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Love Celebrity manga is refered to as Love Celeb manga on our website

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Love Celeb 371,1492012-05-22English
Love Celeb 365552012-05-22English
Love Celeb 352,6922012-05-22English
Love Celeb 341,7722012-05-22English
Love Celeb 331,4572012-05-22English
Love Celeb 321,4192012-05-22English
Love Celeb 311,4162012-05-22English
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Love Celeb 274762012-05-22English
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Love Celeb 221,8782012-05-22English
Love Celeb 211,9652012-05-22English
Love Celeb 202,0942012-05-22English
Love Celeb 192,0972012-05-22English
Love Celeb 182,1792012-05-22English
Love Celeb 171,7772012-05-22English
Love Celeb 161,9102012-05-22English
Love Celeb 152,0492012-05-22English
Love Celeb 141,9162012-05-22English
Love Celeb 131,9122012-05-22English
Love Celeb 121,9942012-05-22English
Love Celeb 112,0362012-05-22English
Love Celeb 102,2722012-05-22English
Love Celeb 92,1582012-05-22English
Love Celeb 82,2462012-05-22English
Love Celeb 72,3292012-05-22English
Love Celeb 62,6662012-05-22English
Love Celeb 52,5802012-05-22English
Love Celeb 42,5912012-05-22English
Love Celeb 32,6292012-05-22English
Love Celeb 22,9282012-05-22English
Love Celeb 16,5972012-05-22English

Also known as Love Celebrity

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , girl, love, 18

 Summary   Edit 
Shinjo Mayu`s newest leading lady is an idol, and the leading man is... a future prime minister!? Just what is a `Love Celeb`? Nakazono Kirara is an aspiring starlet. She used to think she`d do whatever it took to get a starring role in a drama and have a CD. But her manager, Hanamaki, proves her wrong when he sends her into a room full of horny producers to sleep her way into a role! Kirara wants no part of it! She`s a virgin, and these guys are scary!! Especially the silver-haired one named Gin... He seems to be in charge. But he lets Kirara leave the party with her virginity and his phone number, and it seems like nothing lost, nothing gained... until Kirara is suddenly the most famous new starlet for no apparent reason!?

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