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City Hunter

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Ryo Saeba is a `sweeper` in the city of Tokyo. His works as a trouble shooter, cleaning the streets of vermin, and helping out desperate people. Sometimes he`s a bodyguard, sometimes he`s an assassin, whatever Ryo does he does it well. In fact his only flaw is his hormones - he loves the ladies and sometimes turns into an idiot when he`s near them. Thankfully he`s got people like his partner Kaori Makimura to keep him in check.

By HOJO Tsukasa (City Hunter)

Category : Japan (Manga), action, love, comedy, 18

Main characters
Ryo Saeba (Saeba Ryo)

The protagonist of City Hunter. He was brought up from infancy in a civil war-torn Central American village. As a result, he has little information regarding his true identity. After the war, Ryo made his way to the United States, before moving to Tokyo. In Japan, he forms "City Hunter" team with Kaori's brother, Hideyuki Makimura.

Voiced by: Akira Kamiya

Kaori Makimura (Makimura Kaori)

Ryo Saeba's partner. She is primarily responsible for getting clients, and other managerial tasks.

Voiced by: Kazue Ikura

Hideyuki Makimura (Makimura Hideyuki)

Hideyuki was Ryo's partner before his death. His final request was for Ryo to take care of Kaori.

Voiced by: Hideyuki Tanaka

Umibozu (Umibozu)

"Umibozu"' is another "sweeper". He and Ryo have a history dating back to the civil war in Central America.

Voiced by: Tessho Genda

Saeko Nogami (Nogami Saeko)

She is a Tokyo police detective who often uses the City Hunter team to do her job for her. Saeko is the daughter of the chief of police.

Voiced by: Yoko Asagami
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