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Alive - The Final Evolution

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A high schooler named Taisuke Kanou is living with his older sister, Youko, after the death of his parents. He lives a relatively quiet life until a massive surge of suicides around the world known as the "Nightmare Week" begins.

From that moment on, weird phenomena begin to occur around Taisuke. He is victim of space travelling illusions. He sees a smiling girl who jumps to her death from atop a building. His best friend, Hirose, is framed for murder. His classmates are killing themselves for no apparent reason. Furthermore, the police always seem to keep an eye on Taisuke while investigating Hirose's case. At the same time, a psychotic murderer appears, and he sees our protagonist as his "comrade". Will Taisuke succumb to all of these crazy incidents? Or will he be able to someday return to his old peaceful lifestyle that he yearns for?

By Kawashima Tadashi (Alive - The Final Evolution)

Category : Japan (Manga) , boy, action, comedy

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