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666 Satan

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O-Parts are powerful items that is used in every day life, from weapons, transportation to tools in this world. This story is starts off with `Jio Freed` an OPT (someone who can use O-Parts) and moving on to reveal that he also happens to be an O-Part called Satan 666.

Standard save the world story, nice story build up in the beginning. Good storyline, a little twist in the end.

By Seishi Kishimoto (666 Satan)

Main Characters
Post-time skip, the characters can be divided into three major factions:

Main article: List of O-Parts Hunter characters

Crew of the Ophan

The main protagonists of the series. They are stuck in the middle of the fight between the Stea Republic and the Zenom Organization because several members of the group are Sephiroths, and that each group is searching for the legendary O-Parts.
Consists of:
* Jio Freed
* Ruby Crescent
* Ball
* Cross Biancina
* Kirin
* Amidaba
* Zero
* Mei
* Jin
* Futomomotarou
* Spika
* Ponzu

Stea Republic

One of the two main antagonists of the series, they are the corrupt government who is led by Amaterasu Miko.
Consists of:
* Amaterasu Miko
* Dofuwa Longess
* Mishima Kagesuge
* Ponzu
* Tsubame

Zenom Organization

An 'underground' organization with the goal of getting rid of the Stea Republic, they are led by Jack Crescent.
Consists of:
Commander in Chief
* Jack Crescent

The Four Guardians
* Kujaku
* Rock
* Spika
* Mr. Franken

Chief Executives
* Baku

Senior Member
* Elga
* Shuri

Lower Member
* Wise Yuri

Combat Captains
* Museshi

Angels and Demons

Main article: O-Parts Hunter Angels and Demons

Throughout the entire O-Parts Hunter universe, there are angels and demons (some of which are sealed within humans) with amazing powers, all of which are being searched for by the Stea Republic (angels) and the Zenom Organization (demons) in order to awaken what is assumed to be a weapon within a Kabbalah and a reverse Kabbalah that are found on the North and South Pole respectively.

As of the beginning of the time-skip all but four Angels have yet to be inserted into the Kabbalah, those four being Metatron, Zadkiel, Samuel, and Sandalphon.

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