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Ares is a Korean manhwa drawn and written by Ryu Kum-chel. The story takes place in an era similar to that of ancient Rome in a country called Cronos. It follows a group known as the Tample Mercenaries. In particular, the manhwa is about Ares and his brothers in arms Baroona and Michael.

The manhwa is notable for its subtle use of anachronistic elements (Ares` shoes are similar to that of classic addidas), as well as very dynamic and fluid action sequences.

By Ryu Kum-chel (Ares)

Main Characters
The apprentice of the deceased Kiron, famous Master Swordsman of Chronos. Kiron, who had lost his sight, was murdered by the Red-Eyed Swordsman. Kironís sword was taken by the Swordsman and Ares lost an eye to him as well. Ares is devoted to avenging his masterís death by killing the Red Eyed Swordsman and taking back his sword. It is shown that Ares' real name is Sebastian but he lost his memories when he fell off a cliff. He became B-rank after the first mission with his companions, and he is now an A-rank.

Ares is shown to be light-hearted and friendly in normal situations. His personality is somewhat similar to One Piece's Monkey D. Luffy in that he is often goofy and cracks jokes with friends and is also shown to be somewhat simple minded ( exemplified by the fact that he only joined the Tample Mercenaries because they offered food for members).

In battle Ares is deadly. His fighting prowess is so that very few people are shown to be able to stand their ground against him in battle. He almost always fights with a sword but is also shown to be quite capable of incapacitating weaker opponents various unarmed attacks (usually kicks or elbow strikes). His swordplay and his fighting style in general incorporates quick, hard strikes and numerous acrobatic maneuvers used for both dodging attacks and adding power to his own attacks. He can also be very resourceful in serious fights and will use the environment to his advantage, be it jumping off walls, dropping a chandelier on an enemy or taking swords from defeated soldiers to continue fighting after his sword breaks.

Ares is 18 years old.

Master Swordsman of Chronos, also known as swordsman of the wind. He went blind a few years after he took Ares in, and was murdered by the red-eyed swordsman due to his disability. He was called swordsman of the wind because of the sound he produced when he swung his sword.

Kirberos (Red-eyed Swordsman)
An infamous swordsman who goes around killing other swordsmen and collecting their swords. He murdered Kiron in an unfair fight and injured Ares' right eye. He is a descendant of the "Red-eyed clan", a clan consisting of people with red-eyes who were mysteriously prone to be stronger than normal men, and has "purer" red-eyes than previous red-eye. The Red-eyed swordsman also is the little brother of the Captain of the Black Knights, although he never acknowledges this because he thinks his brother is a weakling. During the battle between Darakian and Chronos, he kills off the remaining Black Knights at the battlefield when he talks about his brother in front of his subordinates making them angry.

The heir to the throne of Isiris. He has come to Chronos to experience war and the life of commoners. He is well educated and intelligent, understanding many strategies used in battles and wars. He is also the most bloodthirsty of the three main characters. He became B-rank after his first mission, and became A-rank after the war with Minos. He is the murderer of Cygnus, after encountering him alone, without a weapon, and on the brink of death (as a result of Cygnus' previous battle with Ares). He quit the Tample mercenaries after the war with Daraakians to go back to Isiris, as his uncle has started a revolution that he wishes to quell. It is shown that his father, the king, is sick and that Michael seems to be in charge of him. He has formed an elite squad of assassins (including Carnival) along with an army that are completely loyal to him. He has expressed an interest in conquering Cronos.

For the most part Micheal is only nice to his close friends. He is not very sociable and sometimes Ares and Baroona are put off by this. As mentioned earlier, he is also very bloodthirsty. He is merciless to his to his enemies ( exemplified by a time when after the battle has already been won he drags an injured, unarmed enemy soldier by the foot to kill him as he desperately tries to crawl away and begs for mercy only to be stopped by a commanding officer who orders him to stop several times) and is even shown murdering an ally wounded on the battlefield who was begging for help.

Michael is 18 years old.

A former Daraakian Slave. He escaped the Radink Alliance after becoming the champion gladiator. He is the only one of the three who does not use a sword. He fights with two daggers tied to the ends of a metal chain. He also became B-rank after his first mission, and has risen to A-rank at present.

Baroona is quiet and usually keeps to himself. He doesn't seem to enjoy fighting as much an Ares and Michael do. He smokes often.
Baroona is 18 years old.

Son of a deceased Darakian general. Noble by birth but became lower-class. A powerful spear man, he was recruited by the leader of the Black Knights because of his great fighting abilities. He was said to be the apprentice of the Red-eyed Swordsman. Defeated by Ares during the war with Daraakians. He was spared when Ares found out that he too had a girlfriend waiting for him. However, he was murdered by Michael right after Ares left.

A Tample Mercenary whose true passion is for painting. He joined the mercenaries so that he could witness and paint the passion of epic battles. His fighting skills are nonexistent and he survives battles by playing dead or hiding. Despite this, he has shown courage and loyalty to his friends. Since he has survived so many battles, he has risen to B-rank. It is a matter of the fourth personage forming with Ares, Baroona and Michael groups it mercenary friends to the history center. Its principal characteristics are: his big cowardice that one rediscovers in his aptitude to do the death on the battlefields, and its talents of designers.

The shaved skull, the easy tear, it not some is less one of the personages attaching history, and will prove itself very important in the pursuit of the adventures of Ares with that it will divide a beautiful friendship.

King Icarus
The current king of Chronos. A brilliant strategist and a former general of Chronos. He led the attack in Minos. After the previous king was assassinated, he fought and defeated those who killed the king with the help of Tample Mercenaries. The nobles of the country decided to make him king afterwards. He constantly uses the Tample Mercenaries after he realized their strength during his first encounter with them.

The love interest for Ares. She is a rich noble girl who followed Ares into the battle at Minos, where Ares was stuck trying to protect her time and time again. After Ares was wounded in battle Ariadne treated him. When Minos' knights came and attacked Ares, he saved Ariadne's life, but she called him a savage and left him. However, she then returned and remains as his girlfriend.

Helena is Ariadne's body guard. She dislikes Ares and thinks he is a bad influence on Ariadne. She followed Ariadne into Minos and tried to bring her back home. In the end they left after knights attacked Ariadne and after she realized the horrors of fighting. After seeing how bravely Ares fought to protect both Ariadne and herself, Helena seems to have become kinder to him.

A skilled archer of the Tample Mercenaries. Has become friends with Ares and Baroona. He is mute.

Previously an A Soldier of the Temple Mercenaries Carnival was kicked out for being too merciless. Carnival uses two swords and a manic fighting style that reflects his savage nature. Carnival joins the Ex General Shion and creates with him a bandit group. Carnival meets with the Temple Mercenaries again when they are hired to destroy the bandit group. Carnival nearly kills One-Arm Jack when he is stopped by Michael who fights with him while the rest of the Temple Mercenaries go onward to fight Shion. Carnival is narrowly defeated by Michael who spares his life causing Carnival to be in Michael's debt while at the same revering him. Carnival is later recruited by Michael's personal group of bodyguards and becomes Michael's right hand man.
Main article: Carnival (Ares)

Previously a General of Chronos Shion goes off to become a bandit lord. Shion uses a giant sword to fight that crushes and slices through most other weapons. Despite the size and weight of his blade "Ionix" Shion moves extremely fast. Shion will fight with his sword sheathed until he finds an opponent that he considers worthy of his blade. Shion leads a bandit group that terrorizes a nearby town. Shion's group is eventually decimated by the Temple Mercenaries who were hired by the town to defend them. While Michael fights Carnival Shion crushes many Temple Mercenaries eventually meeting his match when Ares appears. Shion begins with the upper hand in battle against Ares but ends up succumbing to Ares' incredible strength. Shion tells Ares that he is born a hero and requests that his men be spared. Ares agrees and with that slices Shion's throat.

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