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Atashi Wa Bambi

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Mai was constantly picked on in Junior High because of the way she looked. To change all that, she walks into High School with a new look and a new attitude. As she was getting used to school, she falls for her classmate, Sen. But Sen`s bestfriend, Yaezou, tells her to back off because Sen was his! But, knowing Mai, this doesn`t stop her.

By Yoko Maki (Atashi Wa Bambi)

Category : Japan (Manga) , school, love

Mai Yoshimura (Yoshimura Mai) Idealistic and easily excitable, Mai intends to get a boyfriend as quickly as possible. She initially finds Sen attractive and then repulsive, but quickly decides he is the man for her. During her pursuit of his affection, she proves both emotional and persistent. She was unattractive and unpopular when she was younger, and remains very sensitive about it.

Sen Ishigaki (Ishigaki Sen) Mai's classmate and romantic interest, Sen is cool in all senses of the word. He sometimes has trouble expressing himself. Mai is not the only girl interested in him, but due to past heartbreak he is less than eager to pursue a new relationship.

Yaezou Azuma (Azuma Yaezo) Mai's main competitioan for Sen's affection, Yaezou is Sen's childhood friend. His biggest fear is that his feelings for Sen will destroy their friendship. While he and Mai do not get along initially, they eventually resolve their differences and, interestingly, pursue Sen together.

Minami Hanazawa (Hanazawa Minami) Minami is Sen's ex-girlfriend. While she is a vibrant and energetic girl, she was unable to stand her peers' bullying and broke up with Sen as a result. After she rescues Mai from an opportunistic old man, she, Sen, and Yaezou meet again for the first time since their break-up. She and Sen eventually get back together.

Tomo (Tomo) Mai's best friend, Tomo provides emotional support when Mai is feeling down. She unintentionally hurts Mai when she refers to their junior high acquaintances as "friends".

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