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Black God

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Black God is about a computer programmer who meets a Mototsuitama (divine spirit) over a bowl of ramen and loses an arm because of it. He wakes up the next morning with the arm intact and discovers that every person has a doppleganger and some even have a triple liner.

By IM Dal Young (Black God)

Category : Japan (Manga), action

Main characters

Keita Ibuki (Keita Ibuki) Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa
The main character. As a child, he and his mother met a person who looked exactly like her. The next day, she died. Years later, he's a struggling video game programmer. One day, at a Ramen house, he met Kuro, offered her food and his story began there. He does not appear to be aware of Akane's feelings for him.

Kuro (Kuro) Voiced by: Noriko Shitaya
Keita's partner. As a child, she was princess of the Motosumitama. However, tragedy met up with her when her most cherished brother slaughtered her whole tribe. She came to the human world to stop him.

Akane Sano (Akane Sano) Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara
Keita's childhood friend. Her doppeliner seems to be one of the main antagonists. She may have feelings for her childhood friend, Keita.

Excel (Excel) Voiced by: Yukari Tamura
Her real name is Maria. After she is rescued by Steiner from "alter egos", who killed her younger brother, she asks Steiner to make a contract with her to make Steiner stronger. Her childlike appearance is the result of a mutation caused by her contract with Steiner; it severely slows down her physical growth and aging process. As a veteran contractee, she has gained considerable experience and a keen insight. She possesses several combat accessories called "thousands", but only two are shown in the manga. One is the Hex Ring she wears to create the Hex Shield which blocks attacks. The other one is the ring she gave to Keita.

Steiner (Steiner) Voiced by: George Nakata
A high mototsumitama of the German High-Council. He prides himself on his unparalleled combat skills that single him out from the many high mototsumitama employed at "The Noble One." He also possesses nerves of steel, those don't prevent him from getting his personal feelings mixed up in his duties. His "Exceed: Stampede" splits his body into four clones with equal mass and power to attack the enemy. Though the clones follow the command of the original body, they can also judge the situation of the fight autonomously.

Reishin (Reishin)
Kuro's Brother. His mother, the priestess of his Shishigami (Lion God) clan told him of her prophecy that either he would lead the tribe into prosperity and everlasting order under his rule as "a bringer of peace" or would be "a bringer of destruction" destroying all in his path.

Mikami Houjou (Mikami Houjou)
A Motosumitama of the Ginko clan.

Punipuni (Punipuni)
Kuro's dog

Kakuma and Makana
The two survivors of an Island clan of momtsumitama. They are the twin daughters of the former leader. Their entire clan was killed by Reishin and Houjou in their attempt to destroy the Tera Stone.

A Mototsumitama who has a contract with Keitas' mothers' doppleliner. He seems to be the main antagonist.

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