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Yashiro Tenshuu killed 5 people, including his girlfriend, and is now on death row. However, a secret government organization is willing to take him off death row if he allows himself to become a test subject to an experiment that requires a killer`s intent

Pretty short story, sorryline is pretty alright.

By Takahashi Tsutomu (Alive)

Main Characters

Major Characters

The Group

Taisuke Kano
Taisuke Kanou is the protagonist of the story. He is a very loyal and bold person and would stand up for his friends even though it may cost him his life. Despite this, he is actually plagued by guilt because he believes that he killed his parents when he accidentally dropped a juice can under the brake pedal of the car his father was driving. Both of his parents were killed in the car accident, but he lived. Ever since then, he was raised by his older sister. He is one of the few people who gained a special ability after being infected with the virus. He later sets out to find his missing, and much changed friend, Hirose and Megumi, when they both disappear. He meets up with Yuta and Nami, two other people with abilities and they encounter many dangers. In the end of part 1 of the manga, it is revealed that Taisuke's ability is actually the ability "to regenerate and exterminate", however Taisuke's manipulability on fire remains unexplained. In the second arc, Taisuke was alive, saved by the Tezuka Family. However, he loses his memory after his fight with Yuichi Hirose. He seems to vaguely remember Nami and Yuta. He regains his memory soon after his sister arrives. After remembering everything, Yukie Tesuka approaches Taisuke asking him to retrieve the "Heart of Akura" before returning back home. The "Heart of Akura" seemed to be in some sort of military research facility with soldiers guarding the place. Taisuke proceeds into the base with Ray Tezuka and Nami but are intercepted by D4. The team was wounded by rubber bullets that D4 shot and was captured. Taisuke, obsessed with Hirose, melts his cuffs and escapes from the vehicle that held them. D4 tried to shoot him again with rubber bullets but he melted them and proceeded to find the "Heart of Akura". The rock (fusion of Hirose and the "Heart of Akura") reacted with Taisuke. As Taisuke approaches the rock, it uses Hirose ability and create holes, injuring/killing some of the soldiers. He was stopped by Aoi Tezuka when she warns him that all ability users will die after touching the "Heart of Akura".The plan failed but everyone successfully escaped. Later, he went to stay at Nami's house as he doesn't want to return home until he has dealt with Hirose. He is determined to kill Hirose, stating that he isn't the same as before. Shortly after his stay at Nami's house, he receives a message from Michele - a paper with a flower that he once gave Megumi before his fight with Hirose. Taisuke is satisfied with her being safe, not knowing that she is in the hands of Shigeki Katsumata.

Yuta Takizawa
Yuta is a young boy who gains his powers after his mother commits suicide in front of him. Taisuke meets Yuta when Yuta tries to force Ryou to stay with him as she had an uncanny resemblance to his deceased mother. After Taisuke saves Yuta from killing himself, he soon joins up with Taisuke to help him look for his friends.
His power is isolation, where he can hold an object inside a small space which from the outside seems invisible. He can cut off all signals and air supply which can kill a living creature by suffocation.

Nami Kusunoki
She has the power to freeze the water from anything (ground and air) into whatever shapes she wants, such as projectiles (including wolverine claws). In the past her younger brother, Satoru, was killed by the "comrade" Konan after he accidentally bumped into her and proceeded to run down an ally, at which point Konan used her ability and caused the vehicle that Satoru was next to explode, in which he burned to death before Nami's eyes. She seems to be an expert fighter with a grudge against Yuta and Kanou, with intent to kill. She hates fire and other people with powers because of that. She tags-along with Yuta and Kanou so that she can kill the woman who killed her brother. She intends to kill them both after she finishes her quest. However, the kindness of Taisuke had change her from an avenger to a kind-hearted person. It's also possible that she has some feelings for Taisuke as she names him as her reason for living in the second arc.


Yuichi Hirose
Hirose is Taisuke's best friend. He is small and timid for his age and got picked on by bullies. Taisuke and Megumi often helped him out a lot either with bullies or with animals (as seen in the omakes). Although small, he himself is infected with the virus and is given powers. At first he doesn't know how to control them but later learns to control them better. He lives with his mother, who is his last living family member. His mother soon commits suicide due to the virus and he ends up congratulating her on her death due to mind altering by the police inspector.
Hirose changes drastically over time, probably an effect of the virus, and gains the ability to make anything "disappear" by creating holes. He seems to later resent Taisuke and turns ambitious and rather cruel. He seeks to destroy everyone in the world and be the only person alive on the planet. During his fight with Taisuke at the end of part 1, he was able to fuse with the "Heart of Akura" making him invulnerable to physical attacks.

Shigeki Katsumata
Inspector Katsumata is the lead investigator of Hirose's incident. At first glance he seems to be a kind person who is widely regarded but soon reveals that he's one of the few who received powers. He teamed up with Yura and started recruiting other comrades. He rarely uses his powers and once used them on Hirose to change his thoughts. After his plan to control Hirose failed, he decides to retreat and captures Megumi. In the second arc, he has Megumi take care of "The Ghost" and is looking for ways to retrieve back the "Heart of Akura".
His powers include the ability to control other people's minds and to kill with a blink of an eye.

Yura Takumi
Yura is one of the few people who've gained powers from the virus. He is a vicious man who dresses in overalls and often pokes out his tongue before a kill. He is known to be an artist who destroys his work as soon as it's finished. He teamed up with Katsumata and often talks about "The value of death" and how "humans are fossils". He kills quite freely and doesn't seem to be bothered about the consequences of his actions. During the fight at the end of the 1st arc, he loses his arm when his power goes berserk. He was shown being alive during the second arc, obsessed with the "Heart of Akura" and wanting to see it again. He felt rather betrayed by Katsumata after he was used during Arc 1.
His powers is the ability of pressurized air that explodes when he wants it to.

Morio Kenichirou
Morio is one of the "comrades" of Katsumata. He has the power called kamaitachi, which is the ability use to wind to slice objects. During his first meeting with Taisuke and Yuta he tries to kill them. They manage to fight back and escape and in the process Taisuke burns one side of Morio's face, permanently scarring it.

Kiyomitsu Misaki
Kiyomitsu is an elderly man, born blind; he is not a part of the group following Kanou. He is wise and kind, he knows Kanou's future and knows the weight Kanou must bare. His power is "senrigen" or "thousand mile eye". When people touch him he can see their past and future. He tells Kanou that he must choose between a difficult life or death. He sees his power as a curse, never to be used.

Utsunomiya Yoshikatsu
He has the power of "Illusions", he can see a persons thoughts and memories and use them in his illusions, though he lies and says it is "total Control". Utsunomiya can create them in any space, including Yuta's barrier. He was friends with Katsumata at the police academy and knows much of their goals for revolution. Utsunomiya killed his wife and had the intent of killing his kids too. However, in the end he can't go through with it and erases their memories and replaces them with false ones right before he jumps off of a bridge. He saw his way as the right way in that killing his family was to protect them from the future of suffering and pain.

Okada Gou
A fat, typical otaku man who is part of "comrades" recruited by Katsumata. Due to his appearance, he alway feels inferior to others, especially those who tease and ridicule him in spot. His power is "Shinigami's Contract", in which the shinigami will kill anyone once that certain person has broken their "injunction" bounded to them beforehand, in which they are usually tricked or swayed by Okada to do so.

Mitachi Kanon
The "red haired girl" who Nami seeks for killing her brother. A carefree, yet insane and immature girl who kills without second thought mostly for her own amusement. Her power is an "Invisible Bomb" which can denotes almost anything in her range with the control of her palm at first sight. It is revealed later that she actually needs a metallic object to do so with the help of her rings and any object nearby, thus she's easily defeated after Nami lured her to the forest, which had no metallic objects nearby. She is also somewhat full of herself and tried to kill Ochiai after seeing how she was treated so special by Hirose and the others. She was torn apart by the power of the "Heart of Akura" after trying to absorb it.

A pastor who is known to be traveling with Ron-kun. Asou seemed to have been affected by the virus when it was "Nightmare Week" and he, Ron and another child was hit together by the virus. Unfortunately the child tried to hang himself but when Asou tried to save him he turned the child into stone. When the other people saw this they bacame afrain of him and locked him inside the church. He said he "Cursed" himself then he met Katsumata and told Katsumata to kill him but Katsumata used his power and altered the mind of Asou into thinking tha he "Saved" him. When they met again, this time with Taisuke he told Katsumata that he dosent want to fight which later Katsumata altered his mind again to help the weak to have a "Long good battle".
His power is petrification and he is good at martial arts too.

Other Important Characters

Yoko Kano
Yoko Kanou is Taisuke's older sister. She works at his school as the nurse and is often visited by her brother; mostly because of his fights. After the death of their parents, Yoko had to take care of her brother and had to learn to sew at an early age. She earns the money and pays for her brother's schooling too. She makes Taisuke clean and cook for her as she says that she gets the money so he has to do chores. She is a very confident older sister that trusts her younger brother, even though he later leaves home.

Megumi Ochiai
Megumi is Taisuke's childhood friend. She has known him since his parent's death and has always been there for him. Megumi is quite loud and is easily angered. She has always looked out for Hirose and Taisuke since an early age. She sometimes comes to confront Taisuke's sister for help. It seems like Megumi likes Taisuke. She is later kidnapped and then loses her memory, though she manages to recover them one by one by remembering Taisuke and Hirose.

Appears to be the "master" of the group creating the revolution. He seems to be in two pieces, his heart "the heart of Akuro" is in Hokkaido and his "will" is in the body of an owl which is his own "comrade".

Minor Characters

Ryou was a truck driver that Taisuke encounters after just leaving his home in search for his friends. She has a husband and a daughter that she adores.

Yoshiteru Yoshikatsu
Picks up Kanou and Yuta in his car after running over their bike. He is driving with his sister Rin. They are soon followed by their father who is intent on killing them. Teruyoshi witnessed his mother's "suicide", caused by his father, and saved his sister from him. He tries very hard to protect his oblivious sister from their father.

Rin Yoshikastu
She is Teruyoshi's younger sister. She appears to be a nice child and loves fun and cute things. Teruyoshi saved her from their father after their mother "committed suicide".

Amamiya and Oda
Reporters chasing after Taisuke in order to investigate the strange happenings surrounding him. Amamiya is eager to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Taisuke, whilst Oda is far more reluctant. Their interaction creates comic relief.

New Characters In Arc 2

The Tezuka Family
Yukie Tezuka
Ray Tezuka
Jun Tezuka
Anzu Tezuka
Aoi Tezuka

McPherson, SFC
Dr. Horner
Danial Friedkin

Shigeki Katsumata Group
"The Ghost"

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