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Bitter Virgin

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Suwa Daisuke is a bored high school student. He is living with his widowed mother in a small Japanese community. He is popular to every girls in his high school except Aikawa Hinako. When Daisuke stops in an abandoned church while he is delivering the food, he is surprised to see Hinako and found out about her dark secret when he is discovered in the confessional booth. The next day, Daisuke cannot believe Hinako what she told him. After school, Daisuke decided to follow Hinako and saw Hinako suddenly looked at a woman and her baby in a carriage until the brakes slip and the carriage starts to roll down to the hill. Daisuke is shocked to see sees Hinako's Caesarean scar on her stomach when he had protect Hinako while her skirt got hitched up, recalled it as he saw his mother's stomach. Their relationship faces a lot of problems including jealous classmates.

Bitter Virgin (ビター バージン, Bitter Virgin) is a seinen manga presented by Kei Kusunoki and serialized in Young Gangan. This story contains drama, romance, and slice of life.
By Kei Kusunoki (Bitter Virgin)

Japan (Manga), boy, school, love, 18

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Main characters

Suwa Daisuke
Daisuke is quiet, but has an eye for the ladies, but doesn't really like any of them to the point of asking them out. Aikawa Hinako is the only girl he can't stand because of her shyness towards him and all other men, which agitates him. But when he accidentally hears her confess to the priest (him hiding) that she's been raped, pregnant, and a mother, he begins to soften towards her until he comes to love her. They become friends and he continues not to tell her that he knows of her past, which he is constantly haunted by, thinking that she is completely off-limits to him and that as a man, he can never draw her attention. He has caught Kazuki, his "girlfriend," trying to harm Hinako a couple times and puts up with the girl and her jealousy to protect Hinako. He is not aware that Hinako has grown to love him back, but he finds himself blessed as the only man she can stand to be around. As time progresses and Hinako's past tragedy influences him, Daisuke quickly changes from a typical teenager into a strong, mature, and emotionally sensitive if conflicted young man who places Hinako's welfare at top priority and even nearly killing a rapist who tried to attack her.

Aikawa Hinako
Hinako has developed extreme trauma towards men caused by her stepfather sexually abusing her when she was younger, making her pregnant twice. As the story begins she is only 16 years old, indicating she was actually much younger than that when the abuse began. A year before the story takes places, Hinako actually gave birth to a boy. Her mother never stopped the violence because Hinako tried to protect her mother's happiness and not say anything about it. When she had her first pregnancy, her mother believed her to be lying to cover up the real father when she said her mother's husband had gotten her pregnant. When she had her second pregnancy (she was already too far along to have an abortion), the doctor told Hinako's mother that Hinako was covered with bruises and he did not believe she'd chosen her partner. Her mother soon threw the man out by threatening him. Hinako then went to a far away school, not telling anyone but her mother, and that's where the story takes place. Hinako does not know that Daisuke is aware of her past but overcomes her androphobia from including Daisuke and becomes a close friend as Daisuke's gentle nature is displayed towards her. Daisuke is seen by Hinako as unique as she admitted to never knowing any man like him before and living proof not all men are as bad as Hinako's stepfather was. As the story progresses after Daisuke saves Hinako from a molester, she comes to realize that she is in love with Daisuke and now believes that he could never be hers because of her past and his clingy "girlfriend" Kazuki. Later, Hinako revealed to Izumi she gave birth to a boy a year before.

Ibuse Kazuki
Kazuki is Daisuke and Hinako's classmate. She is quite flashy and would love to have Daisuke as a boyfriend and is quite friendly with him. She seems to dress in the ganguro girl style, but lacks the artificial tanned skin to prove it. She latches herself onto Daisuke as his girlfriend and obsesses about him, growing bitter towards Aikawa when her feelings towards Daisuke seem to be largely unrequited. She goes so far as intending to stab Aikawa with scissors, before Daisuke intervenes. She has also, however, shown signs of being a good person. When Suwa's sister pretended to be in pain, she showed signs of concern, and offered to call an ambulance, but she soon forgets the good deed and when Izumi's baby is stillborn, she believes that it served Izumi right for tricking her. Daisuke is presently going out with her to protect Hinako.

Yamamoto Yuzu
Yuzu is also one of Daisuke's classmates, Daisuke's next-door-neighbor, and childhood friend, also secretly harbouring feelings for him. She sometimes works with him in his mother's restaurant. She's the traditional girl-next-door and constantly badgers him like a "henpecking wife" to do his school chores or other assorted tasks (of which, of course he will constantly try to escape). She was Daisuke's main source of solace after his father's death. She appears to work out the strength of feeling that Daisuke and Hinako share from an early stage. She knows that Daisuke likes Hinako and may be starting to figure out that she likes him back. She is not aware of Hinako's past, but she does know that Daisuke is not interested in Kazuki, but wants to protect Hinako.

Suwa Izumi
Izumi, Suwa Daisuke's sister is 37 weeks pregnant as the result of an affair with a work colleague. She is a strong-willed woman who has resolved to take care of the child as a single mother and returns from Tokyo to have the baby at her mother's home. Even with her baby's birth imminent, she constantly teases her younger brother, but sometimes her teasing can be all too accurate. She was able to figure out that Hinako has been pregnant before, but apparently, she was only kidding around with her brother, not knowing that what she said was true and instead believing Hinako to have had a pregnant relative. But when she gives birth, it's a boy and is stillborn, having been strangled by his umbilical cord. Her grief almost overwhelms her but she tries to stay strong. At the end of the third book, she becomes angry at Hinako for saying that she understands the pain of coming to the hospital for tests without a baby and Hinako ends up telling her that she gave birth the year before.

Mrs Suwa
Daisuke's mother is a caring mom who struggles to run the family shop. A widow, she constantly badgers Daisuke to impregnate some girl in order to get someone else to help out with the family business.

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