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Barairo My Honey

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A girl named Koume, she might seem just a cute girl, pretty like a doll, but when she opens her mouth, it becomes clear that she`s a really shrewd and independent girl She has a `date with destiny!` She meets one very cool `tiger-master` and one very hot `tiger-tamer` and they are both handsome young menÖ But what is the truth about them? Where love flow?

By Ohmi Tomu (Barairo My Honey)

Koume might looks like a cute baby, but donít mess up with her. She could humiliate you in front of many people, and still you canít say anything.
She works in a small printing house. One day, Mikage Tomonaga come as new boss. Heís a successor of the printing head company, the Tomonaga Group. Every man in that family is blessed with the power to create tigerís spirit. They are called Tiger Masters. But, that lion needs a tamer. Kotaro, the delivery man, has been a Tiger tamer to continue the family traditions. But, this time, Mikage comes with greater power tiger. Kotaro canít handle it.
Koume-with her outspokenness- canít stand seeing her house being swap by the tiger. She stands and yell at him, ďHey You! Stop! And donít even try to play the wild beast.Ē suddenly, he stops.
So, Koume has to be Mikageís Tiger tamer from that on.
I find it in aerandria.

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