have a high resistance to the disease, they are searching for a person who is truly immune, if they exist, so that they can find a cure. The main character is Sister Elraine, one of the Sisters who becomes infected with Troy. But, when she touches Kiri, a seemingly ordinary boy, her seizures stop. Could he be the one!?

By Naoshi Komi (Double Arts)

Main Characters
Sister Elraine Figarette
Elraine is the female protagonist of this story. Also known as "Elle" or "Ellie". Sister Elraine is one of the traveling Sisters who save people from Troy at the cost of their own health.
Elraine is a stupendously famous Sister. She possesses a heretofore unheard of resistance to the Troy toxin, and has been able to heal upwards of thousands of people. Her success has earned her the title of "the White Fairy" among fellow Sisters, making her a veritable celebrity in the Church. This fame is only bolstered when she discovers Kili Luchile, the only person ever found with an immunity to the plague.
She is a bright young girl with a somewhat sad, though nonetheless cheerful disposition. Prior to meeting Kili, she was very fatalistic and viewed her Sistership as more of a burden than anything else. But finding a chance at life she never thought possible in Kili, she grows more open and upbeat as their journey progresses. Though she can maintain a serene demeanor, she is very easily flustered, particularly when people chide her about her relationship with Kili, a relationship she maintains is purely Platonic.
From her story, it seems that she's a Nagi. She's also a sound sleeper, that put Kili at ordeals every night (she kicks and punches everywhere during sleeps, accidentally hitting Kili, with their power now doubled), forcing Kili to make a barrier in their bed (she thinks Kili is doing this for her concern).

Kili Luchile
Kili is the story's primary male protagonist. He is a very artistic and upbeat young man with a variety of unique and remarkable skills. Of those abilities, two are most pertinent to the tale. The first is his immunity to the Troy plague; he is the first person in living memory unaffected in any way by Troy. Not only that, he is also able to halt the disease by having an afflicted person touch him. This is likely due in part to his second ability: his self-named "Flare". "Flare" to put it simply, is power wrought in cooperation. By touching another individual, Kili's physical abilities and processes, as well as those he touches, are increased in proportion to the number of people he grasps. I.e. Kili and Elraine hold hands, their individual strengths are doubled, with three people, each person's strength is tripled, and so on and so forth. The ability is apparently unheard of in this world, and constantly surprises everyone Kili meets. However, in his fight with Lucci Zezu, Lucci seems to know something about it after coming into contact with it, calling it an ability that "only one person was supposed to have". This implied that Kili isn't the only one to have the power.
As of chapter 19, Kili, and Elraine are training to develop a fighting style, made specifically, to take advantage of Kili's "Flare" ability. Although the only part of the training seen so far is dancing. As said by Fallen, dancing is supposed to help Kili, and Elraine be in sync, and as one. The name of the style, is called "Double Arts". (The same name as the manga)
In addition to his "Flare" abilities, Kili is shown to be a very talented artist, his bedroom filled with sculptures he creates. His skill is so high that he was able to carve a beautiful sculpture out of a block of wood in only moments. He is even able to use this talent in situations that people would normally not think to use it: he was once able to create a makeshift sword, during a Gazelle attack, by putting together his attacker's throwing knives. Kili has also been shown to be an excellent tailor, mending a rip in Elraine's clothes in a second, even adding a patch to it. And this was done all with one hand.
Kili is very kindhearted and willing to do anything for anyone. This is shown when he and Elraine are escaping, he stops and argues with her, because he wants to return to help the other Sisters. He eventually drags her back with him, to help them. He is also able to cook, since his mother doesn't and the task is left to him and his father.
- In chapter 20, page 10 of the Double Arts manga, Kili does a drawing with his signature proving that his name is Kili and not Kiri.

Sui is Kili's old childhood friend, but as Kili puts it, "things are a bit different now." She is, according to Sui herself, also his ex-girlfriend. Sui had confessed to Kili 3 times and dumped him 3 times. As of now, she has said that she is currently going out with 10 guys at the same time. Sui first appears at Kili's house but when she sees Elraine, Sui simply grins and walks away. Sui apparently stalks Kili looking to get into fights with people. Sui is a very skilled fighter, and her main weapon is a large metal hoop, similar to a hula-hoop, which she calls "Avis." It can be used for both offense and defense and can also be broken down into for sections for easy stowing. Sui is also heavily obsessed with cherries, which she eats on a constant basis. When it comes to fighting, Sui's blood "boils" with anticipation, to the point were she wants Kili and Elle to get attacked or hurt so she can fight. When Sui faced Fallan, she lost for the first time in her life, and quickly broke down. While she was crying over having lost, she acts like a little child, and cannot speak properly; Kili mentions that this was a side of her he had never seen before. A display to which Elraine calls her "cute yet scary at the same time." After losing to Fallan, Sui holds a strong grudge against him, and after her return, she can be seen provoking Fallan. Her most recent "attack" against him was purposely sneezing in his face.
Sui is also part of the Nagin race, described as the warrior race with the most valor and physical strength. She calls herself a "pure Nagin", implying that it was her source of strength and skill.

Fallan Denzell
Fallan is a mysterious person recommended by Sister Martha whom Kili and Elrain are to visit in Deodradd, a nearby town. He is apparently a very skilled fighter and is feared by many. He also has many apprentices around the world, however he appears to have something of an eccentric personality, as his first line involves requesting a Children's meal at a Cafe, and ensuring it comes with full decoration. According to Fallan himself, all of the stories about him are untrue. When Elraine and Kili meet with him he tells them that he is not like what others think he is, and that he will not be able to be their bodyguard. He also had a strong commitment "not to protect anyone". His commitment to "not protect" didn't prevent him from assisting Kili's party in defeating the Gazelle's assassins, since he was targeted by Abro. However in his fight with Abro "the poison killer," it is revealed that he is incredibly strong, as he knocked Abro out in one punch to the head. Also many of the stories of Fallan may actually be true, just not in the way it that the rumors propose. For example, he didn't break the "supposedly strong steel capital gate" with his bare hand (it was rusted, and got broken (by chance) when he opened it), he also didn't defeat a bear with his kiai (he was hunting with someone else), and the rumor of him defeating 50 bandits is only incorrect in the number of bandits, which was actually 500. Supposedly, he is also hated by animals, as a cat and a dog both run away from him. Later, Kili asked him to train both of them (Kili and Elle) in a form of martial arts capable to be done by both of them. For this, he asked them to follow all of his instructions, and to let him take control of their money. For starters, he asked Kili and Elle to dance together (which Sui got a good laugh at), to see their compatibilities with each other and to put them in sync. He explained that since nobody had never done this before (practicing martial arts with hands held), they were creating a new form of martial arts, called Double arts.

Supporting Characters
Prophecy Woman
She is the local fortune teller in Deodradd, and a friend of Mink. She is a heavy drunkard and has bottles all through out her office or apartment. She is seen drinking out of a large jug and also smashing Kili with an embrace when he presents her a bottle for a gift. Her real name is unknown, using aliases frequently, Charlmery Gandra being an old one and Tisera Gordon as her current one. Her true purpose for this is currently unknown. She helped Kili and Elraine in their search for Fallan Denzell. Her skills are also apparently hit and miss at times; a sketch of Fallan she did was silly and unrealistic, but a quick drawing of herself wishing them luck is of great quality.

Mink Luchile
Mink is Kili's mother. She has the appearance of a young girl, so much so that Elraine initially mistook her for Kili's little sister. She is very talkative and kind and often jokes with Kili, asking if he's tried to do "anything" with Elraine or otherwise take advantage of their hand-holding situation. Mink accepts Elraine despite her having Troy.

Urates Luchile
Urates is Kili's Father. In contrast to his wife, he is large to the point of gigantic, and very quiet. He is shown to be kind-hearted, and apparently is a fantastic cook.

Heime is the current guard for the St. Aruru's church, not too far from Darme. Until Falzen arrives, he was protecting Elrain and Kili. However, he is currently injured from the attack by Zezu and in the hospital along with the other sisters.

The Order of the Sisters is an organization that is comprised mostly of young women. Sisters are looking for a way to cure Troy, but until a cure can be found, a group of sisters slightly immune to Troy known as "Traveling Sisters" go from town to town temporarily healing people infected with Troy by an skill they learn called "drain." Drain allows a sister to absorb the patient's toxins from their body and take it upon themselves. This absorbing of toxins speeds up the process of Troy within a sister, and if a sister hits her limit, the seizures will overtake her, and she will disappear. A traveling sister may also opt to live longer and become a "Supporting Sister." There is also another division of the sisters that specializes in martial arts and protection against Gazelle. This division of sisters is known as "Militaire Sisters," and Falzen is the strongest group within the division. However, as of chapter 18, the entire Falzen Squad was wiped out by Lucci Zezu, save for Elle's Friend Andie Frau, who left the squad on order to escape her possible death and to protect Elle and Kili.

Sister Hine
Hine is a sister that Kili and Elle ran into while in Deodradd. She is very up-beat and has a very informal way of speaking. Once an avid painter, Hine's parents died from Troy before a sister could arrive. She was then taken to the sister's headquarters and trained to become a sister. Although she herself became a sister, she despised sisters because they were too late to save her parents. However one day, she was having a bad day, and she had made it too late to save a family's grandchild, the family's gratitude for Hine even showing up changed her view of being a sister. After Elrain tells Hine to not give up on her dreams of painting, Hine finds out that after one or two more treatments, she will have seizures and disappear. After refusing to "retire" with Sister Chris's offer to become a supporting sister, Hine goes to a nearby house, and completes her final assignment. Upon finishing her "drain," Troy overtakes her and she begins to have seizures and disappear. As the seizures ensue, Hine then realizes that she wont be remembered when she dies, because she destroyed all her paintings. Kili and Elle arrive in time to save her. Immediately upon saving Hine, Elle grabs Hine's hand and uses "Drain" to absorb the Troy out of Hine, thereby increasing the amount to Troy within Elle's body. Having another two or three years left to live before her seizures return, Hine then resumes her passion of painting with an idea in mind (possibly something to do with Elle and Kili) She will also reduce the amount of people she heals to extend her life as much as possible.

Sister Martha
Martha is one of possibly many higher ranking "retired" sisters whom support, oversee, and communicate with many of the sisters underneath them. She is Elrain's supervising sister. Martha is the one who apparently gave Elle the nickname "the while fairy." Whenever Elle forgets to call in, Martha tends to yell when she finally receives contact from Elle. She also has a tendency to blabble on the phone without giving the other side a chance to speak.

Sister Chris
Chris is Hine's supporting sister. She is also the sister that arrived too late to save Haine's parents. Chris then took Haine in and taught her to become a sister. Before hanging up for possibly the last time, sister Chris apologizes for arriving late that day and making her become a sister.

Sister Rose
Rose is the current head sister of St. Aruru's church. She is very generous, yet strong willed. She helps Kili and Elrain, and asks Heime to guard them. According to Sister Edda, another Sister at St. Aruru's church, Sister Rose is an excellent cook. She faced Zezu in combat to give Elraine and Kili time to escape, but Sister Rose and all other Sisters are severely injured, especially Edda, whom Kili held her hand to help keep her and Heime alive, using Flare to speed up the healing. She and the other St. Aruru sisters are recovering in the Turme hospital.

Falzen Sister Andie Frau
Andie is Elrain's best friend. They trained togeather in the Sister's Headquarters in the country of Naginzeria. Since their Time appart Andie has become a part of the Falzen Squad and is believed to be the sole survivor after Lucci Zezu's attack on their caravan.

Gazelle is an organization that is meant to keep Troy from being cured. They kill those that are immune to Troy as well as Sisters because they are in the way of their plans. Their true plans are currently unknown, but it has something to do with the people infected with Troy. Sisters have a way to "treat" it, which causes problems for Gazelle, especially if they can find a person like Kili who can't be infected with Troy. They refer to themselves as "missionaries," while others refer to them as "assassins."

Lucci Zezu
Lucci is one of the leaders of the Gazelle, and is also one of the eleven original founders. Zezu has skills that are currently beyond any current characters and appears to have the ability of teleportation. He has an animal theme of crows. Zezu also seems to have a vested interest in Troy's continued existence, stating that those immune to them are eliminated first. He also seems to be familiar with Kili's ability, mentioning that only one person (implied that it's not Kili) is supposed to have it.

Abro Liberica
Abro is also known as Abro the poison killer. He once killed 200 people in one night. Every time he kills, he poisons his victims first to let them suffer before he kills them. Although he was strong, he was knocked out in one punch from Fallan.

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