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7 Seeds

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Upon waking on a sinking ship, a young girl finds herself in the company of strangers. She forced to escape certain death, the four find themselves stranded on a deserted island. In order to survive, they need to get over their differences and try to figure out what happened as none of them seem to have any recollection of ever boarding a ship.

By Yumi Tamura (7 Seeds)

Main Characters
Every member of each group has a name related to its theme(in other words, them name include kigo). For example, all of the members of the Summer group have names related to summer.

Summer Group B

Summer group B is considered a group of failed people. The group is later added to the other four groups. They live near Bungo Fuji in the north area of Kyushu.

* Natsu Iwashimizu, a shy and withdrawn 16-year-old female who collects and writes information about edible food such as mushrooms, grass, etc. "Natsu" means "summer" and "Iwashimizu" means "water trickling from rocks".
* Arashi Aota, a 17-year-old male who is Hana's (a member of Spring group) boyfriend. He was the first person who was kind to Natsu, and in general, he's a very nice guy. He loves to swim. "Arashi" means "tempest" and "Aota" means "green paddy".
* Matsuri Tendo, who is 16 years old. "Matsuri" means "festival" and"oldest/Tendo (usually Tento)"means"The Sun".
* Semimaru Asai, an 18-year-old male with a rebellious personality. "Semi" means "cicada", and "Asa" means "ramie".
* Chimaki Yamori, a 19-year-old art college student. Chimaki's specialty is drawing murals in the environment to leave memories. "Chimaki" means "zongzi", and "Yamori" means "gecko".
* Hotaru Kusakuri, a 12-year-old girl. She appears to be a fortune teller. "Hotaru" means "firefly".
* Kaname Mozunoto, Mozu is portrayed as Death, and later it is revealed that he is the leader of the seven seeds programs, and the person who created Summer group A. "Mozu" means "butcher bird".

* Botan Saotome, the guide to Summer group B. She used to be a cop. "Botan" means "peony".

Spring Group

The Spring group is unfrozen at about the same time as Summer group B. They live near the Fuji in Kanto. Later, Hana invites the last Winter group member to join the Spring group.

* Mansaku Tsunomata, an 18 year old with a strong body. Mansaku is skilled in using archery to shoot enemies. He is an honest individual and enjoys meditation and Tang poetry. "Mansaku" means "witch hazel" and "Tsunomata" means "red algae".
* Hana Suguruno, a 17-year-old female, is the girlfriend of Arashi Aota. Overwhelmed with sadness when she woke up and thought that she would never meet Arashi again, she almost let herself killed in the harsh days. But then she found out that Arashi is probably one of the survivors, and once again struggles to meet the love of her life. She is very beautiful, strong-willed and tomboyish, and learned everything about wilderness survival from her father. "Hana" means "flower" and "Suguruno" means "burning of fields to make way for new crops".
* Fujiko Amacha, a 17-year-old female who strives to become a doctor. She gets along well with Hana. "Fujiko" means "wisteria child" and "Amaciya" means "hydrangea".
* Haru Yukima, a 16-year-old who is capable of playing musical instruments, such as the orgel and the ocarina. He is rather intelligent and acts cool and reserved. "Haru" means "spring" and "Yukima" means "break of snowfalls".
* Momotaro Nobi, a 12-year-old genius. "Momo" means peach, "Taro" means "oldest/first son", and "Nobi" means "wildfire"
* Chisa Taiami, an 18-year-old girl able to make ceramic items. She is very polite and obedient, and comes from a well-respected family. "Chisa" means "lettuce", "Tai" means "sea bream", and "Ami" means "net".
* Hibari Niigusa, who is in a coma. "Hibari" means "skylark".

* Tosei Yanagi, the guide for the Spring group. His age is unknown. Before being frozen, he was a member of Japan's Self-Defense Force. He has a strong sense of leadership, but is arrogant. However, risking his life, finally he rescued the group from a great danger. "To" means "to put one's foot down", "sei" means "fresh and young", and "Yanagi" means "willow". Incidentally, "Tousei" also means "strength of a party".

Fall Group

The Fall group live near Kobe Fuji in Hyogo, where they cultivate land, harvest corn, and tame lambs, horses, and other animals. The Fall group is desperate to live in this new world. They are led by an architect while the others are slave members of the Fall group. After three years, they meet some Summer group B members (Arashi, Natsu, and Semimaru), and set out to visit each Fuji.

* Akio Haza - "Aki" means "fall".
* Ran Shishigaki - "Ran" means orchid
* Ryusei Ogiwara - "Ryuusei" means meteor
* Hazuki Karita - "Hazuki" means "august of Lunisolar calendar".
* Kurumi Shikano - "Kurumi" means wallnut
* Akane Nashimoto - "Akane" means madder
* Sakuya Yamaki

* Ryoya Izayoi, the guide for the Fall group.

Winter Group

Three members of the Winter group died during the thawing process, leaving the team with only five members at the start. Kumakawa, the leader, was killed by tiger-like creatures soon after being unfrozen. Afterwards, Mutsuki, telling the remaining three where to go, committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. The three remaining members of the Winter group are Mitsuru, Fubuki, and Takahiro. They form a close relationship as they fight for survival.

* Arare Fushizuke, deceased as soon as being unfrozen.
* Fuuka Ayatori, deceased as soon as being unfrozen.
* Touji Murozaki, deceased as soon as being unfrozen.
* Mutsuki Karezono, a university fist-year. He is a reporter student. Jumped off a cliff.
* Fubuki Samejima, a high school baseball player. He had romantic feelings for Mitsuru Kagurazaka. Fubuki was killed by a tiger later on.
* Mitsuru Kagurazaka, who had feelings for Fubuki. Unable to bear his death, she danced in the snow and froze to death.
* Takahiro Aramaki, like Fubuki, is a high school baseball player. He also has romantic feelings for Mitsuru Kagurazaka, but hid them because he knew he couldn't compete against Fubuki. Takahiro later becomes the only survivor from the Winter group. Fifteen years later, he meets Arashi, Natsu, and Semimaru, members of Summer group B during his travels. A while after, Takahiro meets Hana, who invites him to join the Spring group.

* Sayuru Kumakawa, the guide for the Winter group.

Summer Group A

The members of Summer group A were particularly chosen for the 7 Seeds Project by the Japanese government. This project raised more than 100 babies on an island until they reach the age of 17, and from those number, seven people were chosen to be frozen. Those children were raised and taught how to survive in wilderness. Many "failures" were eliminated from this project, and said to have left the island to join the rest of society. But somehow, many of the children believed that the "failures" never left the island. There are seven class technologies for them to learn: water, fire, wind, earth, vegetation, animal, and medical. For each class, only one survivor was chosen to be frozen. Each child chose two class technologies from these seven classes to learn.

They don't have a family name.
* Koruri, from wind class.
* Ayu also known as Madonna, from vegetation class.
* Gengorou, from animal class. Kind and serves as a sempai to Ango.
* Ryou, from fire and water class. Rebellious and seems cold but shows glimpses of compassion at times. Although dating Nijiko, may be attracted to Koruri for always showing him kindness. The top student and the rival of Ango. "Ryou" means "cool".
* Ango, from fire and water class. The top student and the rival of Ryou. Ryou and Ango reluctantly respect each other. Attracted to Ayu and best friends with Koruri, Mayu, Nobara, and Shigeru.
* Ban, from medical class. At times, seems slow and not talented, but shows amazing strength in his field.
* Nijiko, from earth class. Dating Ryou. Cold and cynical. "Niji" means "rainbow".

* Unami as the guide. After waking up from the frozen sleep, he became the target of revenge by summer group A.

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