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Dogashi Kaden

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Our Hero is aspiring to be a basketball player since his childhood. Although being short, Haruyoshi joins the basketball club in his school, but always was just the 'errand boy' for the rest. Running... into a girl changes his destiny. She, being the clubs manager, investigates a scouting note which leads her back to him after their first encounter. Will she turn Haruyoshi into a great basketball player?

By Kousuke Hamada (Dogashi Kaden)

Category : Japan (Manga) , boy, comedy, sport

Main Characters

Ookado Haruyoshi
Haruyoshi is the main male protagonist, and is an aspiring basketball player. During his middle school days, no one would take him seriously because of his height, and was placed as a substitute. Although he never played. During that time, he intensely practiced his roadwork, believing if he could become good enough, he might be able to play. And eventually, without knowing it himself, he's become the fastest basketball player in the manga. (Seen so far) Unlike most basketball players, Haruyoshi dribbles best with just one hand. The reason why Haruyoshi aspires to become a great basketball player so much, is because as a child, a unidentified character (Who Haruyoshi admired)gave him a basketball, and told him to become strong, and obtain courage. (Although Haruyoshi never showed much courage, until high school.) In chapter 11, Nerima noticed that Harusyoshi had changed in the second half of the Freshmen Vs. Regulars basketball match, saying that Haruyoshi, even with his small height, was still not afraid of being knocked down anymore. This shows that Haruyoshi has changed since the beginning of the series. (Even if it's little, by little.)

Minagawa Hazuki
Hazuki could be considered the main female protaginist>>. She is the basketball club manager, as well as the acting coach. She was the one who saw potential in Haruyoshi in the first chapter, and eventually forced him to have a basketball match (Which was Haruyoshi's debut match) against his (Former) high school bully. At first, even though she saw his potential as a basketball player, she originally thought he wouldn't get much better without her help. But as seen in chapter 11, she shows hesitance in accepting his amazing improvement in his basketball skills in such a short amount of time. This hints, that Hazuki may have feelings for Haruyoshi, but whether, or not those feelings are jealousy, or love are not yet revealed.

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