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The story of Claymore follows the adventures of the Claymore warrior Clare. The plot follows her as she fights Yoma and struggles to hold on to her humanity. Starting in the 3rd volume, there is a flashback to her childhood on how she was `adopted` by the Claymore Teresa. After Teresa rebels against the organization and is subsequently killed, Clare volunteers to become a Claymore using Teresa`s flesh in order to take revenge on the Awakened who killed her. With determination and her human friend Raki by her side, Clare overcomes her low demonic power by honing the skills she inherited from Teresa, and other Claymores. As the series progresses, she becomes stronger and a better fighter, gradually earning the respect of strong allies and coming in conflict with the shadowy organization, the top Claymores who support them, and many powerful Awakened Beings.

By Norihiro Yagi (Claymore)

Main Characters
Main article: List of Claymore characters

Clare (Kurea)
Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima (Japanese), Stephanie Young (English)
The series' protagonist. Clare is a distant and quiet Claymore, but occasionally shows an impulsive side. After one of her assignments, she picks up a boy called Raki, who was exiled from his village. Raki gradually manages to break through her shell and they become friends. It is unclear whether their relationship is fraternal or romantic, although it has similarities to her relationship to Teresa, a Claymore who adopted Clare as a child. Originally, Clare was ranked #47 in the Organization, the last and therefore weakest of all the warriors. Over the course of the series, she grows in power. Her main goal is to take revenge on the Awakened Being Priscilla, who killed Teresa.
Clare later becomes one of the seven survivors of the 'War in the North'. After seven years of hiding, she reemerges and has become immensely more powerful, rivaling the strength of a single-digit Claymore. She has mastered Flora's Windcutter technique which has also strengthened her Quicksword technique. She returns to the South determined to find Raki, who was separated from her prior to the war. She is joined on her journey by the other six surviving Claymores.

Raki (Raki)
Voiced by: Motoki Takagi (Japanese), Todd Haberkorn (English)
A young boy whose family was murdered by a Yoma. The Yoma was slain by Clare. Raki, suspected of being a Yoma himself, was exiled from his village, although he denies this to Clare and claims to have left voluntarily. Clare originally offered to take him with her to the next village, but eventually they get attached to each other and continue their journey together. He ends up under the care of Isley, oblivious to his true identity and stays with as Priscilla has taken a liking to him. Raki is devoted to Clare and aspires to become strong enough to protect her, leading him to train under Isley.
After the seven year gap, Raki has been travelling through the path he traveled with Clare in hopes of meeting her again. He makes his reappearance in his hometown with Priscilla on his shoulder and easily dispatches a Yoma with his sword and new armour. Though previously oblivious to the identities of both Priscilla and Isley, it is currently unknown whether he is aware of Isley's identity, but has been shown to be aware of the fact that Priscilla is an Awakened Being and that he believes she will devour his entrails if she loses control.

Claymores of Clare's Time
Alicia & Beth
Alicia (Arishia) is Claymore #1 and her identical twin sister Beth (Besu) is #2.
They are a new type of Claymore made by the Organization. Taught only to fight and align their "souls" with one-another to counter the threat of The Powerful Three, they have little personality. Through training, their strength is constantly gauged and raised by the organization. Alicia is able to fully Awaken, while her human soul is contained by her sister via a "soul link". This gives Alicia the strength of an Abyssal One without losing control to bloodlust. Both Alicia and Beth are called the Black Ones though Alicia was specifically called "Dark Alicia" or "Alicia the Black" (kuro no Arishia). The sisters wear special black suits. The suits aren't destroyed when Alicia awakens. In Alicia's Awakened Form, she has bladed appendages on her arms.

Voiced by: Ai Orikasa
At the start of the series, Galatea (Garatea) is Claymore Number 3. She is one of the more kind-hearted Claymores. She is a master at sensing Yoki, being able to sense other Claymores from a long distance, read their emotions, and see their actions as if she were close by. She uses this to act as the organization's "eye". She can also control other people's actions by subtly manipulating their Yoki flows. Additionally, the strength bonus she gets from releasing her Yoki is the highest among all forty-seven warriors of her time. She also has a vain side - she claims that she dislikes having to release any of her energy because it goes against her philosophy towards beauty (she does not like the way she looks with golden eyes and bestial looks). It should also be noted that she protested when Clare just barely cut her bangs while the other Claymore was rescuing her.
Galatea, as the organization's eye, is sent to spy on Miria's party during the male Awakened Being incident. When Clare goes missing after encountering Ophelia, Galatea is sent to search for her, and she finds Clare battling against Dauf. She fights alongside Clare and Jean against Dauf, and helps Clare control her Yoma power. Afterwards, she abandons her mission, returning to the organization without Clare. Galatea becomes more and more suspicious of the organization, and although the organization is aware of her growing disobedience, they keep her due to her usefulness. She finally goes renegade during the Northern Campaign's aftermath. Her #3 rank is taken by another Claymore, Audrey.
She is hunted by Miata and Clarice, who find her living in Rabona as a nun. She is immediately attacked by Miata which reveals Galatea is now blind, with a scar across her eyes. This, however, strengthens her ability to sense Yoma energy, allowing her to fight equally with Miata and Clarice in spite of her handicap.
Galatea while in Rabona detects the presence of the awakened being Agatha and uses herself as bait to get the Organization to send in members after her to help kill the awakened being. During her fight with Agatha, she was injured by Miata which includes a severed arm and stabs through her stomach.
She is currently staying in Rabona. The priests have allowed her to stay there even though she is a Claymore.

Voiced by: Emi Shinohara
When Ophelia (Ofiria) was a child, her brother died protecting her from the Awakened Priscilla. This resulted in Ophelia's hatred for Yoma and the Awakened Ones, and her vow to slay the 'one-horned monster'.
Ophelia eventually became Claymore #4. Though powerful, she grows increasingly unstable, displaying sadistic and sociopathic tendencies. She murders humans and fellow Claymores to sate her bloodlust, killing any and all who witness her transgressions so that they will not come to light. She also enjoys torturing and played sadistic "games" with her opponents in battle. Ophelia usually talks in a very feminine and polite way, but once something doesn't work out the way she wants it to or somebody disturbs her "having fun", she changes to a very vulgar, masculine tone. Even though many of her crimes remain undiscovered, or at least unproven, many of the Claymores who have met or worked alongside Ophelia are aware of her monstrous nature.
Her special fighting technique is "rippling" her sword by waving it back and forth at great speed. This technique is extremely difficult to dodge or block, even for an opponent who can predict her movements, such as Clare. Based on this technique, she gives herself the title Rippling Ophelia (sazanami no Ofiria) (Or Ophelia of the Ripples). Miria refers to her as the blood-soaked evil warrior (chinurareta kyosenshi) though this is more of a description than an actual title.
In Volume 7, Ophelia is assigned to fight with Clare against an Awakened Being, but she tries to kill Clare and Raki instead as she deduces that Clare is partially Awakened. She almost succeeds, but is stopped by Irene.
Badly wounded and furious at her defeat, Ophelia releases all her Yoma energy and Awakens, becoming a serpentine creature, similar to the Lamia from Greek Mythology. Despite her hunger and desire for guts, Ophelia doesn't realize she's Awakened until she catches a glimpse of her reflection in a lake. She then allows Clare to kill her with Irene's Quick Sword (Flash Sword in the anime) technique.

Voiced by: Satsuki Yukino
Rafaela (Rafaera) was Claymore #2 during Luciela's time and Claymore #5 in Clare's Time.
Rafaela was seen first as Irene's pursuer.
Her power is considered equal to that of her elder sister, former Number 1; Luciela.
Rafaela was a part of the Organization's first experiment using a soul link to control an Awakened Being. The experiment fails causing her elder sister, Luciela, to lose control and fully awaken. Rafaela lost an eye, which she intentionally did not regenerate. She's blamed for the experiment backfiring, because of her 'weak heart'. Consequentially, she was stripped of her number and stayed inactive as a Claymore.
She appears to have been one of the longest lived Claymore so far (disregarding awakened warriors), as she was around from before Luciela's time when she met Teresa, who was still a young warrior in training.
After the organization loses the five highest ranked Claymores in the Teresa incident, the Organization invited Rafaela back in exchange for information regarding her elder sister. Rafaela accepted the offer because she feels there is a last thing she has to do.
She finally tracked down her elder sister in Volume 12. Rafaela kills Luciela, who was weak from battling Isley, by breaking her back.
In the new arc, Audrey (#3) told Clare that she heard Rafaela died. If she were in fact alive her aura would be untraceable by now, same as Galatea.
In chapter 82, Riful reveals to the recently captured Renee that she had found Rafaela and Luciela soon after Luciela died. She also tells Renee that Rafaela felt responsible for Luciela's awakening. So, Rafaela killed awakened Luciela to fulfill her duty as a soul link and a sister. In the process, Rafaela unconsciously injected all her life force into Luciela's dead body. This deed killed Rafaela but fulfilled her loyalty to Luciela. After Rafaela merged with Luciela's body, both of them entered a vegetative state. Riful plans to use Renee's yoki manipulation to make them awaken.

Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue
Miria (Miria) was Claymore #6. She can greatly, but briefly, increase her speed to the point where she leaves many afterimages of herself in battle, confusing the opponent, thus earning herself the nickname Phantom Miria (gen'ei no Miria). She is also very skilled at teamwork and tactics. Miria was secretly investigating the Organization after she swore revenge against it. These both stem from an Awakened Being hunt, when she discovered that the target was originally a close friend, Hilda, who had awakened. The shock of this led her to nearly awaken herself.
Miria was first introduced in Volume 5, Scene 25 as a team leader of an Awakened Being Hunting Squad where she had an uneasy encounter with Clare due to the latter's disobedience.
She was assigned again as leader of an Awakened Being hunting squad - formed of Clare, Helen, and Deneve. The squad was almost defeated but Clare and Miria eventually killed the male Awakened Being.
After realizing that they had had almost no chance of surviving the fight, Miria believed that her squad had been betrayed by the organization and sent on a suicide mission. Her theory was that her squad, composed of partially-Awakened Claymores, were considered troublemakers by the organization. After the battle, she told Clare, Helen, and Deneve that she'd found one of the organization's darkest secrets, but didn't reveal it out of fear for the others' safeties. She told them to keep a low profile and stamp out their trouble making images, and that she'd contact them when the time was right.
Miria was also the chief Claymore in the Northern campaign. She demonstrated her tactical skills by the way she organized the Claymores into small teams that would allow them to gain experience in fighting with Awakened Ones with minimal loss of life. In the first fight against three male Awakened Ones, her strategic capabilities were even recognized by one of the Awakened Ones. Miria directly led the following Claymores: Queenie (#20), Tabitha (#31) and Uma (#40). It was her planning that enabled some of the Claymores in the campaign to survive. In addition, her own team took only one fatality.
While in seclusion she develops a new way to greatly increase her normal speed, without needing the yoki bursts. Deneve describes the technique as "A new kind of Mirage" and although it's slightly slower than her former technique, this is actually considered superior because there are no limits to how many times she can use this ability, as opposed to the short yoki bursts needed for her mirages. With this new technique she's also able to achieve more precise movements. She serves as the leader of the surviving Claymores.
Miria recently revealed that she had accessed the Organization's archives prior to the Northern Campaign. She discovered shocking information, but it has taken her seven years to piece everything together. She reveals her theory that the Yoma are not natural, and that she believes the Organization created them. That the lands they live in is actually a massive island that the Organization is using to conduct experiments towards the creation of an ultimate weapon to win a war between two great nations in a distant land that has been raging for over a hundred years. These ultimate weapons are the Awakened Beings.
She has decided to let her comrades leave Robana to finish whatever tasks they might have. She is currently staying with Robana with Tabitha.

Voiced by: Miyu Matsuki
Flora (Furora) was Claymore #8. Her nickname is Windcutter Flora (kazekiri no Furora), after her lightning-fast sword drawing technique, considered to be the fastest draw of any Claymore. As a division captain during the North campaign, she led the following Claymores: Lily (#18), Wendy (#30), Karla (#39), and Clare (#47). Unlike most of the other Claymores (such as Clare, Helen) who speak in blunt Japanese, Flora is soft-spoken and always uses polite language (japanese honorifics), even when she is trying to impose tight discipline on Miria's behalf.
During the first battle of the North, Flora was unwilling to rely on Clare and Karla due to their low rank and lack of power. However, the fight changed her impression. After the first skirmish in the Northern campaign, she challenged Clare to a duel in order to test her Windcutter sword style against Clare's Quick Sword technique. After the duel it was determined that Clare's Quick Sword was faster but less precise of the two techniques while still being of equivalent power. After that confrontation, Flora surrendered the title of "Fastest sword amongst the Claymores" to Clare. In the Anime, this event was interrupted by the appearance of Jean.
In the Awakened Being battle after this Flora was killed after being cut in half by Rigardo with little effort on his part. Posthumously, Clare uses and has mastered Flora's Windcutter technique during the seven year time skip.

Voiced by: Kotono Mitsuishi
Jeane (Jin) is Claymore #9 and an offensive fighter. Her "Drill Sword" technique, based on storing energy by twisting her arm and releasing it in one burst, is said to be the most destructive among her peers. She is serious and strictly honorable.
Jeane and her team members (Katea, Rakel, and an unnamed Claymore) are captured by Dauf and Riful during an Awakened Being hunt, which turns out to be an ambush. After prolonged torture, she awakens, but is able to revert back to human shape by virtue of her extraordinary willpower and Clare's help. She then decides to pay back the life debt she now owes Clare, choosing to serve her for life.
In the Northern Campaign, Miria gives her the position of division captain. Her team includes Eliza (#17), Emelia (#27), Natalie (#37), and Diana (#44). After Clare kills Rigardo and is pleading for death due to passing her limit, a dying Jeane, with a hole in her stomach area, uses the last of her strength in order to help Clare revert back, thus fulfilling her pledge. In the anime, this occurs after Clare's battle with Priscilla. No one from her team survived the Northern Campaign.
Her Awakened form resembled a butterfly with many veins connecting to its wings.

Voiced by: Rie Ishizuka
Undine (Undine) is Claymore #11 and is notably brash and aggressive. Unlike other Claymores, she carries two swords, which gives her the title Undine of the Twin Swords (soken no Undine). Undine appears as a bulky, muscular woman, however this is a result of shapeshifting. Her natural form is small and delicate. Deneve deduced that as a young Claymore, a friend died protecting her and out of shame she developed the attitude and build she later possesses. One of the swords she carries belonged to the Claymore who died protecting her. Probably because of this experience, she bullies her weaker comrades and tells them to leave the battle but only because she worries for their safety.
Undine is one of the division captains in the Northern campaign and led Deneve (#15), Zelda (#24), Claudia (#36), and Juliana (#43).
She was one of the four captains killed by Rigardo during the second battle. Deneve used Undine's "borrowed" sword as her commander's gravestone, and she also took Undine's own sword in memory of her comrade and captain.

Voiced by: Miho Miyagawa
Cynthia (Shinshia) is Claymore #14 and a defensive fighter. Cynthia is another survivor of the Northern Campaign as a part of Veronica's team. She seems to be on the same level as her captain while fighting the bug-like awakened being. She and Veronica both finished off their target together after Jean and Helen effectively disarmed it. She says she wants to go back south to exact revenge for Veronica and her other fallen comrades. Her personality seems to be ever cheerful and hopeful despite all that she and the group have gone through. After the 7 year time frame her Yoki manipulation skills have advanced to the point that she can aid in the healing of another Claymore by manipulating their Yoki. Along with Uma she is accompanying Clare to find Raki is the west.

Voiced by: Hana Takade
Deneve (Denevu) is #15 among the Claymores and has partially awakened, though she succeeded in reverting to her normal state. She possesses a calm and understanding personality but can be a perfectionist. Her regeneration ability is exceptional, even for a defensive fighter.
Like many Claymores, Deneve is a survivor of a Yoma attack. After a Yoma killed their parents, her elder sister hid Deneve under a bed. While the Yoma proceeded to kill her sister, Deneve managed to remain hidden. As a Claymore, she desired vengeance, but her desire to live was stronger than her desire for revenge, and so she became a defensive warrior with offensive abilities weaker than that of most of her comrades. Ashamed of what she regarded as her cowardice, she fought suicidally until she met Helen, who told her that it is natural for Claymores to want to live; they are only human. This deeply affects Deneve, who becomes virtually inseparable from her new friend.
Deneve was first introduced as a team member in Clare's first hunt for awakened beings. Surviving the near suicidal mission has created a strong bond between the team members, which was made stronger yet when they found they all shared the same experience of having nearly awakened. These four "trouble" warriors would later reunite for yet another suicide mission in the North.
During the North Campaign, Deneve deduces the reason for Undine's powers, attitude, and extra sword, thus earning her respect. She survived the Northern Campaign along with six others. She is haunted by feelings of weakness for her perceived inability to avenge Undine's death. Deneve currently carries the fallen Undine's sword in memory of her captain. After seven years in hiding, she has learned to use both swords in battle and like her former captain, has learned to enhance her muscles to augment her strength, to a point where she was easily able to cut through Agatha. She has decided to go to Helen's hometown with her while Clare goes to the west.

Voiced by: Miki Nagasawa
Helen (Heren) is ranked #22. Her special power is to stretch her arms to extreme lengths to attack at range or bind her opponents. Helen is partially Awakened, but has reverted to her human state. She seems to have a large appetite for a Claymore and can often be seen eating an apple. She is also the only Claymore seen eating and drinking for pleasure. Helen is hot tempered and aggressive. Her mouthy and sometimes insensitive nature means that she can appear to be something of a bully. She is Deneve's constant companion. Deneve commented that she is "always the troublemaker." However, Helen is honest and cares fiercely for her friends. She also refers to Miria as "Miria-nee-san" (big sister).
She was first introduced as a team member for Clare's first hunt for an awakened being. When they first met, Helen immediately disliked Clare for her low rank and weak power. But Helen later grew to admire Clare's fighting performance and determination and considers her a friend. They are close enough that, in the Northern campaign, Clare trusted Helen with the job of killing her when she felt herself awakening.
Seven years after the North Campaign she has developed the ability to use the same powerful "Drill Sword" technique Jean used. It seems because of her flexible arms she is able to utilize it more quickly than usual.
She has decicided to go to her hometown with Deneve while Clare has gone to the west.

Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe
* First Appearance: Volume 9 (Manga)
* Rank: Former #31
* Type: Defensive
* Status: Alive / Deserted
Tabitha (Tabasa) is Claymore #31. She was on Miria's team and is one of the survivors of the Northern campaign seven years ago. Tabitha is a defensive fighter and, like Galatea, appears to specialize in sensing Yoki accurately enough to distinguish the presence of distant Claymores, fulfilling the role of the 'Eye' for the survivors. She is serious-minded and puts her loyalty to Miria first and foremost.
In Chapter 78 it is revealed that her Yoki sensing capabilities, after the time skip, are comparable to Galatea's. She has decided to stay in Robana with Miria while the others temporarily leave.

* First Appearance: Volume 9 (Manga), Episode 19 (Anime)
* Rank: Former #40
* Type: Defensive
* Status: Alive / Deserted
Uma (Uma) is Claymore #40. She is a defensive fighter and was on Miria's team during the Northern campaign. She lost an arm in the first skirmish, but was able to regenerate it in time for the second battle, and she is one of the seven survivors. She appears extremely insecure and is in awe of her group's more powerful members. She and Cynthia have been asked by Miria to accompany Clare while she goes to the west.

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