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Deadman Wonderland

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The main character,Ganta Igarashi has been convicted of a crime that he has not committed. He was sent to a new, privately owned and operated prison, where the inmates are the main attraction in a modern day twist to the gladiatorial coliseums of ancient times. Throw in a healthy dose of weird little girl, some new-found super powers, and a little conspiracy theory, and you have Deadman Wonderland.

By Kataoka Jinsei (Deadman Wonderland)

Main Characters
Ganta Igarashi
Ganta is a boy framed for murder of his school class caused by the "Red Man" and sentenced to Death in Deadman Wonderland. The "Red Man" embeds a red crystal into Ganta, which causes him to develop into a Deadman capable of using the Branch of Sin. He eventually becomes part of the "true" Deadman Wonderland, taking place in battles with other Deadmen under the name "Woodpecker", all while waiting to take revenge on the "Red Man." His Branch of Sin power is "Ganta Gun", a bullet like projectile fired from his palm. He constantly risks loosing consciousness from blood loss due to his small stature.

Shiro is mysterious albino girl who Ganta encounters when he first arrives at the prison. She speaks and acts in a childlike manner, wears a skin tight outfit and mittens on her hands, and she has incredible athletic ability and strength. She was a childhood friend of Ganta, though Ganta is only able to recall small pieces of those times. She has lived in the complex for a very long time, and is able to travel through the various vents with ease. Unknown to Genta, she is actually the "Red Man", who is the cause of all other Deadmen appearing. When the "Mother Goose" system, an unknown system that relies on a "lullaby", isn't activated, another personality awakens in Shiro that uses a Branch of Sin capable of ripping people apart with ease. She wears a full body restraint suit that gives her the appearance of a male, and her name is derived from the fact that she is always covered in blood.

Yoh Takami
Yoh is a prisoner assigned to watch over Ganta by Assistant Warden Tamaki in return for Cost Points. He appears to be fairly friendly and polite, yet is in fact a secretly violent and scheming person. Yoh is purposely imprisoned in order to find his is to find his sister, Minatsuki, and pay for her release from the prison with his accumulated Cost Points. He eventually finds her and reveals that he knows that she really killed their father and of her sadistic nature, but still loves her and wants to free her. The two eventually form a estranged relationship again.

Assistant Warden Tamaki
Tamaki is the son of the prison's Warden. Tamaki has largely taken responsibility for the management of the prison, and using his powerful position for unethical treatment of his prisoners. He is waiting for his father to die, so that he can take full control of the complex. He takes a large interest in the Branch of Sin abilities and the crystals from which they originate. After his father's death, he takes full control of the complex.

Chief Makina
Makina is the prison's senior officer and leader of its guards. Makina is a harsh officer who carries a sword which she uses to cut up prisoners who break the rules. She believes that reality is meant to be unfair. Despite her lack of concern for the prisoners, she is suspicious of Tamaki and does not agree with his actions. Her discomfort only increases when she later realizes there are hidden parts of the prison where she doesn't have authority.

Senji Kiyomasa
Senji, known as "Crow" in the complex, is the first Deadman that Ganta encounters in the prison. He enjoys his life in the prison and the "Carnival Corpse" battles. He is Ganta's first opponent for the battles, which results in Crow's loss. As a consequence for losing, Senji's right eye was removed for research. He returns a short time later during Ganta's next match, sporting an eyepatch and gives Ganta assistance fighting, claiming that Ganta can't lose until they fight again. His Branch of Sin is called "Crow Claw", which manifests as two large scythe-like blades that he can legthen for long range attacks. His favorite phrase is "Dead Center", and he becomes flustered and embarrassed when a woman acts immodest.

Minatsuki Takami
Minatsuki is the younger sister of Yoh Takami, and a Deadman known as "Hummingbird" in the complex. She initially appears as a normal and innocent person, but soon shows that it is a ruse to lure opponents into a false sense of security. She is actually very sadistic, deriving sexual pleasure from seeing the pained looks on her victim's faces. She especially likes the look of her brother blaming himself for their father's death, though he does know the real truth. After loosing to Ganta, she reconciles somewhat with both Yoh and Ganta, but still lashes out at them frequently. Her Branch of Sin is called "Whip Wing", which uses blood from her ears to create whips that can quickly strike and restrain the target.

Scar Chain
Scar Chain is a group of Deadmen that oppose the the prison and plan to leak the truth to the rest of the world. They believe in each individual's own personal definition of freedom. They are lead by Kengamine Nagi, known as Owl, who speaks with a mechanical voice created by a synthesizer because of his voice box being taken away after a rigged fight with his lover. Tamaki punished him further by having his lover killed. He has a son, left in the care of a nursery outside, and fights for freedom to see his child. His branch of sin is called "Owl's Eyeball", which creates small floating explosive spheres that can be controlled and detonated remotely. His assistant, Koshio Karako, known as Game Fowl, loves Owl deeply, and fights in order to make him happy. She is able to use her Branch of Sin to wrap blood around her body to increase her physical strength while using the Wushu martial art style or defend herself.

The Undertakers are Tamaki's special enforcement group who are specifically trained as anti-Deadman soldiers. The group is comprised of some of the worst prisoners, those who could not be rehabilitated, in Deadman Wonderland, who survived a special 'correctional' program. They possess technology that allows them to nullify a Deadman's Branch-of-Sin ability. The first member introduced is Genkaku, a man who dresses like a monk, though he prefers to be called a "Hyper Monk", and weilds a guitar that splits into two machine guns. Another is Daida Hibana, a small very polite and well-mannered girl who was warped considerably by torture preformed by her mother for simple things like wetting the bed. She is an expert in torture, and uses a large sectioned sword as large as her body.

Chaplin "Masaru" Sukegawa
Masaru is a crossdressing gay male who sees himself as a bright figure in Sector G. He is often around Minatsuki, Itadaki "Masu" Kazuya, a fat man who tore his own mouth open from eating large objects, and Hitara, a mysterious old man that claims to be listening to his daughter through headphones.

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